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This is a list of all articles by Wade Frazier on this Serendipity website. The articles are listed chronologically. Dates below show when the article was published on this website.

  1. The Things We Do Not Want To Know (2001-09-19)
    Some of the facts that we Americans generally do not know, largely because we do not want to know them.

  2. Letter from America (about Iraq) (2002-11-11)
    On American diplomacy regarding Iraq.

  3. On Making a Difference with the Iraqi People (2004-04-10)
    Concerning Iraq, Peak Oil, energy, the Empire and war.

  4. The Energy Racket (2005-04-14)
    Concerning energy, fossil fuel, civilization, capitalism and alternative technology.

  5. Walking the Minefields of Free Energy (2005-04-25)
    Concerning free energy, the "big boys", integrity, conspiracy, love and abundance.

  6. The Free Energy Conundrum (2005-01-03)
    Is Humanity Ready for Abundance?

  7. Message re Geothermal Energy (2007-02-22)

  8. The Global Financial Meltdown (2009-01-21)
    Concerning the Savings and Loan Scandal and Public Accounting

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