Israel's Nukes

There are two terrorist states in the world which have nuclear weapons, the USA and Israel. Both are clear and present dangers to the entire planet. The greater threat is Israel, because Israel can destroy Western civilization and possibly make the entire planet uninhabitable. This is not because Israel can detonate thousands of nukes over the entire planet. Rather it is because Israel can nuke Russia. If that were to happen (perhaps as a result of an Israeli nuclear strike on Iran) then Russia would launch a nuclear attack against the United States (both the US and Russia remain on hair-trigger nuclear alert), and the US would retaliate in the same way. This is perhaps the main reason why the US gives Israel everything it wants and never criticises it, except in the gentlest way possible. The only way out of this situation is either the destruction of Israel's nuclear weapons capability or the destruction (or at least dismantling) of Israel itelf.

So now Israel (thanks to the US, Germany and China) can lob atomic (perhaps thermonuclear) warheads on Washington, New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Moscow and Berlin. You think they wouldn't do it?

But the situation is far from hopeless.

In fact, it's quite encouraging.

But the threat of annihilation (theirs and ours) may still not be enough to stop the Israelis from using their nukes.

Of course, Israel needs missiles in order to carry out nuclear strikes (ignoring suitcase nukes which Mossad can smuggle into any country it wishes to). As noted above, Israel has Dolphin-class submarines (courtesy of Germany, which continues to grovel, as if its Nazi past ended just yesterday instead of over 60 years ago) which have nuclear-capable cruise missiles.

To lob nuclear warheads by means of ballistic missiles Israel can use its homegrown Shavit missile, which it has already used to put spy satellites into orbit. It's a bit unreliable though, which is why Israel is using an Indian launcher to put its latest spy satellite into orbit, presumably to provide information to help target its missiles.

Note that Israel is not the only country in the Middle East that Iran may have to defend itself against in any major war there. The Iraq quagmire may turn into a war between Sunni and Shia, with the Sunni side backed by Saudi Arabia, which itself is backed by the world's most dangerous nuclear power, the United States. If the Americans, or the Israelis, supplied the Saudis with nuclear weapons to be used in Iraq, the Iranians would of course like to have something of the same destructive power with which to reply.

The Israelis are preparing to attack Iran using nuclear weapons. Totally insane, of course, but the Israelis are totally insane, so this is definitely possible. An Israeli nuclear attack on Iran, with all its consequences, could eventually lead to the deaths of many millions of people in the West.

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