Date: Thu, 12 Jun 1997 
From: Rodney Stich <>
Organization: Diablo Western Press
Subject: Re: Response

Hi Peter,

   Your site looks good; I like it.
> >   Thanks for the plug. With the many theories floating around on 
> >TWA Flight 800, the advantage of those letters is that it raises an entirely
> >new issue that relates to hard facts, being the rejection of SAM
> >missiles by Justice Department and CIA personnel when they knew their
> >rejection would result in terrorists acquiring the missiles. Where are
> >those missiles now, and when will one or more of them shoot down an
> >airliner?
> Do you think that the evidence supports the U.S. Navy ship theory
> rather than a terrorist missile?

   I just don't feel there is any credible evidence that the missile
was fired by a navy ship in a heavily traveled airway.

> It seems to be well-established that the CIA, or some elements
> of it, flew multi-tons of cocaine into the U.S.  I'd like to know:
> 1.  At what level of the CIA was this policy implemented?  A few "rogue
> elements" or was this top-level policy?  Or a secret cabal within the
> CIA, and if so, at what level were its members in the "outer" organization?

   I know of no figure showing the number of tons of drugs flown into
the United States, including that by the CIA (and I'm sure that figure
is not available to anyone). But think of all the Americans who are
consuming those many tons. It looks like America is being doped in more
ways than one.

   I haven't asked any of my CIA contacts as to what CIA level
implemented the drug smuggling policy. With the compartmentalization in
the covert agencies, this information would be hard to pin down.

   I definitely don't feel that the massive CIA drug trafficking is any
rogue operation, although I'm sure that there could have been off-shoots
of CIA personnel who engaged in some of their own drug trafficking.

> 2.  We hear a lot about the coke, but what about the heroin?

   Drugs being smuggled were cocaine and heroin, and any other kind.

> 3.  What happened to the drugs after they were brought into Mena etc.
> Did the CIA also control domestic distribution?

   Some of the drugs getting into Mena went directly to organized crime
groups, such as the Gotti group. Remember that Mena was only one small
area of drug activity, and one that has received the most attention. 

> 4.  Were there other U.S. covert-action organizations involved, not
> just the CIA?  How about the military?

   The only involvement in the drug trafficking of the DIA [Defense Intelligence Agency]
is in providing aircraft and air bases for the transportation of drugs, and
this information I obtain from military, CIA, DEA, and other personnel.

    The CIA, DEA, and the coverup by the State Department, Customs, Justice
Department, National Security Council, the White House, and the coverup
by most of the mainstream media and Congress, greatly diminishes the
possibility of the public discovering what is being done to them, and to
defend against the great harm being suffered.

> 5.  Is there a connection between all this and the JFK assassination?

   I don't know of any direct links with the JFK assassination and drugs.

> 6.  And the big question:  To what extent is the U.S. federal govt.
> currently infiltrated/controlled/corrupted by these covert-action
> semi-secret organizations?

   The U.S. government is heavily implicated in drugging of America.

   Look at this:

	Direct involvement:

	* CIA.
	* DEA.
	* Military through the use of military bases and aircraft for the
transportation or transshipment of drugs.
	* Justice Department employees, by coverups, prosecuting whistleblowers.
	* Members of Congress, who have received closed-door testimony for
years from insiders about the drug trafficking.
	* Most of the mainstream media, who know about the many books that have
been written by insiders, who have received letters from insiders, and
who have aided and abetted by coverups.   

  	So, who's left that is not criminally implicated? With tons and tons
of drugs being consumed in the United States, a major percentage of the
drug-consuming American public won't speak out. The remainder of the
public is more interested in other "priorities," like the ball games or
some other trivia, plus those who don't read enough, don't care, and the cowards.

> To which might be added:
> 7.  How can their influence on govt. and society be removed?

   The media could force corrective actions, but most of them are
implicated through prior coverups. But this fact could probably be
covered up.

   The public is the primary way to effectively address these crimes. And
the public is incapable and unwilling to meet their responsibilities
under this form of government. 

				Best wishes,

				Rodney Stich

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