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Note: As a matter of historical interest here is the earliest version of this WTC page (the latest version is here), published on September 13th, 2001. At that time there was still very little information (but already a lot of U.S. government disinformation) with which to form a hypothesis as to what actually happened and why, and the account given below was later revised in the light of information subsequently revealed, but the basic position of this web page — that the Twin Towers were brought down as a result of a controlled demolition in which elements within the Bush administration were complicit — has not changed in three years [nor in 15 years]. Only since about September 2003 did the truth start to receive widespread recognition, and by October 2004 lots of people knew that the official story was a lie [but most people still did not].

Bombing? But the WTC wasn't bombed ... some terrorists hijacked some planes and crashed them into the towers. And the towers collapsed as a result. Right? That's what they said on CNN. Right?

That's what they said on CNN. But there's more to this than a "terrorist attack". It may be that some terrorists did hijack some planes, and crashed them into the WTC towers, but the towers did not collapse because of that. The towers collapsed because explosives were carefully placed besides their structural supports, and were detonated in a precise manner about an hour after the planes hit the towers, bringing them down in "a controlled implosion", killing thousands of American citizens in and around them.

Like millions around the world I watched the WTC events unfold live on CNN on September 11, 2001, in near-disbelief. I tuned in after the collapse of the first tower but before the collapse of the second. I saw huge clouds of smoke billowing over Manhattan and I saw the second tower collapse ... in a strange way. It did not fall over; it imploded, in the way that most people have seen when a building is destroyed in a controlled demolition: the building does not collapse in a chaotic way, rather it descends neatly upon itself. This was how the WTC towers collapsed: not because they were hit by the hijacked planes but because someone, with expert knowledge of explosive demolition of tall buildings, brought them down. Who placed those explosives there? Not likely a bunch of Arab terrorists.

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Sent: Tuesday, September 11, 2001 3:12 PM
Subject: WTC bombing

Ok, is it just me, or did anyone else recognize that it wasn't the airplane impacts that blew up the World Trade Center? To me, this is the most frightening part of this morning. I hope other people actually are catching this, but I haven't seen anyone say it yet, so I guess I will. I guess being an engineer may make one more conscious of these things...

If you watch the time sequence, you'll see that it happens like this:

- A plane hits tower #1, blowing a hole in it high up. The expected things then happen:

- The building stays up. A reinforced concrete building is *extremely* strong. Terrorists set off a large bomb *inside* that building without significant damage. Notice that neither plane impact does anything like break off a big hunk of building floors and send it crashing into the street. The WTC towers were specifically designed to survive a direct impact from a jumbo jet - which *both do*.

- The stories from the impact point up burn horribly. Note, fire moves upward, not downward.

- The second plane hits the second tower, lower and moving faster. It blows a bigger hole through it, showering debris on the street, but the building is clearly still standing and still looks quite solid.

- The second building begins burning, also from the impact point up.

- Perhaps a half hour later, the fire in the first building *goes out*. It is still smouldering and letting off black smoke, but there is no flame. Anyone who saw the documentary on that horrid skyscraper fire in Philadelphia that led to the codes requiring sprinklers on every floor knows why. There's no way to get fire apparatus into a skyscraper effectively, so it needs to be designed into the structure - which it is. The water flows from the roof reservoirs down. Sprinklers can kill incredible infernos, and that's what these do.

- The fire in the second building goes out.

- Then, later, the second building suddenly crumbles into dust, in a smooth wave running from the top of the building (above the burned part) down through all the stories at an equal speed. The debris falls primarily inward. The tower does not break off intact and collapse into other buildings. The bottom does not crumble before the top. The burned out section crumbles also. The crumbling comes from the top (above the damage). It moves at a uniform rate. All of the structural members are destroyed in a smooth pattern, so there is no remaining skeleton. The damage is uniform, symmetric, and total.

In summary, it looks exactly like a demolition - because that's what it is.

- The first tower collapses in a similar demolition wave.

There's no doubt that the planes hit the building and did a lot of damage. But look at the footage - those buildings were *demolished*. To demolish a building, you don't need all that much explosive but it needs to be placed in the correct places (in direct contact with the structural members) and ignited in a smooth, timed sequence. Someone had to have had a lot of access to all of both towers and a lot of time to do this.

This is pretty grim. The really dire part is - what were the planes for? If you're going to demolish the building, what's the point of the flashy display?

The way they're cutting the footage on the news now makes it look like the buildings crumbled soon after being hit by the planes, which is not true. They've also started slowing the clips from after the demolition explosion starts, so you don't see the top of the building go first - but those who taped it, go back and look at the early first-run clips.

If, in a few days, no one official has mentioned anything about the demolition part, I think we have a REALLY serious problem.

"To demolish a building, you don't need all that much explosive but it needs to be placed in the correct places ... and ignited in a smooth, timed sequence. Someone had to have had a lot of access to all of both towers and a lot of time to do this." And for sure it was not a bunch of Arabs (sneaking around unchallenged in the basement of the WTC) whose expertise with explosives extends not much beyond car bombs.

But this was a suicide attack, since the pilots of the planes killed themselves when they flew the planes into the WTC towers. The attack against the Pentagon was also a suicide attack. And a fourth plane was apparently headed for an attack against a target in Washington when it crashed. How can all this be explained? Here's what happened:

The attacks against the WTC and the Pentagon were brought to you by the same people (though "human" may not be an appropriate term for them) who brought you the Oklahoma City Bombing. In that case they placed high explosives by the structural supports of the Murrah Federal Building and demolished it, killing hundreds of people, then succeeded in convincing the more gullible among the American people that this was the work of one or two men using a truck full of ammonium nitrate. Within a few days of the bombing the Counter Terrorism Bill was passed by Congress, a piece of legislation which provided for secret trials and seizure of assets without due process of law.

The bombing of the WTC was part of an ongoing plan (in effect since the Kennedy assassination if not before) to destroy democratic government (what's left of it anyway) in the United States and replace it by a dictatorship. This plan was as follows:

U.S. government security and intelligence organizations have for years been monitoring Arab militant groups keen to carry out attacks against the U.S., and a number of their agents have infiltrated these groups and know pretty much what they are up to. So some of these agents suggest a clever plan: to hijack several aircraft and fly them into various strategic buildings such as the Pentagon. This is, of course, a suicide mission, but eventually enough men are found who are willing to die for their cause. Some of these men must also be trained pilots, or at least, be capable of being trained to steer the aircraft into their targets. The Americans obligingly provide the appropriate training where needed. (Of course the Arabs do not know that this is really an American operation.) Careful planning and coordination are also needed, not the haphazard planning which Arab militants have exhibited before, such as in the previous botched attack against the WTC. Americans provide the necessary expertise in this area, and tell the Arabs exactly what to do, when and how. Unknown to the latter, the former have also placed high explosives by the structural supports of the WTC towers, since they know that the impacts of the planes will not be enough to bring down the towers, and their plan is complete destruction of both towers.

All goes according to plan except for one major hitch: the fourth plane. This plane, which took off from Boston, had made a U-turn over Pennsylvania and was headed for Washington D.C. when, it seems, some passengers or crew managed to foil the plans of the hijackers, and the plane crashed (killing all aboard). Its target was the congressional buildings on Capitol Hill. Had the hijackers succeeded in ploughing into Congress the operation would have been a complete success. President George W. Bush would then have been able to announce that, since the legislative branch of the U.S. federal government was no longer able to function, he was assuming (temporarily, of course) sole and total control in this time of national emergency (though in fact he would be, as he is now, a mere puppet, barely able to read his script). On December 18, 2000, shortly after he was anointed as President by a corrupt majority on the Supreme Court, Bush said (apparently jokingly, but you can be sure he meant it): "If this were a dictatorship it would be a heck of a lot easier; just so long as I was the dictator." On September 11, 2001, he almost got his wish.

Still, the plotters achieved most of their objectives, which included a strike against the U.S. military establishment, just to show them who was in charge (the U.S. Army would never have consented to the partial destruction of its headquarters). Among the thousands who died in the collapse of the WTC were presumably a number of wealthy Jewish bankers and businessmen. And of course this "Attack against America" provides a nice justification for eliminating whatever civil liberties the American people had up to now managed to hold on to. In the name of "safety" and "security" the "authorities" will now have a legal right (the appropriate legislation will be rushed through by a stupid, compliant and corrupt Congress under the guise of "an emergency anti-terrorist package") to do whatever they want to monitor and control the entire population. Anyone accused of being a "threat" to the safety and security of the American people (in reality, to the state and those who control it) will find themselves imprisoned without benefit of trial (if they do not "disappear" completely).

And, of course, this heinous act of "international terrorism" provides a fine excuse for a yet greater military build up — including the already-planned development of "defensive" missiles, allegedly to foil attacks by those evil "international terrorists", but which might also prove quite useful in defending the U.S. from retaliation by any nation which it chooses to attack.

Thousands of people died in the WTC bombing, and hundreds were killed in the attack on the Pentagon. The enormity of this evil is made worse by its being perpetrated, not by external enemies of America, but from within — by a secret group of traitors which, for at least forty years, has controlled the U.S. government behind a façade of democracy, which has manipulated the American people and the leaders of other countries by the skillful use of propaganda, and which must now be laughing and congratulating itself that its lies appear to have been believed by almost everyone and its plans for complete domination of the Earth are coming along so nicely. But just as their previous attempt at a "Thousand-Year Reich" resulted in complete and utter defeat, their plans may yet come to naught, though at what cost to the American people and the rest of the world remains to be seen.

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