The World Trade Center Demolition
and the So-Called War on Terrorism
14.  The American Drive for World Domination

In August 2002 George W. Bush (whose public utterances finally demonstrated that he is mentally deranged, unhinged, demented and a lunatic) and his crony Tony Blair were talking up their intention to attack Iraq, going on like a broken record about its "weapons of mass destruction", hypocritically ignoring the facts that (a) it is the U.S. which leads the world in the manufacture and use of such weapons (Germany and Japan 1945, Vietnam and Cambodia 1960s and 70s, Iraq 1991, Kosovo 1999 and Afghanistan 2001) and (b) it is Israel, America's client state in the Middle East, which already possesses over 100 atomic bombs and is entirely willing to use them against its neighbours.

Iraq's immediate neighbours did not consider Iraq a military threat, so why did the U.S.?  Iraq's missiles could reach parts of Europe and Russia but neither Europe nor Russia considered Iraq a threat; indeed, in mid-2002 Russia signed a multi-billion dollar trade deal with Iraq. Only Israel considered Iraq a threat (consistent with the pan-Arab hatred of Israel for its brutality toward the Palestinians), and in the U.S. Congress and in the Bush [and Obama] Administration what Israel wants Israel gets.

As British elder statesman Tony Benn said, the American desire for a war against Iraq was based not on any concern over what weapons Saddam Hussein might possess but sprang from the desire of the U.S. to grab Iraq's oil.

'Crude lies' used to justify war on Saddam

Bush's "War on Terrorism" is not about terrorism (except insofar as staged terrorist acts are an important part of the propaganda campaign) — it's about control of all of the Earth's economic resources, not just oil.

The United States government wants economic control and exploitation of the vast oil and mineral wealth of the Middle east and Central Asia, and if perpetual worldwide war is required to achieve this then so be it. American foreign policy makers believe that American military power will enable them to win such a war and that (a) a war would enable them to remain in power indefinitely (elections will become a thing of the past or will be rigged), (b) would be good for American (and British) weapons manufacturers and (c) would avert the looming financial collapse and economic depression in the U.S. (since, many believe, it worked before in the 1930s military build-up to World War II).

He [Bush] wants to divert attention from his domestic problems. It's a classic tactic. It was used by Hitler. — Former German Justice Minister Herta Däubler-Gmelin, 2002-09-20.  (For other similarities see Perils of Cocaine Abuse.)

Hiroshima, August 6th, 1945 World War III will involve the nuclear- and CBW-armed countries of India, Pakistan, Russia, China, Britain, France, Israel and the U.S. itself, and it will mean that millions of soldiers and civilians will die: shot, burnt, blasted, asphyxiated, crushed, incinerated, poisoned.  Nor will all these civilians be Asian; this war will also extend to the U.S. mainland and probably to Europe, despite what the Pentagon planners intend.  Violence will lead to more violence, and wars will escalate (remember "escalation"?) until eventually nuclear weapons are used — first "low-yield", later the big ones, in the megaton range, whose detonations (if there are enough of them, and we don't know how many will be used) will produce high levels of radiation in the atmosphere of (mainly) the Northern Hemisphere, leading to millions of cases of cancer among the populations of Western countries.

And what if the U.S. warmongers achieve their aims of gaining control of all sources of oil in Asia (and the Middle East and North Africa), and of the mineral wealth of Central Asia?  Will the Europeans, Japanese and Chinese feel secure in the knowledge that the United States will surely sell them whatever they need to maintain their industrial economies — and their military capabilities?  (The Russian and Chinese leaders surely understand the long-term threat to their national sovereignty, and are acting accordingly.)

Or is there something even more sinister going on?  Is the goal "at the highest level" the extinction of the human species?  If so, will the American people prove to be "useful idiots" facilitating the attainment of this goal?  Or, on the contrary, might they yet awaken from their ignorance, their stupidity, their greed and their egoism, take a hard look at themselves, understand what their lying, vicious, rapacious, hypocritical government is doing in the name of "freedom and democracy", and rein in and reform that government, reconstitute their nation as a republic as the authors of the Constitution intended, and save the world, as they believe (or used to believe) is their manifest destiny?

After September 11th revenge was uppermost in the minds of most Americans and few of them were inclined to look at what brought this catastrophe to their land.  Were they to look for the causes of the events of September 11th they might eventually be led to ask themselves whether their government is not so hypocritical, vicious, ignoble and immoral, so much the opposite of that ideal of government expressed in the U.S. Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, that it must be reformed completely, with most of its current office holders, in particular, the President, the Vice-President, the Secretary of Defense and the Deputy Secretary, the Secretary of State, the Attorney-General and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff removed in disgrace, before they can again think of themselves as Americans with any degree of self-respect.

Their mindlessness is willful, and at least partly conscious.  They do not know what is really happening because they do not want to know what is really happening.  Why?  As far as I have seen, it is because they benefit from the current arrangement (at least in the short term), and denial helps protect their flickering consciences.  ...

All those institutions that we have given our power away to — corporations, governments, churches, etc. — have largely enslaved us with our own power.  The only path to true freedom is by reclaiming our power, responsibility and sovereignty, and doing it lovingly.

— Wade Frazier: The Things We Do Not Want To Know

For most of their short history Americans have been adolescents. Brash, ignorant, naïve, overconfident and infatuated with power. And, like adolescents, they have never understood or believed in evil. As a result of September 11th they have lost their innocence. They now know what evil is, at first hand. But many Americans (encouraged by their warmongering politicians) insist on projecting that evil "out there" — onto Arabs and Muslims — and insist on hating "them". But the evil of September 11th did not have its origin "out there". It is an evil at the heart, not of America, but of a corrupt and depraved American government. If and when Americans acknowledge this (before their warmongering politicians take them into World War III) then maybe (just maybe) they can save their country, themselves and the rest of the world. But this is probably too much to expect from a country in which 49% of the voters (or of those whose votes were counted anyway) in the 2000 Presidential election were so stupid as to vote for someone who even then was obviously a moron who cared only for himself and his cronies in big business (and secretly for his pals in Skull and Bones).

America's geopolitical strategists never thought through the consequences of an invasion of Iraq. Perhaps they thought they saw advantage to themselves in the form of the eventual realization of the goal that the Nazis set for themselves in the 1930s: a global fascist dictatorship achieved by the use of military force, and the consequent enslavement of all humans (with those unfit to work being eliminated).

We ordinary Americans are being led, step by step, down the road to a dictatorship more evil and all-pervasive than that of the late Adolph Hitler and the Nazi Party of the German aristocracy. — Sherman H. Skolnick: The Overthrow of the American Republic, Part 2

Writing to your Congresscritter will do no good (they do not represent the interests of the people and in any case are almost all spineless traitors). Political action within the system might (just possibly) have some effect. Demonstrating against America's criminal foreign policy — especially if you do this in the U.S. — will get you tear gas and rubber bullets (which could be useful if this appears on the news night after night, as the Vietnam War did in the 1960s).

To the American aristocracy, the true enemy has always been, and still is, the American common people. — Sherman H. Skolnick: The Overthrow of the American Republic, Part 14

Although this section is entitled "The American Drive for World Domination" those who are planning and implementing this drive are not all American. Those at the top of the human chain of command are to be found in

the political and corporate elites of the United States, the United Kingdom, and the European Union — also, as it happens, the very parties orchestrating the global war on terrorism. — Chaim Kupferberg, The Propaganda Preparation for 9/11

The machinery of the New World Order is already in place. The Office of Homeland Security (and its Stasi-plan for making 5% of the American population informers upon the rest) is only the most public manifestation of it. Have you heard of the "Executive Secretariat" and Phase III?  How about the Doctrine for Joint Urban Operations and the DSB Summer Study on Special Operations and Joint Forces in Support of Countering Terrorism? No?  Well, you're not supposed to. While most of the citizens of the United States remain as ignorant as sheep (mostly because they don't wish to know) their fascist government is hell-bent on taking control of the entire globe by the use of its military forces. All countries, if they are not already, will soon be under the threat of annihilation by a supposedly invincible American military superiority. At the same time the U.S. secret government, the prototype for a global dictatorship, will be extending its Satanic legal system (including civil asset forfeiture laws) to the entire world either by forcing all other countries to sign "treaties" committing them to (in effect) submit themselves to American legal jurisdiction or by ensuring the dominance of fascist elements within other governments. And with control of Middle Eastern and Central Asian oil (if the U.S. achieves this) all other countries will have to submit to American demands or see their people go hungry (like much of the world already does) and cold in winter (with rioting in the streets put down by the usual brutal methods). Welcome to the New World Order — what they used to call "The Thousand-Year Reich".  Like it?  No?  Then what are you going to do about it?

Their world government is based on lies, supported by the power of money; but now the lies are beginning to unravel. It is time to withdraw our support, challenge their legitimacy, and push their lies toward collapse. There is no Constitution. There is no Bill of Rights. There is no legitimate government. There is no America left to restore. We shall welcome the ensuing chaos as a return of liberty. — Grugyn Silverbristle

Update February 2007

F. William Engdahl has published an article entitled Putin and the Geopolitics of the New Cold War: Or, what happens when Cowboys don't shoot straight like they used to ... in which he describes what appears to be U.S. preparations for a nuclear first-strike on Russia.

Were the United States able to effectively shield itself from a potential Russian response to a US nuclear First Strike, the US would be able simply to dictate to the entire world on its terms, not only to Russia. That would be what military people term Nuclear Primacy. ... The quest for global control of oil and energy pipelines, the quest to establish its military bases across Eurasia, its attempt to modernize and upgrade its nuclear submarine fleet, its Strategic B-52 bomber command, all make sense only when seen through the perspective of the relentless pursuit of US Nuclear Primacy. ...

A new Armageddon is in the making. The unilateral military agenda of Washington has predictably provoked a major effort by Russia to defend herself. The prospects of a global nuclear conflagration, by miscalculation, increase by the day. At what point might an American President, God forbid, decide to order a pre-emptive full-scale nuclear attack on Russia to prevent Russia from rebuilding a state of mutual deterrence?

The new Armageddon is not exactly the Armageddon which George Bush's Christian fanatics pray for as they dream of their Rapture. It is an Armageddon in which Russia and the United States would irradiate the planet and, perhaps, end human civilization in the process.

Update August 2008

Commenting on the Russia-Georgia war William Engdahl writes in Washington Risks Nuclear War by Miscalculation:

So far, each step in the Caucasus drama has put the conflict on a yet higher plane of danger. The next step will no longer be just about the Caucasus, or even Europe. In 1914 it was the “Guns of August” that initiated the Great War. This time the Guns of August 2008 could be the detonator of World War III and a nuclear holocaust of unspeakable horror.

This may not actually be a miscalculation by the U.S. but rather a calculated risk. The U.S. plans to escalate hostilities between itself and Russia, with an accompanying demonization of Russia, to the point where it can "justifiably" launch a nuclear first-strike against Russia. The American missile base in Poland will play a central role in this war plan. For further discussion of this see the articles by Richard Moore and comments by Peter Meyer:

US nuclear bombs will remain in Germany (2012-09-14)

American nuclear weapons will not be removed from Germany, despite their departure being a long-term aim of the German government, it has emerged. ... [and] the government has bowed to NATO plans to not only keep the bombs in Germany, but to modernise them.

Billions will be spent [by the Americans] on modernising the bombs themselves, while the Bundeswehr is expected to spend around €250 million to keep its Tornado fighter jets — which would be used to drop the US nuclear bombs — serviceable until 2024. ...

Karl-Heinz Kamp, research director of the NATO Defence College in Rome, said ...the US was planning to spend around $4 billion to modernise the bombs and make them steerable rather than just drop bombs as they are now, yet this has also brought criticism.

“The modernisation of these weapons by the USA threatens to remove the strict distinction between tactical and strategic weapons,” said Gernot Erler, foreign affairs spokesman for the opposition Social Democratic Party (SPD).

What might the Americans be thinking? Perhaps that in a first-strike against Russia such "steerable" nuclear bombs (almost, one might say, "missiles") launched from Germany could be very helpful.

And why are the Germans making themselves a target (despite the fact that no-one outside the German government wants atomic bombs in Germany)?

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