Other WTC Building Collapses:
WTC 6 and WTC 7

The North and the South Towers (a.k.a. WTC 1 and WTC 2 respectively) were not the only buildings to collapse. The image at left (from The Blockbuster) shows the WTC complex after the collapses and the arrangement of the buildings before their destruction.

Here's a view (at right) of the area after the collapses (the perspective is 90 degrees clockwise from the first image):

WTC 6 is the (demolished) building with the hole in the middle of it at the bottom left corner of the plaza. WTC 7 once stood in the area immediately down and to the left of it.

Click on the image at left for a close-up of WTC 6. This building was apparently destroyed because it was hit by rubble from the collapse of the North Tower, though it looks like what would result from a huge explosion in the basement of the building. [Note added 2012-02-15: The Anonymous physicist says in this article that one witness's "statements also indicate that WTC6 likely was itself destroyed by a micro-nuke which is further evidenced by its one large spherical hole."]

WTC 7, although damaged slightly by falling rubble, stood for about six hours on September 11th, then around 5 p.m. it suddenly fell. No official explanation for this has ever been given. This building was completely destroyed, and came down in the manner of a controlled demolition. Although WTC 6 appears to have been destroyed by an explosion from within, it is the manner in which WTC 7 was destroyed that constitutes one of the proofs that 9/11 was an inside job. Videos of its destruction clearly show that it came down exactly in the manner of a controlled demolition. This cannot have been the work of 19 Arab hijackers, nor of Osama bin Laden supervising events from his cave in Afghanistan. WTC 7 was brought about by demolition experts — American demolition experts (American, because the Israelis are not experts at controlled demolition, just at installing and detonating bombs).

Added 2019-09-11: The anomalous collapse of WTC 7 is the "Archilles heel" of the official 9/11 story, as was clear to 9/11 researchers back in the early 2000s (and by 2019 clear to many people), and numerous web pages at that time revealed this. Those pages, conveniently for those who would conceal the truth about 9/11, have mostly disappeared (consigned to the memory hole?), but in that case archived copies of most of them are preserved at The Wayback Machine.

  • Christopher Bollyn: Unexplained 9-11 Explosion at WTC Complex

  • WTC7.net — a website containing a thorough investigation of the collapse of WTC7 (at least, as thorough as possible given that most of the physical evidence has been destroyed) which states:

    The only official body that admits to having investigated the curious collapse of Building 7 is FEMA's Building Performance Assessment Team (BPAT), who blamed fires for the collapse but admitted to being clueless about how fires caused the collapse.

    Building 7's documented vertical plunge and tidy rubble pile with exterior wall fragments on top are exactly the kinds of results that controlled demolitions achieve through careful engineering.

  • Videos Show Building 7's Vertical Collapse

  • The FEMA Report on World Trade Center 7 Collapse is a Total Joke — a detailed criticism of the report

  • Building7Collapse

    At 5:22 p.m. on September 11th 2001, the 47 story building number 7 of the World Trade Center Plaza came down in slightly over 8 seconds. The building had not been hit by any plane, nor sustained any significant damage from the "collapse" of the Twin Towers seven hours earlier, nor was there any major fire in the building at the time. The video clearly show that it was brought down as result of a synchronized demolition.

  • Past Peak: WTC-7. See Part 2 for the videos. Also Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6 and Part 7.

  • Building 7

    Most of the fires were barely visible, and were not hot enough to cause window breakage, at least on the north side of the tower, of which there are photos shortly before the collapse. The largest observed fires were the ones visible on the southeast wall shown in the photograph [at right].

  • The Mysterious Leveling of Building 7

  • Scott Loughrey: WTC-7: The Improbable Collapse

    An odd series of failures ... [begins] when a small amount of debris falls from the implosion of World Trade Center 1, a block away. Somehow small fires subsequently break out in WTC-7. The fireproofing systems completely fail. The fires burn all day from an unknown fuel. Eventually, the flames reach tanks of diesel fuel at ground level. Suddenly, the penthouse begins to fall. The entire lower levels immediately experience the same massive failures. About seven seconds later the entire building is gone. It takes a minute for 2 million square feet of office space to become a large pile of rubble. Satellite photos later confirm that the vast majority of WTC-7's rubble rests in what was the building’s footprint.

  • Jeremy Baker: Silverstein, FDNY Razed WTC 7

  • Rebuilding Begins for 7 WTC Despite Unanswered Questions

  • 7 World Trade Center

  • The Blackstone Group

  • Tom Flocco: President Served Friday With Personal 9-11 RICO Complaint [Page gone]

    [C]orporate media execs continue to withhold important stories about presidential foreknowledge of attacks, military stand-down, and evidence of controlled demolition of third WTC Building 7, containing critical Securities and Exchange Commission corporate fraud investigation documents.

  • Jeremy Baker: Was WTC 7 a Dud?

    As the North Tower fell, a massive cloud of debris shot into the sky and enshrouded most of lower Manhattan ... In seconds, this dense cloud of powdered debris rose and obscured the surrounding buildings. Then, when most of WTC 7 was hidden from view, the conspirators pushed the button on the explosive system in this building as well ... [but] nothing happened. For whatever reason, the explosive system in WTC 7 had failed and the building stubbornly remained intact. In an instant, the success of an elaborate plot to entirely destroy a New York City landmark ... had fallen into confusion.

    Eventually the explosive system was brought back online and the only thing left to do was wait for the fires to build. But ... the fires never grew to convincing proportions. ... [But] Building 7 had to go. If WTC 7 was indeed an operations and control center for this sprawling conspiracy, it was, essentially, a crime scene that needed to be destroyed ... [so] when they could wait no longer, they put an end to the spectacle at 5:25 PM, dropping Building 7 neatly within its footprint, an obvious controlled implosion so perfect it would have earned any demolition company a bonus.

  • Larry Silverstein, WTC 7, and the 9/11 Demolition

  • 9/11 FEMA videographer at Ground Zero goes public

    An interview of Kurt Sonnenfeld by the Voltaire Network. That page contains the image below, captioned "The bizarre hollowed-out vestiges of The US Customs House (WTC6)".

  • Fire Did Not Cause 3rd Tower’s Collapse on 9/11, New Study Finds

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