Reply to a 9/11 Skeptic
By Peter Meyer

Nila Sagadevan tells of a hardcore skeptic who absolutely refuses to believe that 9/11 was a hoax despite his reading books on the subject and watching DVDs. According to Nila this skeptic wrote:

Please do a simple mind calculation and estimate how many people would be involved with all aspects of the 9/11 scheme as you describe it. Now calculate what percentage of those people are NOT in the Federal Gov't (a wild assumption that the Feds CAN keep a secret). Then do something that you can't learn in a physics class. Be honest with yourself in regard to whether all of those people could live in silence about what they (or those that they know) had done?

In reply we can say, firstly, if this person thinks of himself as a skeptic, why does he accept the official story with all its holes and total lack of supporting evidence?

Secondly we can question his request for "a simple mind calculation". There is almost no calculation involving 9/11 that is simple, so our skeptic asks for what is impossible, and is merely urging agreement with his own (unsupported) view.

Thirdly we can reply that the higher-ups in the conspiracy (such as Cheney and Rumsfeld), and some at a lower level, certainly have a motive to keep silent, since they are well-known to the public, and have their careers, their reputations and their necks at stake.

So the skeptic is really positing a number of unknown auxilliary figures, perhaps hundreds, all potential whistle-blowers like Sibel Edmonds. But (fourthly) this is mere supposition, and the number of operatives involved may well have been much less than a hundred. Professor A. K. Dewdney gives an estimate for the minimum as 36 — see

And the Finnish military expert who published the report providing evidence that small H-bombs were used in the WTC demolitions, estimates that thirty men were needed to install the cutting charges in the twin towers — see Of these thirty at least half would not have known what was really going on and could easily be disposed of immediately after (or even before) 9/11, along with other low-level operatives. Those who planned on killing several thousand people in the collapse of the twin towers would certainly think nothing of killing as many low-level operatives as was needed to avoid exposure.

So, apart from the public figures who knew in advance that 9/11 would occur (even if they were not involved in the detailed planning), there may be only 20-30 operatives who remain alive. They are not likely to talk of what could bring them a death sentence if they were ever tried and convicted. And if they are the products of many years of (military or otherwise) training (or mental conditioning, or even mind-control) then it is not surprising that they do not talk.

Also it is erroneous to think of these operatives as, in our skeptic's words, "in the Federal Gov't (a wild assumption that the Feds CAN keep a secret)." Since the 9/11 hoax was crucial to the NWO plan to dominate the world, it is likely that the best and most committed operatives from the secret government were involved, not your ordinary federal employees.

Moreover, perhaps we are mistaken if we think of these operatives as people, capable of feeling guilt or shame as ordinary people are. If they are the products of twenty years of mind-control (their training beginning in the Reagan years) then they are more like zombies.

Or if not zombies then perhaps they are like cult followers, believing in a higher mission, perhaps to save their bloodline or secret society from the catastrophes that are predicted (or are planned) to befall most of the human population of the planet in the coming years.

As David Ray Griffin has remarked recently, we are dealing with demonic evil. Its instruments keep silent because it is in their interest to do so; unless they decide to say something designed to mislead, confuse or deceive.

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