Shame on You, William Rivers Pitt!!!!
+++   An Open Letter   +++

June 17, 2004

Dear William Rivers Pitt,

I'm absolutely amazed and absolutely appalled at your Truthout piece Nine Eleven.

Any honest historiographer must index you as one of the monumental laughingstocks of our times. Why? Because you've written a book entitled The Greatest Sedition Is Silence, yet you remain — month after month! — seditiously silent about what's by far the greatest scandal of our new century.

Oh, not totally silent. Yes, you'll give us some sentimental anecdotal reminiscence about it — as you've done in your piece. But you remain seditiously silent about anything — anything! — that would provide your readers with a well-deserved opportunity to learn that elements of our very own US Government (USG) played treasonously conspiratorial roles in the events of Nine Eleven.

In total co-operation with the very most shameful elements of the unspeakable Bush Cabal you cover up the gallant work of perspicacious Nine Eleven researchers like Prof. Michel Chossudovksy, Prof. Kee Dewdney, physicist Michael Elliott, scientist Jim Hoffman, musician Gerard Holmgren and former German Defense Minister Andreas von Buelowto name only a few!

These gentlemen in varying degrees have risked their lives to bring the truth of Nine Eleven to you. A composite of their work now is strong enough as evidence to convince any unbiased jury anywhere in the world that the USG indeed was thoroughly complicit with the Nine Eleven murders of nearly three thousand human beings.

Yet you not only don't provide your readers with summaries of their work — but you don't even provide links to their websites so your readers can decide for themselves! Hardly anything could be more undemocratic than this! Yet within the enormous ranges of your ego you're comfortable with this, you regard yourself as behaving democratically as you prattle about silence-as-sedition, etc. I can hardly believe it!

William Rivers Pitt, ladies and gentlemen: our good little NY Times Bestseller Boy, our obedient little NY Times Bestseller Boy, our silent little NY Times Bestseller Boy, our seditious little NY Times Bestseller Boy.

As you know, Bill, I've taken quite a few hours of my time in recent weeks to post you material of importance to your hapless northern-white-liberal readership — and not only in the crucially important matter of Nine Eleven. Now, though, you give me no choice but to say you've wasted my precious time.

I've just learned that you're a high-school teacher. From my perspective as a combat officer in the Korean war 51 years ago and as a Paris-based journalist accredited to NATO 47 years ago, I must ask that in your next school year every day while your school's in session you stand in a corner of your classroom and face the wall.

This way, your students will have a slightly better chance of attaining a relatively accurate understanding of our shared contemporary homeplanet circumstances.

Thank you.

Yours for all species,
Keith Lampe, Ponderosa Pine
Transition President
For Free American Forces Everywhere

PS: I ask that you follow your own words and "choose not to be manipulated any more ... make it a beginning." Thank you.

Note by Peter Meyer:

The most offensive sentence in William Rivers Pitt's article Nine Eleven is: "The time has come, bluntly, to get over September 11, to move beyond it, to extract ourselves from this bunker mentality which blinds us while placing us in mortal peril."

So in other words: Don't concern yourselves with what really happened on 9/11. Don't think about who really planned the attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, and the consequent traumatization of the American people. Don't even consider the possibility that perhaps it was really the work of elements within the U.S. government, as a ruse to enable them to declare war on the rest of the world and to turn American into a totalitarian police state. No! Be good little sheep and give no thought to the direction in which we are heading as a result of the bogus "war on terror" created by those who committed mass murder on 9/11.

William Rivers Pitt, like Noam Chomsky, Amy Goodman and other formerly respectable commentators, has shown himself by his statements to be complicit in the cover-up of the crimes of 9/11.

William Rivers Pitt Replies to this Criticism
by Keith Lampe and Peter Meyer

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