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This website has articles by many people, including David Ray Griffin, Gerard Holmgren, Carol Valentine, Chris Floyd, Mike Whitney, A. K. Dewdney, Steven Gilman, Ralph J. Dolan, Elizabeth Woodworth, Nicholas Sand, J. B. Gerald, John Pilger, F. William Engdahl, Andrew McKillop, Donald Cassidy, Joel S. Hirschhorn, Bev Harris, Jeremy Baker, Mark Morford, Tom Breidenbach, Edward S. Herman, James Bacque, Greg Palast, Webster G. Tarpley, Morgan Reynolds, William Blum, Kevin Barrett, Max Kolskegg, Edgar J. Steele, Arundhati Roy, Paul Levy, Israel Shamir, Keith Lampe, Kurt Nimmo, Michael Parenti, Susan Sontag, George Paxinos, Michael C. Ruppert, Bev Conover, Paul Craig Roberts and Christopher Bollyn. Many thanks to all the people whose work appears on this website for their effort to inform others of the truth as they see it.

The main contributors, however, are the following seven people:

  • Peter Meyer

    lived for many years in the U.S. where he worked as a computer programmer and software developer. He is the author of this website and began it in 1996 (it was like a blog, long before blogs were invented). From its earliest beginnings it has had sections on Maria Callas, Psychedelics, Censorship, the "War on Drugs", Ganesh Baba, the Waco Massacre, Liberty & Democracy, William Bramley's book The Gods of Eden, and the CIA. Over the course of 20 years new sections were added and also many articles by him and others, especially by the writers mentioned below.
    Articles on this website by Peter Meyer

  • John Kaminski

    is a writer, with a background in journalism, who used to live in Florida on the Gulf of Mexico until the Deepwater Horizon disaster. His internet essays (many of which were published on this website during 2003-2006) have been collected into two anthologies, America's Autopsy Report and The Perfect Enemy. His website is at
    Articles on this website by John Kaminski

  • Wade Frazier

    became fascinated by the subject of Free Energy when just a teenager. His life's path then propelled him through a series of hard-hitting experiences that qualify him to be one of the preeminent writers on the subject today. His website is at
    Articles on this website by Wade Frazier

  • Leonard Spencer

    is the pseudonym of an Englishman about whom nothing is known publicly. In 2002 he submitted an article to this website examining the video evidence concerning the attacks on the Twin Towers. He submitted several more articles in 2002-2004 examining the 9/11 evidence, including a detailed examination of the attack on the Pentagon.
    Articles on this website by Leonard Spencer

  • Gilad Atzmon

    was born a Jew in Israel, grew up in Jerusalem and currently lives in London. During his military service in the Israeli army he witnessed the suffering of the Palestinian people at first hand and as a result became a committed anti-Zionist. He first came to the attention of Peter Meyer in 2003 with his article "The Ten Most Common Mistakes of the Israeli People". He is renowned as a jazz musician (saxophone and clarinet) and as a composer. He has also written two novels and (most recently) a study of "Jewish Identity" politics entitled The Wandering Who. His website is at
    Articles on this website by Gilad Atzmon

  • Richard K. Moore

    moved (after a career in Silicon Valley) in 1994 to Ireland to begin his ‘real work’, "trying to understand how the world works, and how we can make it better". He first got Peter Meyer's attention in 2008 with his article "Escaping the Matrix". The views expressed in his articles subsequently published on this website during 2008-2012 are shared by this website's author. Currently Richard K. Moore is a leading figure in the attempt to save Ireland from perpetual enslavement to the global financial elite. His website is at
    Articles on this website by Richard K. Moore

  • The Saker

    is a former military analyst for the United Nations (at the time of the Balkan wars). He was born in Russia, lived in Western Europe and currently resides in Florida. He is an Orthodox Russian Christian, and sometimes (rightly) contrasts the ethical values of that religion with the amorality of Western capitalist/materialist society. He first came to the attention of Peter Meyer with his articles Ukraine's "civilizational choice" — a Pyrrhic victory for Russia? (November 24, 2013) and his prescient The gates of Hell are opening for the Ukraine (November 30, 2013).
    Articles on this website by The Saker

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