William Rivers Pitt Replies to Criticism

This is a reply to Keith Lampe's Shame on You, William Rivers Pitt!!!!
There are two replies to this below and a note on LIHOP vs MIHOP.

"It happened, and it will never be forgotten, but we have reached a place where fear and obeisance can no longer be tolerated."

What does that mean to you? Can you not in any way connect those words to the work you espouse?

Consider, also, that this wasn't written for you, or for anyone on your [Keith's] list. I repeat: THIS WAS NOT WRITTEN FOR YOU. There are millions of people who would sooner slit their own throats than accept anything having to do with LIHOP [Let It Happen On Purpose]. The point of this article was a goad to them to begin reconsidering what they believe to be truth. That's not easy; Christ, if you think 9/11 is the only thing Americans are deluding themselves about, you don't know much abut Americans. This country has a black belt in ignoring unpleasant facts.

As much work as the real 9/11 investigators have done, as much data as they've found, all that has not even made dent one in the mindset of a vast, vast majority of Americans. You're asking them to swallow it all in one gigantic gulp. They'll never do it. Not until they overcome the programming they've been bombarded with for three years (thirteen years, thirty years, three hundred years) and do a little thinking for themselves.

So this was for them, not you. Remember one last thing: Moore's movie comes out in nine days. Most of the people who will see it never knew that Bush sat in that goddam classroom while the world collapsed around his ears. That, and everything else in this film, is going to kick them right in the temple. Then, perhaps, LIHOP becomes something they'll hear.

Maybe they'll read this before they go in. Maybe it'll cook in their thoughts for the next few days, and then they go see the film, and then ...

I got this email below a few minutes before I got yours. This is who I was writing to. If you don't think reaching people in this way is important, you are worse than a waste to the cause. You are a detriment, an anchor.

---forwarded message---

Dear Mr. Pitt:

I want to thank you.

You've been enlightening me with truth for some time now; me, and my family and friends and anyone else who will listen.

Today your Nine Eleven piece did me a great service.

I'm a stay at home mother of three right now. I decided a while back that the US needs a mommy, very badly. I've become more and more politically active over the last couple of years. At some time during working on the Kucinich campaign, I decided that I am going to run for president. I'm 35, so I figured 20 years was a good goal ... now I'm thinking 2020 instead, for the gimmick :) So far I've managed to join the local democrats club, become Chief Judge in my voting precinct, and am designing a website for democrats in my county. Also, I've become involved in Kids Voting.

I found myself in doubt today. I am having an unbelievable amount of difficulty getting assistants to even help me run the polls in November! I'm tired and have so little time to myself. I wondered (was trying to rationalize) if I should give this goal up, just spend the time on keeping the house more tidy and supplementing the kids' education. I was discouraged. I was trying to convince myself of my "place" in this world.

Thanks for reminding me that I'm the patriot, not the unfortunate ignorant who rip the bumperstickers off of my car. Thanks for helping me to recall that I absolutely cannot give in. This is the most important thing I can do for my children, no matter how far from my goal I fall, to stay on top of things and involved and institute and influence change. My husband is canadian, and I am outright horrified that we've decided to retain his canadian citizenship in case it just "gets that bad" here.

---end forwarded message---

Reply to WRP by Keith Lampe:

Dear Bill,

I'm still waiting to hear if you're a man of honor and thus believe that turn-about is fair play and thus will allow my views to be known to your list if I allow yours to be known to mine.

Meanwhile, I must say that your remarks reveal additional layers of your ignorance.

For example, you say "we have reached a place where fear and obeisance can no longer be tolerated," yet you expect me to tolerate — even applaud — the fear and obeisance that prevents you from providing your readership with even the slightest opportunity to learn the truths of 9/11.

Your position is that silence is seditious unless you are silent — in which case the sedition is suddenly transmogrified into compassion as you reach out to protect the huddled masses from the truth so they won't feel bad.

You say "as much work as the real 9/11 investigators have done, as much data as they've found, all that has not made dent one in the mindset of a vast vast majority of Americans." That's because you and dozens of other northern-white-liberal communicators — including Larry Bensky, Dennis Bernstein, Noam Chomsky, Amy Goodman, Danny Schechter, Norman Solomon, Howard Zinn — fearfully and opportunistically fail to tell your readers and listeners about the investigators' crucially important discoveries. You all seem more interested in your book sales than in the state of the planet. Yeah, our good little lowest-common-denominator Bestseller Boys and Bestseller Girls. It's not best to sell out the planet, Bill. Perhaps it's already too late to avoid inundation of coastal areas from melting polar caps.

It's excruciating to me that your example of how you make more progress in the causes I espouse than any ten of me is in fact a housewife whom you've kept in such comprehensive ignorance that her notion of doing something worthwhile is to aid and abet Democratic Party politics. Why haven't you given her an opportunity to understand that the Republican Party and the Democratic Party are merely two slightly different components of the Fourth Reich conspiracy? Why haven't you reminded her that it was the Democratic Party which sent twerpy-hustler Al Gore to South Africa in '99 to intimidate the government there from buying generic AIDS drugs in lieu of the obscenely-priced Big Pharma ones? If you'd allow her to become well-informed, she could then figure out a way to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem. Certainly she's well-intentioned.

Hey, so why not organize the aforementioned liberal communicators in a manner which leads to a group statement from them about 9/11? After all, there's safety in numbers, so maybe they can overcome their fears this way.

By the way, LIHOP's softball. The truth is MIHOP: Made It Happen on Purpose. Otherwise, how do we explain the controlled demolitions of those three World Trade Center buildings?

Yours for all species,
Keith Lampe, Ponderosa Pine


Reply to WRP by Peter Meyer:

William Rivers Pitt's reply draws attention to the problem that every writer on 9/11 has: the fact that some people are well informed concerning 9/11 and some are very ignorant; some are unwilling to believe that what they have been told could be false (still less, that it could be lies) whereas others are sure that 9/11 was an inside job.

But one cannot write for merely a select group of potential readers; one must write for all who may come across one's writing. It will not do to say, as WRP says, that this admonition to "get over September 11 ... [and] move beyond it" was intended only for housewives and those who know little about the facts and anomalies of 9/11. It will not do because many more people than WRP's intended readers will read Nine Eleven. Some of them may have begun to doubt the official story. Some may have begun to suspect that Bush, Cheney, Rice and others actually lied about 9/11 and have been lying for neary three years, playing the American people for gullible fools. But these people, reading WRP's admonition to "get over September 11" may decide that, really, there's nothing to their doubts and suspicions, and it would be best, as WRP suggests, to "move beyond it".

But it is only when enough people in America realize that they've been lied to all along, taken for a ride by those intent on destroying the rights and freedom guaranteed to Americans under the U.S. Constitution ... only when enough people realize that Bush, Cheney, Rice, Myers and other U.S. officials were party to a plot which involved the murder of 3000 people on 9/11 will there be any possibility of bringing these criminals to justice. They may not be able to take it all in at one sitting, but those who feel the need to learn about what actually happened on 9/11 have plenty of material they can learn from, and they don't have to do it all in one day.

It is thus clear that, whatever WRP's intention, the effect of his words is to cover up the crime, to deny justice to all those whose relatives died on 9/11 and to allow the perpetrators of this crime to carry on with their plans to reduce the U.S. to an impoverished police state (not to mention their plans for the rest of the world). In this matter the imperative is to reveal the truth, not simply to help people get on with their lives, because if the truth is not revealed very soon then their lives (and their children's lives) are going to get much worse, and soon.



Peter Meyer on LIHOP vs MIHOP:

LIHOP = Let It Happen On Purpose
The official 9/11 story is true but Bush & Co. knew the attacks were coming and allowed them to happen.
 MIHOP = Made It Happen On Purpose
The official story is a lie; the Bush administration conducted the final preparations for the 9/11 attacks and carried them out, though planning began much earlier.

The Bush administration is not unhappy with allegations of LIHOP because that distracts from MIHOP. If LIHOP can be proven to the public the Bush cabal can simply say: Well, we had no idea it would be that bad! They can feign ignorance, incompetence, etc., which everyone knows is endemic in Washington DC. But 9/11 was made-in-America and was MIHOP (it had to have been done by people working within the system). LIHOP is, at best, incompetence. MIHOP is murder and treason.

But actually LIHOP is also murder and treason. If Bush & Co. believed that a staged terrorist attack was coming which would kill many people, but failed to act to try to prevent it, then they are accessories to murder. If they believed that a staged terrorist attack was coming which would traumatize the country, but failed to act to try to prevent it, then they are guilty of treason.

Those people, like WRP, who are trying to protect the system ignore evidence of MIHOP. At most they hint at LIHOP so as to make the Bush administration look bad, preparing the way for Bush to be defeated by Kerry in the November election (if there is an election). But replacing Bush by Kerry will leave the system intact, there will be more wars for oil, and those who planned and carried out 9/11 will escape exposure and punishment. Those who push LIHOP and ignore MIHOP are protecting the 9/11 mass murderers.


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