The World Trade Center Demolition
and the So-Called War on Terrorism
10.  The Demise of Liberty

Immediately after the events of September 11th there were calls for greatly increased security at airports and on planes, and many millions of U.S. taxpayers' dollars were spent on this.  Troops with automatic rifles stand around at airports, waiting for the next gang of Arab terrorists to burst into the departure lounge shouting "God is great!" in Arabic and threatening everyone with box cutters.  Airport check-in now takes hours, passengers are subjected to invasive searches before boarding planes, women are fondled under the pretext of searching for weapons hidden in bras, and if you look Middle Eastern then you may not be allowed to fly at all.  Indeed, you do not even have to look Middle Eastern; numerous people have been prevented from boarding their domestic flights because they are on a "watch list" of political or environmental activists suspected of holding views opposed to those of the U.S. government (a way to prevent them from visiting friends and colleagues and from travelling to conferences).

All this is insulting, offensive, useless, irrelevant and in some cases illegal, and is a major disruption in the lives of ordinary Americans, because, as noted above, there were no suicide pilots.  No hijackers boarded the four doomed planes carrying knives and box cutters, so installing expensive security equipment at airports and treating every passenger as a potential hijacker is not only an insult but is also a complete waste of time and money (though it is sure to make a lot of money for the manufacturers of airport security equipment).

Those who planned the attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon would have realized that, although it was possible to crash planes into the Twin Towers under remote control, this would in itself have produced only huge damage, with perhaps hundreds of lives lost, which was not enough.  What they needed was the destruction of both towers completely, for maximum psychological effect upon the people of the U.S. and the world and for the provocation of a hysterical reaction from the American people directed against Arabs and the Islamic world.  Thus they needed to arrange for the demolition and total collapse of the Twin Towers following the plane impacts. This was accomplished by the use of explosives, as discussed in Section 5.

The demolition of the WTC was part of an ongoing plan (in effect since the Kennedy assassination if not before) to destroy the American Republic (what's left of it anyway) and replace it by a de facto dictatorship (as part of the drive toward a global dictatorship in the form of a world government).

Just as the Oklahoma City Bombing created a situation conducive to the government's rushing through "anti-terrorist" legislation this "Attack on America" provided a further nice justification for eliminating whatever civil liberties the American people had up to now managed to hold on to.  In the name of "safety" and "security" the "authorities" now have a "legal" right (the appropriate legislation has already been passed by a compliant and corrupt Congress under the guise of "an emergency anti-terrorist package") to do whatever they want to monitor and control the entire population.  Anyone accused of being "a threat to the safety and security of the American people" (in reality, to the state and those who control it) will find themselves imprisoned without benefit of trial (if they do not "disappear" completely as did many of the victims of Chile's DINA secret police). Already in mid-October 2001 the FBI announced the arrest of more than 600 people, "refusing to identify most of the detainees and offering few details about why the government wanted them behind bars." (International Herald Tribune, October 15, 2001)  By December the number had grown to over 1,200, with only about a dozen of those persons charged with a crime, and with only one of them, Zacharias Moussaoui, charged with a crime related to the attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon.  Torture was being considered for those who are "uncooperative".  (Let's hope no-one in your family gets arrested, by mistake, and information is demanded from them which they don't have.)

David Cole:
A Matter of Rights
Bush has as good as told the American people that they have to sacrifice their civil liberties and their rights under the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights in support of his "war", which most people seem willing, sheep-like, to do (such amazing stupidity! or is half the population on Prozac?).  Attorney General John Ashcroft urged Congress to pass proposed "anti-terrorist" legislation without even considering what it stipulated. The legislation was hastily rushed through (the same day it was introduced) over the objections of civil rights advocates by a corrupt and compliant Congress in the second week of October 2001. This, the so-called Patriot Act, consisted of 342 pages, and those who voted for it could not possibly have read it.

The Patriot Act is a blatant denial of the Bill of Rights and as such is grossly unconstitutional and therefore illegal. According to this disgraceful legislation:

Ashcroft announced in August 2002 plans to open camps for the incarceration of "suspected terrorists". Anyone who opposes the policies of the U.S. government may now be designated a "suspected terrorist" and may be stripped of their constitutional rights and locked up indefinitely. Clearly Ashcroft is following the example of the Nazis who lost no time after coming to power in 1933 in establishing the Dachau concentration camp for the incarceration of anyone suspected of opposing the Nazi government.

The Patriot Act is such a blatant contradiction of the Bill of Rights that all senators who voted for it are unworthy of their office, since either they read it and understood it (in which case they are guilty of treason) or they did not (in which case they failed to fulfill their responsibility as elected representatives of the people).

Moreover, the Patriot Act was not drafted in response to the events of September 11th — it was drafted well before that date, and the events of September 11th were the excuse for its introduction.

U.S. government officials would have us believe that this 342-page, complexly nuanced document was allegedly crafted after September 11 in the time span of a little over a month. To accomplish this feat would have required the in-depth study [within a month] of fifteen other lengthy acts and statutes which it modifies and amends. — Doreen Miller: High Treason in the U.S. Government

The instigators and scripters of the "War on Terrorism", who place their trust in modern technology (and propaganda), believe themselves invincible in their drive to enslave everyone, American and non-American alike.  But they overlook the fact that those Americans who have not prostituted themselves to the national security state and who, as true Americans, hold liberty among their highest values (and there are a lot of them) are unlikely to submit without a fight when they understand what is really going on (although by the time they understand it may be too late).

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