editorial from the journal
integration, no. 1 (1991)
herman de vries

the use of mind-moving substances increases almost everywhere in the western world and its sphere of influence. politicians ask for stronger and harder measures - and the problems grow. in the countries of origin, before the connections to the western world, there were almost no problems with "drugs". they were culturally and ritually embedded in the social and religious life of peoples, their use fraught with meaning and of central importance in their religions and cultures.

this means for us that we have to learn with ethnologists from other peoples. a basic difference between the western culture and the so-called primitive cultures is that our culture is primary and basically a commercial one. everything is exploitable and will be judged after its chances of profit. (the plants of the gods became consumer goods.) for our dealing with psychoactive substances this has been disastrous.

now, how does this go on? more measures, more sensational press reports about problems and successful police actions? the examples of california and the netherlands have proved that this way is a failure. there has to be found another way out of this hysterical drug paranoia!

the concept of the editor of this journal is therefore another one: as long as we don't have the chance to learn to handle these substances, and so create a cultural framework for their use, so long the "drug problems" will grow.

this journal will make a positive contribution. we will establish documentary evidence of significance in this context and this over the whole range of this mainly interdisciplinary field. from ethnologists, artists, pharmacologists and botanists that also search after the positive values these substances have to offer us; from folklorists and researchers of fairy-tales, digging out buried facts of our own past. so we hope to fill a gap in the professional literature that exists in europe. it will be a journal on a scientific level, but not only a scientific journal.

not bush's "war on drugs", not nancy reagan's "just say no",
are our slogans. we say with michael horowitz

"just say know!"

journal for mind-moving plants and culture
zeitschrift für geistbewegende pflanzen und kultur

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d-97478 knetzgau

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