The Pentagon Crash Site
By Peter Meyer

Here are a few photos of the Pentagon crash site. Hard to see any debris from an alleged Boeing 757 jetliner.

No evidence of a Boeing 757, but the damage is certainly consistent with a cruise missile strike.

How clever of the Boeing 757 to contract itself
to half its length and then simply vanish.

The following images have been copied from Martin Doutré's Pentagon 9/11 (see also the French site Hunt the Boeing!):

The impact point before the wall "collapsed".  Do you see
the huge hole through which the Boeing 757 disappeared?  No?  Why not?

And note the cable spools standing on edge. Gee, you'd think that a Boeing 757
crashing and exploding right next to them would at least have knocked them over.

A close-up, showing the entrance hole.  Note the foam on the glass in the windows above the impact point.
A 100-ton 757 crashed into the wall but did not break the glass in the windows?  Wow!
Hmmnn ... is there something fishy about the official story of a Boeing 757 hitting the Pentagon?

This page censored at Wikipedia Could it be that, in fact, no Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon? But everyone in the Bush administration from the President down has asserted that American Airlines Flight 77 was hijacked by a bunch of Arab terrorists on 9/11 and (after flying around the country for an hour) was flown into the Pentagon. AA 77 (if indeed the flight existed that morning) was a Boeing 757. Lessee now, something does not compute. If no Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon then AA 77 did not hit the Pentagon, and what Bush administration officials have repeatedly claimed is false. So how much of the rest of the official story is also false? Have we been fed a crock?

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