If Joe was right ...

... then Zionist neocon crazies plan
to kill millions to control the world
— but who was Joe, really?

By John Kaminski

If Joe Vialls was right, then we are on the brink of World War III, specifically because of Zionist neocon crazies willing to bet everything they have — and everything you have, as well — that they can bludgeon the whole world into submission with their money, their weapons, and their hypocritically sanctimonious and psychologically flawed dogma.

But if Joe Vialls was not right, and if he was little more than a would-be writer of sensational fiction thrillers in the style of Robert Ludlum or Tom Clancy, then we're really screwed, because so much he said seems to have so much validity. In a way, if Joe Vialls was wrong, it would mean George Bush and Ariel Sharon were right, and maybe we should nuke the world and obediently worship a Jewish messiah in Israel. So, even if Joe was wrong, in a bass-ackwards, serendipitous way, he was still right, because we know Bush and Sharon are twisted mass murderers willing even to kill their own people. This says something of the remarkable magnitude of what Vialls accomplished.

Joe Vialls hated the Zionist neocon cabal that runs the Western world with a raging passion. In many of his reports he often speculated in great detail about the precise kind of rope that should be used in the hanging of top officials in Washington, London, Tel Aviv, and Canberra (the capital of his adopted country Australia) as punishment for their crimes against humanity.

Here's a salient example of Joe's flammable prose:

Twenty years ago 'The Great Satan' referred only to a collection of murderous Zionist Jews who illegally invaded Palestine in the 1940s, to butcher the residents and steal their land for Ben Gurion's "Yisrael". But as Zionists later took firm control of the United States, and forced the use of American soldiers in the 1990 Gulf War against Iraq, a subtle change slowly took place. In the minds of about 70 percent of the global population, America had simply become Zionist Headquarters, and was thus itself anointed 'The Great Satan'.  Nowadays the contempt and hatred of the civilized world is being directed against ordinary American citizens, who in the future will pay a heavy price for failing to remove a handful of Zionist madmen from Wall Street while they still had the chance to do so. The rest of the world will no longer tolerate the megalomanic 'New Zion', and is now taking active steps to destroy it. — http://vialls.net/cowards/byebye.html

Few intelligent observers with an international perspective (which excludes virtually all Americans) would disagree with that as the view of most of the world's beleaguered inhabitants.

Joe Vialls' reports were often so astounding, so over-the-top, so incredibly detailed with seeming ties to top levels of the world's intelligence agencies, and so quickly produced after a whole series of world-shaking events, that it produced two distinct reactions: Either you thought he was some kind of deep-cover intelligence renegade who had chosen to enlighten the public no matter what the risk to his own safety, or he was an extremely resourceful rabble-rouser with possibly multiple purposes in opposing the political chicanery of Israel and its vampiric sycophants known as America, Britain, and Australia.

Those who chose the second option were virtually all of the mainstream media, as well as most of the alternative news community, which threw a blanket over all Joe's stories, no doubt owing in large part to, whether overt or covert, the Zionist orientation of their employers. Right or not, Vialls was simply too hot to handle for all but his most ardent fans, and there were — and are — many, many thousands of those.

But the fact is, he was not always right. Consider this rash prediction:

Based on received intelligence, it seems likely that the Island of Cuba will soon be used as 'point man' in a grand plan to deny American warships and other vessels safe transit through the Gulf of Mexico. Quite apart from thoroughly humiliating New York and Washington, such a move will have a far more devastating effect if tankers are denied access to the southern American oil terminals. Without oil imported through its critical southern oil terminals, and also possibly facing denial of access to underwater oil reserves in the Gulf of Mexico, America will collapse in less than six months. — http://www.vialls.com/myahudi/greatsatan.html

That wild assessment was written Dec. 22, 2004, and it being almost August 2005, the event has not happened. Perhaps time will prove him right, but thus far, there is no indication it will.

He made other mistakes as well that led reputable observers to point out the gaffes: in the Port Arthur massacre story, a misreported plane crash in Holland, and other lesser blunders. But these blemishes worked against his other stupefying assertions, eroded confidence in his stories, which were mostly about Israeli agents committing crimes and blaming them on someone else, principally Muslims.

Plus, all those astounding conclusions to which history has yet to supply convincing verifications or refutations: a micro nuke in Bali, Mossad complicity in the Madrid bombings, etc. Vialls is the only person I know who thought Russia had something to do with 9/11.

Some began to wonder if it weren't Vialls' purpose to come off so outrageously alarming about the Zionist menace that his overstatements would eventually delegitimize his every mind-boggling assertion. In fact, he was later to cause this very own self-inflicted injury to his own reputation in his very most important story.

However, the single most shocking charge he ever leveled (IMHO) involved the unprecedented, horrifying Christmas tragedy in the Indian Ocean.

You see, unless I don't understand English, Joe Vialls has proved that the Dec. 26, 2004 tsunami that killed some 300,000 people in Southeast Asia, India, and Sri Lanka was caused by a nuclear device. He wrote three epic reports that have convinced many that the disastrous Sumatran tsunami was "a nuclear war crime on an unprecedented scale."

"If the tsunami was man-made, then we are unquestionably looking at the biggest single war crime in global history," Joe wrote, and then, as he always did, trotted out graphic science to back it up.

"An earthquake at a convergence fault like the Sumatran Trench cannot create a tsunami under any circumstances," Joe wrote, providing charts and graphs and professional citations that took his readers through every twist and turn of the coverup.

"The media and its tame prostitute 'scientists' have been lying all the way for the USA," he concluded.

"And the big trick right now (in fact the biggest game in town) is to make you believe that a Richter 6.4 earthquake on December 26, created a massive tidal wave powerful enough to murder 300,000+ people, while the infinitely more powerful Richter 8.7 earthquake on March 28 barely rippled the waters of the Indian Ocean."

Read 'em and weep, folks.


Keep an eye out for "seismic signals ... looked curiously similar to those generated many years ago by large underground nuclear weapons in Nevada."

Vialls brought it all back to a familiar boogeyman. "Who is insane enough to kill more than 150,000 civilians just to hang on to power? Based on their past performance in Iraq and other luckless countries, it would seem that the only realistic candidates are Wolfowitz and company, striving as always to create a 'One World Government.'" Vialls suggested.

After unearthing a report about an old OSS plan to destabilize Japan with an earthquake, Vialls cranked out a conclusion full of evidence that appears irrefutable.


Were it not for a handful of amateur cameramen in Banda Aceh on Boxing Day 2004, we might easily have been fooled into believing that Sumatra, like San Francisco, had been subjected to a naturally-occurring nightmare earthquake, first peddled by the American NOAA at 8.0 on the Richter Scale. Then of course the NOAA realized that 8.0 was simply not enough to cover this thermonuclear sabotage, and developed a new exciting "flexible" Richter Scale to take care of the public relations problem.

Onwards and upwards the NOAA went, from 8.5 to 8.9, and then from 9.0 to 9.1. Finally they managed to convert the single Padang seismic compression spike ... into a whopping great Richter 9.3, sufficient they thought to cover the destruction of the cooling pipes of India's Chennai nuclear reactor in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. The reactor should have been perfectly safe, of course, because the Bay of Bengal has never before experienced a tsunami in recorded history.

"More than a half of the dead are Muslims," Vialls added with his customary anti-Zionist vitriol, "which will no doubt bring a smile to the faces of the perpetrators in New York, because this is a perpetual one-way war against Muslims, Hindus, and even ordinary Christians."

Conclusion: Subsequent earth tremors in the Indian Ocean produced not a trace of a tidal wave. Only one event did, and that, according to Vialls, was caused by a nuclear device.

But while that seems like his most devastating discovery, my favorite story was his 'Fortress Americas' series, which insisted that the true aim of Israeli predators was not merely to create an Eretz Israel that stretched from the Nile to the Euphrates, but rather one that conquered and controlled the entire Western Hemisphere. Four separate reports combined to make a movie script that could bring down the world, were Hollywood not controlled by pro-Israel fanatics. Take together, they are equal to the best-selling potboilers penned by Frederick Forsyth, a popular thriller writer whom Vialls mentioned in one of his pieces.

Ben Gurion’s Ultimate“One True Zion”
"Yisraelim Prepare for the Invasion of America"
Zionist Elite Prepares to Desert America (Part 1)
Zionist Elite Prepares to Desert America (Part 2)

Joe begins the tale with an evocative rendering of the murderous deception from which the nation of Israel was born, and then begins the story of the real plan, which he says he got from "a disgruntled source at the very top of Zionist chain of command."

Vialls generously concedes that many Jews are the enemies of the Zionists, and they won't fare well when the 'Fortress Americas' objective is achieved. Among his eyepopping claims are that 250,000 Israeli mistravim agents are deployed in the U.S. ready to let loose biological agents, and that the oil fields off the Falkland Islands are ten times the size of Saudi Arabia's petroleum resources.

This was Joe's thesis:

In essence, the entire American continent, from Inuvik in northern Canada to the southern tip of Tierra Del Fuego, is to be invaded and captured for Zionist use, with the cabal exercising central command and control from New York City, currently located in the much smaller United States of America. Within this new massive fortress, the USA will be the focal point of all significant economic activities, with Canada and the former countries of Latin and South America providing the bulk of natural resources and cheap labor.

He then explains how it was Israel that carried out the murder of the American marines in Lebanon during Ronald Reagan's lame tenure in the White House, and explains the principle that Israel follows, which is to weaken America's military as much as possible (an assertion that conveys particular resonance today with the U.S. debacle in Iraq).

It was in this story, I must note, that Joe first started complaining of chest pains.

Despite the sweeping assertions in Joe's 'Fortress Americas' narration, by the time he picked up the story some months later, the whole gist of it had changed.

With 'Fortress Americas' now in tatters because of Russia's coalition with Brazil and Venezuela, Wall Street's neocons and other Zionist traitors will desperately try to avoid War Crimes Tribunals and the waiting hangman's noose, by fleeing aboard special jets to a little-known Australian island. — http://vialls.net/cowards/byebye.html

Thus began Joe's Tasmanian fantasy, of defeated neocons fleeing trial and punishment and flying to a remote retreat, which they would usurp and defend with high-tech weaponry. Regardless that it had no basis in fact and was only speculation, Joe ranted on, as he had with earlier descriptions of how the Russians has furnished Syria and other Arab states with deadly missiles that could destroy the American fleets.

And now he was saying that the balance of power in the world had shifted, and the neocons were bailing. Last time I looked, that simply wasn't true. Cheney's finger is still twitching on the red button.

Somehow the past had become all tangled up with the future, and Joe was writing history as he wished it to be. Still packed with delicious facts and astute political insights, the saga ends with a Russian jet shooting down an airliner full of American Jewish bankers fleeing America before the missiles presumably start raining down on America in the ultimate nuclear nightmare.

The more symbolic types among us might read this as a prescient prediction of our immediate future, but the hard fact is that this has not happened yet, and is such, while it may be prophecy, it necessarily must be categorized as fiction.

So there we have the central enigma in the earthshaking prose of Joe Vialls. To true believers, it blends in with the other passionate anti-Zionist rhetoric. To skeptics, it rings hollow, and to some fellow Australians who have been tracking the particulars of Joe Vialls' meteoric and mercurial literary career, it rings consistent.

Two respectable Aussies — Stewart Beattie, a retired gunsmith from Wagga Wagga, and Andrew MacGregor, an ex-cop from Victoria — have watched the curious Vialls personality for almost 15 years and have come to the conclusion that the pieces of the Vialls puzzle simply don't fit together.

They recount a very public persona who claimed he was the victim of "mind games" and insisted he was under the spell of posthypnotic suggestions, and while they all agreed about the basic deception of the Port Arthur massacre (in which a mentally defective young man was convicted of an inexplicable mass murder right around the time Australia was debating tough new gun control laws), both Beattie and MacGregor became alarmed at Joe's demeanor and his apparently playing fast and loose with the facts.

Beattie's serious digging into the story of what Vialls claimed was his history turned up some suspicious discrepancies, not extraordinary for someone, as Vialls claimed to be, who has worked in the oil industry and had dealings with intelligence agencies.

Beattie also discerned a recurring aspect in Joe's many stories, mostly on the Internet but also in Nexus magazine. It seemed Joe was consumed by the murder of British policewoman Yvonne Fletcher in 1984, which was blamed on Libyans.

Beattie discovered that Joe's real name was Otho Jewell Vialls (listed as owner of the property where he lived in Carine, Western Australia).

Then Beattie read a story written by Vialls that appeared in Nexus called "The Terrorist Factory." In that story, Vialls named the fictional killer as Otto Jewell."

The connection gets more vivid.

According to Beattie, it was an article published in Issue 113 of the ForteanTimes, a UK published periodical promoted as dealing with the 'World of Strange Phenomena'. Accessible at the time of his writing [but no longer] at: http://www.shoah.free-online.co.uk/801/now/wavies.html [but see http://www.geocities.com/mknemesis/mknemesis1.html] the article really should cause any thinking person's alarm bells to jangle:

"In a statement to Lobster editor Robyn Ramsay," Beattie writes, "Vialls now believes he was programmed to kill WPC Yvonne Fletcher outside the Libyan People's Bureau in London, 1984. According to Ramsay, Vialls says he fired on the policewoman from the office of the Hughes Tool Company, a firm long linked to the CIA."

Thus emerges perhaps the subconscious reason why many respected writers on the Internet and elsewhere regard Joe Vialls as too hot to handle, too volatile to be trusted. It also explains that seething razor's edge to his feverish reports.

So what are his devoted fans to think, when the roiling rhetoric of Joe Vialls echoes in their partisan eardrums?

American politicians and officials must be executed with the same attention to detail as any other common criminal, so the 'governed' should make sure that correct protocol is followed. The traditional American hangman's noose has from five to thirteen coils, which slide down the rope delivering a heavy blow to the side of the neck. The modern American coiled noose is prepared in accordance with a procedure laid down in a US army manual, from 30 feet of 3/4" - 1" diameter manila hemp rope, boiled to take out stretch and any tendency to coil. It is formed into six coils and then waxed, soaped or greased to assure that the knot slides easily.

It seems unlikely that the American public in general will be sufficiently motivated to take action for at least another year (or when crude oil prices exceed $100 per barrel), but this does not mean that you personally cannot prepare yourself for the day when New York and Washington's murderous master criminals are brought to justice. If you have time on your hands and a little spare cash, why not drive down to the hardware store and buy a 30' length of manila hemp rope? Pick up a can of axle grease from the gas station on your way home, and then use the twilight hours to grease your rope, and learn how to fashion a really good hangman's noose.

It pays to be ready, and try to remember that this is not a joke, or even simple vengeance for being abused and suppressed by these out-of-control fanatics. Removing these criminals from power, and punishing them for their crimes, is your solemn duty under the Declaration of Independence. — http://www.joevialls.net/sumatra/earthquake.html

Joe wrote this description on his website:

Joe Vialls website exposes media disinformation that covers three major investigations conducted since 1992. The first is an independent investigation into the murder of policewoman Yvonne Fletcher outside the Libyan Embassy in London during 1984, and links to the CIA and Israeli Mossad. The second is an investigation into the bombing of Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie in Scotland during 1988, and the trial of the two accused Libyans at Camp Zeist (Kamp Zeist) in Holland. Once again with links to the CIA and Mossad. The third and last investigation takes a long hard look at the Port Arthur Massacre in Tasmania, Australia, a crime for which intellectually impaired Martin Bryant was convicted without trial.

Needless to say, as one of the most prolific and sensationalistic writers on the Internet, Joe Vialls went much further afield than that, setting himself up as an expert on international politics, military hardware and deep-cover intrigues.

Perhaps he had a better perspective on certain covert matters than any of us dared realize. Whether that makes what he had to say invalid is a matter for debate.

Possibly it was guilt that compelled him to be so driven to expose the psycho government pervs who misused him. Or, the possibility remains that he was warped by his sad history and thus compelled to attempt to salve his sins until the end of his days. Or, one must concede, perhaps his own history was a work of fiction. Yet even this, in my mind, does not neutralize the authenticity of most of his insights and conclusions.

The legendary and prolific Internet polemicist Joe Vialls died a couple of weeks ago [2005-07-17] at his home [in Western Australia], of a heart attack, according to his wife Marilyn. Likely the solution to this mystery died with him.

But the sheer intensity of the Vialls crusade to expose what he saw as a Zionist neocon conspiracy to enslave the world — which is something verified by thousands of principled journalists and ordinary objective observers around the world — combined with the unfathomable mystery of his motivation led me to reconsider and audit my own prejudices about accounts of events that are happening in the world.

It also led me to contemplate the nature of disinformation in these troubled times, especially since I have spent three years trying to decode the nuances, motivation and data of the 9/11 skeptics community without much success. In fact, I may be more confused about that than before I started, although I still have no doubts that 9/11 was an inside job, Israel had a lot to do with it, and the supposed hijackers were at best props — hired hands, used to perform certain functions for large amounts of money

It had occurred to me before these revelations were sent to me by Beattie that Vialls' hyperbole often seemed to miss the mark. His insights about oil in the Falklands and nukes in the Sumatran trench certainly rang my conspiratorial bells, and his evocative mentions of Israeli genocide against the Palestinian people and the folly of America's war for Israel in Iraq resonated with the intense outrage I feel about these same subjects.

But I wondered whether Vialls' seeming overstatements about certain aspects of the Israeli deception didn't impede public comprehension of the threat by being too sensational.

To adequately publicize the Zionist threat to the rest of the unsuspecting world, I feel it is necessary to talk about the Scofield bible, the Rothschild empire, the Federal Reserve legislation in the early part of the 20th century, the Treaty of Versailles, Bernard Baruch, Hollywood, the medical profession becoming drug pushers, the National Education Association essentially being a Zionist outfit designed to turn America's children into zombies, and more categories like those.

Vialls' propensity to focus on missiles and violence I found entertaining in a shoot-'em-up sort of way, and that probably got the attention of lots of people who like those kinds of movies, but in a funny way, they moved us away from some of the real problems, problems that affect us that we don't always see, that have allowed a majority of the American people to think it's OK to torture innocent Muslims, rape innocent Iraqi women and boys, and all the while making themselves sick with their own poisoned ammunition. I mean, Dante couldn't have constructed a more realistic vision of hell, and apparently, many Americans appear to revel in this insane debauchery of innocents.

Still, it is undeniable that there are a multitude of Israeli agents running around the world committing false flag crimes and blaming them on the Islamic world, which is what 9/11 was, and, according to Vialls, the atrocities in Bali, Madrid, Istanbul, Mogadishu, Istanbul and London. I believe Vialls is right about all that. There's a massive coverup of who the true criminals are, and the mainstream media as well as major law enforcement authorities are complicit in all these hellish crimes.

I also have cause to reflect on my own anti-Israel, Talmud/Bible suspicious orientation and I am reminded of the words of my archenemy in the 9/11 skeptics movement, another Australian named Gerard Holmgren, who, upon hearing my intent to drag Israel with its Silverstein/Wolfowitz/Zakheim connections to the perfidy of that tragic day into the heated debate reminded me forcefully that America doesn't need anyone else to blame for its horrendous, bloodthirsty past, which started with the obliteration of the continent's natives followed by a truly diabolical string of massacres around the planet while "making the world safe for democracy" (as we continue to do now in Iraq). Holmgren's point is well taken.

No, America never needed any help at all. Though the Jews/Zionists/Israelis may be in ascendance now in the worldwide violence category, they have merely assumed the title from the previous champs and still record-holding White Anglo Saxon Protestants, who themselves took the title from the Roman Catholic blood machine of Dark Ages/Inquisition fame.

And on and on goes the human race, killing each other at breakneck speed to prove they don't die. Yay God. Worship, all ye faithful, your bloodthirsty God, and observe where we have wound up.

Does the dark secret of Joe Vialls' past make his reports invalid? Or do they make them more real?

That's why I said at the top of this long screed, that even if Joe Vialls was over the top or even dead wrong about some things, he is still right. Because if we continue to let the Zionist neocon crazies, who have the WASP Protestant and the Roman Catholic hierarchies in their political and philosophical pocket, continue to pillage the planet and insist they are acting in the name of their bloodthirsty God, what hope is there for any of us?

Whether Joe was right or Joe was wrong, the vast majority of ordinary people on this planet are definitely headed for a new and terrible kind of either death or slavery. Which makes Joe, regardless of the personal secrets he chose to hide or the accounts he chose to hyperbolize, absolutely and terrifyingly right.

John Kaminski (skylax@comcast.net) is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida and whose works are seen on hundreds of websites around the world. These have been collected into two anthologies, America's Autopsy Report and The Perfect Enemy. He has also written the best-selling booklet, The Day America Died: Why You Shouldn't Believe the Official Story of What Happened on September 11, 2001, which is aimed at those who still believe the government's story of what happened on that tragic day.

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