Your Next Vote Will Kill Millions
by John Kaminski

Insane American president continues illegal wars, develops new plan to drug schoolchildren, deploys fleet to goad China into World War III, and explores moves to cancel elections although his opponent, who would be first Jewish president, essentially endorses Bush's current policies; corrupt mainstream media remains silent on escalating danger to entire human race as U.S. voters have no choice but endless war.

Exactly a year ago today I wrote an essay titled "Arrest The President Now!" which outlined the known facts of President Bush's complicity, dereliction of duty, obstruction of justice, mass murder, and treason in the 9/11 atrocity, more treason and more needless mass murder in his illegal invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, and stressed that letting him to remain in office was obviously a clear and present danger to the future of the human species — because allowing him to continue his heartless course of action when actually confronted by all these charges would likely intensify his sociopathic and genocidal behavior.

Needless to say, most of the world has ignored my advice, and the price we have paid during the past year has been very high indeed: more than 1,000 American soldiers needlessly dead from the merciless, pornographic U.S. invasion of Iraq that was based on very well known lies, more than 20,000 Iraqi and Afghani civilians needlessly dead from unprovoked and unjustified attacks using radioactive ammunition that will pollute these unfortunate regions for billions of years. Of all the demented crimes against humanity committed by America against the world in recent years, the use of depleted uranium ammunition, banned by the rules of war, may well be America's most profound war crime, because it dooms future generations to debilitating diseases and early death, and is a poison that will last virtually forever. See

But there are many contenders for the designation of America's most profound war crime, and the American people themselves may reap the harvest of Bush's most damaging long-term decision, with his recent proposal of a new program to constantly evaluate the mental health of America's children throughout their school years. This is a thinly veiled pretense to intensify the drugging of U.S. young people, who are declared to have various afflictions based on decisions by doctors Bush appoints who have no valid medical evidence (other than their own capriciously designed psychological doublespeak) to make these judgments, and administer the tranquilizers to kids that parents can't refuse without significant legal and social penalties.

As diminished as social consciousness actually is today in the United States — dulled by moron TV, robotized school curricula, and subliminal sedatives in popular entertainment — Bush's proposed program foreshadows an even more stupefied and distracted population in the future, practically guaranteeing a future devoid of all moral and humane opposition to the murderous policies and dictatorial attitude of the new police state America. Under this program, the choice for American parents will be lose your livelihood or chemically lobotomize your kids. See

The recent deployment of seven aircraft carriers (a record in one place overseas) and several Stealth aircraft to the western Pacific region could either be saber-rattling at China's desire to reabsorb Taiwan or a powerplay threat aimed at North Korea's misrepresented military posturing. In either case it is the same unjustified military bullying that U.S. has taken to appallingly destructive lows in Iraq, and follows the model created by Israel in its continuing torture and genocide of the Palestinians. See

People are not talking about several important aspects of these frenzied and frequent military developments. First is that U.S. military deployments to 132 bases outside American borders — dominated by hundreds of thousands of military personnel in Iraq, and tens of thousands in Afghanistan and in the fleets patrolling the Pacific — depletes defensive forces in America to dangerously low levels, and as we know from 9/11, America's military defense of its own borders can realistically be expected to fail at any time. So sending so many forces out of the country all at once, especially considering Bush's irrational and suspicious behavior, is a very ominous development, one which should terrify all Americans.

Secondly, the drain on the American economy and accompanying loss of jobs guarantees, combined with proposals for a military draft of people aged 18 to 49 after the upcoming elections (a plan that enjoys widespread bipartisan support), that the U.S. is turning into an essentially military society that will be an even greater threat to world peace in the future, with a much larger segment of its pharmaceutically robotized population in uniform. An even greater threat to world peace than it is now, if you can ponder that terrifying possibility without your brain turning to quivering mush.

Another very important story vibrating on the Internet in recent days yet totally ignored by the corporate-controlled mainstream press involves PR feelers by Homeland Security commissar Tom Ridge about a plan to postpone November elections in case of significant terrorist activity. It is no stretch at all to believe the Bush cabal, which created this shadowy al-Qaeda wraith to create terror throughout the world and thereby radically increase the profits of military suppliers (brokered in no-bid contracts by Bush family and friends), is actually planning new terror atrocities to rival or exceed the horror created by 9/11 for the very purpose of canceling the elections.

The plan as Ridge explained it still is in its exploratory stage as some legislators investigate the possibility of creating new legislation to suspend the voting process, something that has never happened in American history. For detailed info on the plan see and  Another good one is

Yet, one has to wonder about the need for such a draconian maneuver, especially since the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, a.k.a. John Kerry — who has "recently discovered" he was half-Jewish on both his father's and mother's side after decades of letting people believe he was Irish — basically approves Bush's policies of continuing preemptive strikes on selected countries even if there is no evidence to do such a thing. See

So while many in the U.S. chafe beneath the extremely questionable behavior of current president George W. Bush, the only challenger to Bush's reign carefully stresses he would follow most of the same foreign policies, and even intensify some of them.

All of which means no matter who America chooses as its next president — and no matter who the manipulators behind America's computerized voting scam decide to choose as the winner in November's election — the endless run of needless wars crafted in Washington and Tel Aviv will continue unabated into our dark future.

Only what this bloody future will bring is a much larger American military staffed by desperate, insincere people who can't find a job in the deliberately depleted American economy, and who are "evaluated" by doctors eager to prescribe newly invented medications which "improve" efficiency and "cure" psychological defects that are described by "experts" who have no legitimate evidence of these maladies.

So it doesn't matter one whit whether you vote for Bush or Kerry. It doesn't even matter if the vote is rigged, because I'm sure the Bilderbergers will be happy with either choice. With biographies devoid of legitimate human accomplishments and scrubbed to erase embarrassing defects in their histories, either candidate will admirably suit the moneymaking schemes of the superrich sadists who have discovered that mass murder of innocent peasants and total destruction of powerless countries is the fast-track to making the "real" money, because the public throughout the world is simply too dumbed down to identify the scam the money manipulators continue to pull.

"Pull it," a man named Larry Silverstein once said. We didn't realize then he was talking about all of human civilization.

Enjoy your trip to the polls this November. For many, I guarantee you will remember that vote until the day you go to your grave. And for many others, your vote is guaranteed to send them to their graves, and very soon.

When the powers that be ran out of rival societies to conquer and exploit and indigenous innocents to conquer and enslave, they devised an ingenious plan to perpetuate their demonic, moneymaking war machine — they invented fictional characters to pursue and annihilate, and recruited impoverished souls to act out these roles.

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