"The torture of prisoners is not an aberration. It is a direct consequence of the with-us-or-against-us ideology of world struggle with which the Bush administration has sought to change, change radically, the international stance of the United States and to recast many domestic institutions and prerogatives. The Bush administration has committed the country to a pseudo-religious doctrine of war, endless war — for "the war on terror" is nothing less than that. ... Endless war is taken to justify endless incarcerations — without charges, without the release of prisoners' names or any access to family members and lawyers, without trials, without sentences. ... This "Global War on Terror" ... inevitably leads to the dehumanizing of anyone declared by the Bush administration to be a possible terrorist ..." — Susan Sontag, What Have We Done?
The World Trade Center Demolition
and the So-Called War on Terrorism
1.  Introduction

On September 11th, 2001, the 28th anniversary of the CIA-directed military coup d'etat in Chile, and the 11th anniversary of George H. W. Bush's "New World Order" speech, terrorists diverted four Boeing passenger jets. According to the official story (pre-written and rushed into print in the mainstream media immediately after the events, together with the identity of the alleged culprit) nineteen Arabs hijacked the four planes; they crashed two of them into the World Trade Center towers, causing fires within, and crashed a third into the Pentagon. According to the official story the fires in the Twin Towers then caused their steel structural supports to give way and they collapsed.

But, as will be argued below, the terrorists were not Arabs, three of the planes were substitutes, and the Twin Towers did not collapse because of the plane impacts and the fires.  The most likely explanation of their collapse (an explanation supported by direct video evidence) is that explosives were attached to their structural supports and were detonated 56 and 104 minutes after the planes hit, bringing the towers down in controlled implosions, killing several thousand American citizens and others.

The Twin Towers were designed to survive the impact of a Boeing 707, which in weight, size and speed is similar to a Boeing 767 (the kind of jet which hit the South Tower).  Had one of the towers collapsed, that would have been amazing.  That both of them collapsed, quickly (in fact, at nearly freefall speed), neatly and symmetrically, collapsed completely into fragments, ash and huge clouds of dust — with no remains of their central massive vertical steel columns left standing — solely as a result of the plane impacts and the resulting fires, is, upon examination, unbelievable, despite what the so-called "experts" say as quoted in the mainstream media.

Due to the astuteness of some Americans, who thought hard about the U.S. government's explanation of the events of September 11th, the official story quickly began to unravel (including the hoax of the alleged passenger cellphone calls).  The big lie has been revealed for what it is (but word of this has not reached everyone yet).  And the reason for it.  If you don't already know, these pages will inform you as to what really happened and what's really going on.  As in the "War on Drugs", in the "War on Terrorism" just say 'Know'.

These web pages do not present a "conspiracy theory" in the usual glibly dismissive sense. Rather, they take the available evidence (mainly still photos and some video clips) and known facts (such as the existence of airplane remote control technology) and consider logically various explanations of what happened on September 11th in the light of this evidence. The inescapable conclusion is that September 11th was an inside job, planned and carried out by Americans (perhaps with foreign assistance) acting from within U.S. military and state security organizations. The three thousand people who died in these attacks were killed not by Arab terrorists but by agents of the U.S. government and their collaborators, for the purpose of furthering their program of global domination and domestic repression.

The accumulated evidence that the official account of the events of September 11th is a complete fabrication is now overwhelming. But one does not have to study the matter exhaustively to conclude that 9/11 was an inside job. The three primary areas of damning evidence are:

  1. The photographic evidence of the Pentagon damage shows clearly that the Pentagon was not hit by a Boeing 757 (and thus not by AA Flight 77 as the official story claims).
  2. The unprecedented collapses of the Twin Towers in a time close to free-fall, combined with evidence of powerful explosions within, is clear evidence of controlled demolition.
  3. The collapse of WTC 7 is inexplicable except as a controlled demolition (as is clear to anyone who has seen the video), and not even the Bush administration is blaming Osama bin Laden for this.

The Pentagon damage and WTC collapses could not have been the work of a bunch of Arab terrorists, but required insider expertise.

A lot of Americans knew this from the start, but there were many more who were mesmerized by the story put out by the White House and the mainstream media and who remain in that condition. If you happen to be one of those people who refuse to accept the possibility that the Bush clique has been deceiving you all along, and that they themselves (in collaboration with others) are responsible for the deaths of three thousand Americans on September 11th, 2001, I say to you: Summon up your courage, put aside your prejudices and your beliefs based on what you heard some talking head say on TV, look at the evidence itself and think about it.

These web pages are not intended to provide you with something that you can believe. That is what the White House and the mainstream media do, presenting you with something they want you to believe (for their advantage). On the contrary these pages are intended to lead you to think for yourself, to evaluate the evidence presented and the reasoning put forward, and to decide for yourself whether this or the official story is more likely to be closer to the truth of what actually happened on September 11th, 2001. As Max Kolskegg has written: "The first task is to think for yourself."

The implications of this analysis are disturbing, but to ignore them (or the evidence itself) would be an attempt at denial which would constitute a surrender to evil.  In this matter anyone with any degree of moral awareness will want to know the truth, however unpalatable or unflattering to national leaders.  Continued willful ignorance on the part of the American people may result in slavery for all people everywhere, following death and destruction of a magnitude far greater than that of World War II.

Note added 2010-05-22: The Wikipedia page on 9/11 used to acknowledge that there were alternatives to the official story. Since the recent general Wikipedia revision, that page now begins by dogmatically asserting that "The September 11 attacks ... were a series of coordinated suicide attacks by al-Qaeda upon the United States ... [in which] 19 al-Qaeda terrorists hijacked four commercial passenger jet airliners." No evidence of this is cited, it is simply presented as a fact, and the existence of alternative views (and the evidence to support them) is completely ignored. That page has become simply a presentation of the official story, with as much baseless detail (disinformation) as the editors could think of. It is simply laughable (and at the same time contemptible) — a piece of fiction which could be believed only by those who want to believe it (because they are afraid to think that it might be false).

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