Now We Know for Sure
They Lied about 9/11
By John Kaminski

New video delivers the goods about government's false 9/11 Pentagon story

I challenge anyone to watch the new 911 In Plane Site video and still believe the government's story that a jet airliner full of passengers hit the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. It simply can't be done. I'll bet anyone any amount of anything that they just can't do it.

Utilizing footage from TV networks — often stuff that was shown only one time and never seen again — the Power Hour radio show's Dave Von Kleist methodically provides proof positive that the government lied about what happened in Washington on that fateful day, an event that was the culmination of the greatest sneak attack in American history.

The damning images of flames raging inside the Pentagon behind an unbroken wall with many unbroken windows and an unbroken roof line clearly demonstrates that whatever caused the explosion and fire inside America's most secure building, coupled with no significant trace of airplane wreckage at any time during the disaster, was no giant airliner.

It wasn't until long after the fire began that the roof finally collapsed, and even then, the hole that was created in no way resembles the ghastly imprint two other jets left when they struck the World Trade Center towers in New York City mere minutes before.

What this means for the American people is that the story President Bush, Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, and all those other government officials told the world that day is a lie, a gigantic and bald-faced lie.

A hijacked airliner never hit the Pentagon, and this film proves it. As VonKleist, who both wrote and produced this masterpiece, asks in the film, "How does a plane 125 feet wide and 155 feet long fit into a hole which is only 16 feet across?"

Since day one, the only thing that every single, skeptical 9/11 researcher has ever wanted during all the research they have undertaken during the past three years is one single, irrefutable fact that could disprove the government's blatant lie. Because proving one lie means their whole story is false. One provable lie means 9/11 is not what they said it was.

This is the film that does it. And this is a development in the 9/11 story that no one in America or the world can afford to ignore.

Indictments and arrests should begin immediately based on this film alone. Top members of the government lied about what happened. This is a statement that can no longer be challenged as false. It is now up to American law enforcement officials to act in this matter, or the American people will realize our leaders are allowed the break the law, and the laws no longer apply to them.

And the Pentagon revelation is only the start of this remarkable film, a 70-minute documentary that delves into only four major aspects of Sept. 11.

Having viewed this film with two relatives who did believe the government's story prior to viewing, I interpreted the ashen looks on their faces as a valid testament to the movie's power. Before seeing it, they basically believed what they'd heard on TV about what happened on 9/11. Afterwards, they both told me that they no longer did.

After the Pentagon segment, Von Kleist turns his attention to the plume, a giant puff of smoke that rises from the base of the Twin Towers PRIOR to their collapse. Although Von Kleist doesn't say so (and doesn't really make any conclusions in his objective presentation of film fact), the viewer is left to contemplate whether this was the explosion that brought down the towers. A great clip of firemen describing how the buildings were demolished leaves viewers with that distinct impression.

The most controversial aspect of the film, one which led me and other potential reviewers to express reservations about the film before we'd actually seen it, was the inclusion of material from Phil Jayhan's website, the most astounding aspect of which is footage that shows both jetliners appearing to fire missiles at the towers in the instant before impact.

It simply sounded too preposterous. It sounded as untenable as the hologram theory. Many of us worried it was deliberate disinformation, designed to destroy the 9/11 skeptics movement.

You need to see it. Four different people with four different cameras recorded it. I am no photographic expert. I can't tell you when a film has been tampered with or when it hasn't. I can only tell you what I saw. It looks real, and the patient pacing of Von Kleist's explanation will make it most difficult for you to deny what you are seeing.

But my initial fear that the 9/11 truth movement could be hurt by this footage was completely erased after I saw the Pentagon segment, because if people watch that, they will have no alternative but to realize that their leaders are criminals — liars, traitors and mass murderers — who have covered up the truth about 9/11 because they were involved in it.

This is not a conspiracy theory. These are facts recorded on film. See it for yourself. You can't afford not to. After all, what is at stake is the future of freedom, and that's not an exaggeration.

And all the subsequent carnage that Bush and his criminal friends have inflicted on the world is predicated on this one colossal lie.

No jetliner hit the Pentagon. This film proves it. This film proves the government lied — big time — about what happened on 9/11. Think about the people who are involved in this lie. Everybody on television. Everybody at the major newspapers. Everybody in the Congress. Thousands of people.

Think about all the lives that have been needlessly thrown away as a result of this lie.

Think about America. It's a lie. This film proves it.

I talked with Phil Jayhan last night. I told him that I was not a film expert, but that the missile footage looked real to me. And I congratulated him on the tireless outreach he's done on this project. More than any other 9/11 researcher, he has contacted more people and produced more results than anybody else.

We had argued about this issue in the past. I worried if the missile footage were proven to false or tampered with, the whole movement could be hurt.

I no longer believe that the missile footage — should it somehow be proven false — can hurt the 9/11 skeptics movement, in large part because the Pentagon footage was so masterfully presented that no one in their right mind can deny that no hijacked airliner hit the Pentagon.

I have previously advocated that the time the towers took to fall was the smoking gun of 9/11, because that indicated the WTC buildings had been demolished, since they fell at the same speed as debris off to the side. Jayhan responded that Twin Tower demolition could one day be explained away as a way to prevent more deaths than actually happened. I had to agree the perps could do that, if their demolition scheme were ever to be revealed to the public.

But, Jayhan stressed, there can be no alternative reason for a plane firing missiles at the towers just before impact.

See the film. Make your own decision.

Writer/producer Von Kleist, director William Lewis and Power Hour Productions deserve all the credit possible for bringing this presentation to the world. This could in fact be the one item that finally overturns the coverup.

Every American should see this film. And every cop, too. And perhaps if there is a prosecutor remaining in America with a scintilla of honesty and integrity, he should consider this video as prima facie evidence in the greatest crime in American history, and maybe do something about that.

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To see clips of the missile firing, check out

John Kaminski ( is the author of America's Autopsy Report, a collection of his Internet essays seen on hundreds of websites around the world. More recently he has written The Day America Died: Why You Shouldn't Believe the Official Story of What Happened on September 11, 2001, a 48-page booklet aimed at those who still believe the government's version of events on that fateful day. A second collection of his essays, titled The Perfect Enemy, is in press and should be available in September 2004.

See also Jeremy Baker's 911 In Plane Site — A Critical Review.

Comment by Peter Meyer, 2004-08-19: It is fine that Dave Von Kleist's video is finally available to demonstrate that the official story of 9/11 is a lie. It is fine that this video is waking people up from their profound ignorance about what really happened that day. But why has it taken nearly three years? From the moment the collapse of the Twin Towers, in an obviously controlled demolition, was announced as the result of the plane impacts anyone with above-average intelligence, anyone who could think thoughts other than those fed to them by the network TV commentators, knew that the official story was a lie. The proof that no Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon has been available on this website (and on many others) since February 2002 (see especially The Pentagon Crash Site). Also this website has for a couple of years drawn attention the the fact that the Twin Towers fell in about the time of freefall, thereby demonstrating that all structural supports in the lower floors had been removed (which could only be done by explosives or by some more exotic destructive technology). The proof that the official story is a lie has been on this website (and many others) for nearly three years. Stupid Americans! 3000 people were murdered on 9/11 and you believed (and continued to believe, as if you could not think) the first thing you were told about who did it! Why has it taken you so long to wake up? Why did you let Bush and Ashcroft trash the Bill of Rights and embark upon a sustained campaign to keep you in a state of constant fear? Why did you let Bush and Rumsfeld wage an illegal, immoral and unjust war which has killed many thousands of Iraqis, left millions of them in daily fear for their lives and earned billions of dollars for American companies who will pass the bill on to you and your children via your taxes? Can't you think? Such a nation of idiots has never before been seen upon the face of the Earth! And now that, if you care to look, you can see proof that your government lied to you, and killed thousands of your fellow citizens, what are you going to do about it? Vote for John Kerry? Ha! Worse than useless, since under Kerry the corruption of the entire U.S. government would remain, or get worse. A vote for either Bush or Kerry is a vote for more war, for the extinction of liberty and perhaps for the extinction of the human species. But maybe the U.S., which consumes 25% of the world's energy while comprising less than 5% of its population, requires, for the health of the planet, some rather drastic pruning-back, which, if involuntary, will be accomplished by the usual means: war, disease and famine (accompanied by social disruption, economic depression and its consequences). Better that it were voluntary. But that would require a revolution in U.S. politics, far beyond a mere change of president, whether that change is cosmetic (as in the case of Bush/Kerry) or real. A difficult task for people raised from early childhood on TV, sport and video games, and kept in a state of ignorance of the world by a corrupted and dumbed-down educational system and mass media. But stranger things have happened.

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