Xymphora At Last Supports
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Editor's Preface

It is customary for those who profit from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (e.g., American weapons manufacturers and arms dealers), those who openly or covertly support Israel's genocidal Zionist agenda (e.g., George W. Bush and Tony Blair), those who have no awareness of the facts on the ground in Palestine and, of course, the Israelis themselves, to advocate a "two-state solution". This would be (i) a State of Israel, consisting of the territory stolen from the Palestinians by the Zionists in 1948 plus the many areas of land in the West Bank stolen to create Jewish "settlements" (mostly built on land owned by Palestinians), and (ii) a State of Palestine consisting of a Bantustan of isolated or poorly-connected areas of land in the West Bank left over from the Israeli theft, plus Gaza (now devastated by a 2-year-long economic blockade and the recent Israeli slaughter).

Very few observers (in particular, Gilad Atzmon and Jeff Halper) have advocated a "one-state solution", that is, one secular state controlling all of Palestine (including all territory now occupied by Israelis) in which every citizen (Jew or otherwise) has equal political and economic rights, in which no-one is accorded an advantage or benefit (or excluded therefrom) simply because they claim to follow some particular religion. The astute commentator Xymphora also long supported a two-state solution (though not for any of the reasons above), but he has finally seen the light, as the following two entries from his blog show.

Monday, January 26, 2009

What is to be done?

The problem with Israel isn't just all the horrible things it has done and is doing, a list that people are now reviewing in the light of the recent slaughter. It isn't just the obvious psychopathic mental illness of the Israeli politicians coupled with a defective political system that makes change impossible. It isn't just that the political spectrum is veering rapidly to the extreme eliminationist right. It isn't just that the slaughter was supported — not just supported, but enjoyed — by the vast, vast majority of Israeli Jews and people who identify themselves as Jews around the world (moral people brought up as Jews are so disgusted by it that they no longer self-identify as Jews, hence the 'problem' of assimilationism; btw, we must stop letting them get away with the lie of distinguishing 'Jews' from 'Israeli Jews' from 'zionists' — they all have the same shared evil psychopathy). We're talking over 95 per cent support. It's outrageous that I claim blood drips from their fangs, not because it slurs them, but because it cannot do justice to the stark evil inherent in today's Judaism. Most of the few Jews who are concerned about the slaughter are 'lite', i. e., they are worried that world disgust at what the Jews are up to might delay the Project of building Greater Israel (note that another taboo, mentioning the Project, has been bravely broken, and the reaction of the fanged ones!).

No, the problem is that it is now crystal clear, to everybody who is not a Jew or a 'progressive' enabler (the 'progressive' enablers are simply covered — covered! — in the blood of Palestinian children), that the slaughter is part of a long, constantly reoccurring pattern of psychopathic violence, and that the psychos are escalating, in the three ways of escalation:

  1. the violence is becoming more and more brutal;
  2. the periods between violent outbursts are decreasing;
  3. the psychos are losing control of their ability to regulate their violent outbursts.

I can predict, without even the tiniest fear of being wrong, that sometime in the near future Israel will do something else horribly violent, probably worse than Gaza or the most recent attack on Lebanon, and will continue to do so until the Jewish state is wiped off the map.

In considering options, we are often asked to compare Israel to South Africa. This is a faulty comparison, in ways that are not flattering to the the Jews. The Boers were evil racist scumbags, but they were sane. When the time came that they could no longer reasonably expect to maintain their hold on power, they sat down and negotiated the best deal they could (and a great deal it was, giving up political power but keeping all their wealth and the control of the economy). Unlike the Jews, they were not emotionally invested in the fact that they were scumbags. They were not psychopaths. No reasonable person looking at the escalation of Israeli psychopathic acts can describe Israel as sane. The Jews are a racist eliminationist supremacist group. They cannot help themselves.

Consider the terrible effect that the concept of anti-Semitism has had on the Jews. The South African whites couldn't look at the rest of the world and decide that the attacks on them were solely as a result that the world was entirely filled with 'anti-Boer-ites'. They had to accept that the rest of the world held its disgust at apartheid honestly. Not so the Jews. World Jewry has an automatic excuse for every comment on the actions of Israel: anti-Semitism. Over time, this has created a monster: Jews can literally do no wrong as any third party critic of their behavior must be motivated by this one ulterior motive, hatred of the Jews. Over time, this obsession with anti-Semitism has turned World Jewry into a psychopath, never responsible for its acts as any and all criticism is entirely evidence of the failings of the critics. It is ironic that 'progressive' enablers have played a large role in this — although, to be fair, racist supremacism is built into Judaism (I still need to write about this) — and will ultimately bear moral responsibility for the end of Israel (oh well, at least they'll still feel good about themselves).

My basic mistake in all along supporting a two state solution was thinking that the Israelis, and World Jewry, were sane, and would eventually do the rational thing. They are not sane, something which should be obvious from the pattern of irrational violent behavior (which goes back even before the establishment of the State of Israel), and the escalation. We distinguish criminals, who are responsible for their acts and are punished, from the criminally violent mentally ill, who are not responsible for their acts but still have to be removed from society for the protection of everybody. Removing Israel is not intended to punish the Jews. It is a recognition that World Jewry suffers from a terrible mental illness, and the world needs to be protected from the irrational violence of Israel. Perhaps in time, with treatment, the Jews can regain their sanity.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The psychos and the boycotts

One of the peculiarities of Jewish psycho racist extremist eliminationist supremacism is that World Jewry will not react rationally to boycotts or similar actions. Their mental illness renders them incapable of understanding the reactions of decent people to their violent craziness. Instead, they will label it as just another example of the ubiquitous 'anti-Semitism', i.e., an example of the moral failings of their accusers, and not of their own moral failings. The short-term effect of boycott-sanctions-divestment will be a paradoxical hardening of the positions of Israel and World Jewry, as they will see the increase in 'anti-Semitism' as an excuse to act even more insanely than before.

That is not to say that boycotts aren't morally necessary (the true status of Chomsky can be seen in his continued resistance to boycotts, as he prefers to wait for his socialist-anarchist paradise to save the world from the problems caused by ... the Americans). They will have the effect of continuing the legitimacy crisis in Israel for those Jews who aren't insane, will increase the phenomenon of sane Jews leaving Israel, and deter sane Jews outside of Israel from moving there. They will also increase the expense to the Jew-controlled American government of paying for the continuing Jewish program of slaughtering. Most importantly, however, the whole boycott program will serve as the rallying point for world-wide resistance to the Jewish eliminationist program. One of the main problems decent people face is that the total Jew-control of politicians and the media — as definitively proven by the utterly shameful reaction of all Western politicians and media to the Gaza slaughter — seems to make it impossible for decent human beings to do anything in the face of such powerful and overwhelming blood-dripping-from-the-fangs Evil. Boycotts can start us on our way.

More important than boycotting Israel, however, will be our efforts to punish those who are under Jew-control, to make it clear to the sycophants and power-followers that there are powers greater than those of World Jewry. For example, punishing the shameful BBC executives who censored a charity appeal for Gaza — just how fucking evil can you be! — by firing them and making sure no one else will hire them — except, of course, the Jewish Billionaires! — will start to send the message that we the decent and sane will no longer put up with the evils of Jew-control. It is the boycott and punishment of the enablers of Jewish evil that will have the biggest long-term effect at stopping it and establishing one Palestinian state in the Middle East.

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