Selected Messages from the
CIADRUGS Mailing List

The list was set up to facilitate discussion among those interested in the CIA and similar covert action organizations, their role in heroin and cocaine smuggling, and related matters, such as the murders of Kevin Ives and Don Henry.

It should be remembered that not everyone on this list may be telling the truth. Some people have agendas, right and proper or otherwise. Some contributors may be practising disinformation. Judge for yourself.

1997-05-14CyberhabilisWW-Hopsicker, Pt 2
1997-05-16LarryRe WSJ -- Jean Duffey Letter
1997-05-16LarryRe Duffey's letter
1997-05-29Jean DuffeySeal & the CIA
1997-05-29Bear BottomsRe Seal & the CIA
1997-05-29Jean DuffeyRe Seal & the CIA
1997-05-29Linda IvesResponse to Bottoms
1997-05-31Joe CanepaTwo Brits Comment on the US
1997-05-31Dave WiesnerMena Airport
1997-05-31Michael RiveroRe Jean Duffey on Seal & the CIA
1997-06-01Bear BottomsRe Temperature's rising
1997-06-01CyberhabilisRe (1) The Pegasus File
1997-06-02Jean DuffeyAction Alert
1997-06-03Bear BottomsRe Temperature's rising
1997-06-03Russell WelchRe Mena Airport
1997-06-04CyberhabilisMichael Ruppert bio page
1997-06-05CyberhabilisRe CTCIA Coalition on Ceppos' recant
1997-06-05Michael RiveroRe CTCIA Coalition on Ceppos' recant
1997-06-06Mara LeverittSpooks with erasers
1997-06-07Bear BottomsTatum and Brown
1997-06-08Washington WeeklyThe Troubling Nomination of William Weld
1997-06-08Jean DuffeyJustice Takes Dive at Harmon Trial
1997-06-10CyberhabilisRe Timothy McVeigh's MKULTRA programming?
1997-06-11CyberhabilisRe Whew!
1997-06-12Linda IvesMiracles do happen!
1997-06-12Ricky SlaterKooks, Killers and a Fool

At this point your humble editor, who had been neglecting other important work, stopped publishing these messages from the CIADRUGS mailing list. But the discussion continues, and hopefully more and more light will be thrown upon The Beast, and public revelation will lead to its downfall and the liberation of ordinary people.

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