9/11 Skeptics and the Peace Movement
— Building Bridges

Across the World 9/11 Skeptics Connect the Dots
By Michael Kane, 2003-09-12

  • 1000 people attend 9/11 film exhibit in NYC
  • 1000 attend Aftermath screening in Toronto!
  • Cynthia McKinney throws hat into 2004 election(?)
  • Amy Goodman shows solidarity with 9/11 Skeptics
  • 9/11 Skeptics show solidarity across the world!

A quantum leap took place this September 11th at the Riverside Church in Harlem where a film exhibit and speaking panel kicked off a weekend-long event entitled "Reframing 9-11", sponsored by WBAI 99.5 fm, 9/11 Citizenswatch, and the WBAI program Ain't That Good News.

Close to one thousand people came to hear an all-star speaking panel that included Cynthia McKinney, Mike Ruppert, Ray McGovern, John Judge and Dr. Faiz Khan. Also joining the event were David MacMichael and Danny Schechter. The event questioned the official story of what happened on September 11th, 2001, a story that has now been proven to be full of lies and distortions.

Vice President Dick Cheney made an appearance at the Riverside Church for a Port Authority event in the daytime. Police and Secret Service were everywhere as we came to set up. One of our organizers had a police officer confront him and say the following:

"If you think that you're having an event this evening, perhaps you better call the church and see if it's still happening." He went on to say "No-one is getting in the church (this way), and that's final."

In retrospect the event was a smash success that educated close to a thousand people. "The wind is definitely blowing in our direction," said Mike Ruppert, Editor of FTW publications http://www.fromthewilderness.com. There's no denying that now.

Cynthia McKinney and Mike Ruppert were just in from the high-powered "9/11 Skeptics" events in Berlin from September 5th through the 7th. They hit New York with exactly what we needed, revitalization! The 9/11 Skeptics Movement is gaining ground here, and the packed house at the historic Riverside Church was firm proof of this fact.

Similar events took place in San Francisco, Oakland, Pittsburgh, Peoria IL, Durham NH, Huntington NY, Edmonton, Vancouver, Montreal, Berlin and other cities. Most of these cities screened movies that questioned the official story of what happened on 9-11. In Toronto over 1000 people came to see the Guerrilla News documentary Aftermath.


The night opened with a multi-denominational prayer lead by Reverend Fitzgerald and Dr. Faiz Kahn. The first film shown was September 10th, 2001 — Uno Nunca Muere la Vispera, by Monika Bravo. This heart-wrenching piece was filmed from the World Trade Center on the evening of September 10th, 2001. It captured a storm that happened over the Hudson that day into the evening. Michael Richards was an artist who died in the WTC on 9/11. Both Michael and Monika were in the World Views LMCC artist residency program. To explain this piece in words is not possible, it must be experienced. An artist fund has been created in Michael Richard's name, and any sales of Monika Bravo's September 10th piece contributes to it.


Following this was a film put forth by the Coalition of 9-11 Families. Kyle Hence, the event's moderator and co-founder of 9/11 Citizenswatch, began to introduce the film when a family member supporting the coalition approached the podium with watery eyes.

She explained that the Coalition's position was to have the area where the most remains were found at Ground Zero declared sacred. The Coalition is not opposed to economic revitalization of the area but they want a proper memorial to be of paramount concern. Governor Pataki had promised just that to the families, but has recently been quoted as saying it is time for the victims' family members to "move on". The coalition has described the government's dealings with them as "deceptive".

Next up was the now legendary statement of Mindy Kleinberg to the "independent" 9/11 Commission. Mindy lost her husband in the WTC mass murder. She addressed many mind-numbing unanswered questions in her statement. C-Span has never aired this brave woman's bold words.

Mindy's brilliance was the perfect lead into Barry Zwicker's documentary The Great Deception. Barry is a seasoned media critic from Canada's Vision TV. In this series of media commentaries Barry rips apart the mainstream media and its despicable coverage surrounding 9/11. The panel then came up to speak.

David MacMichael, founder of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, was there to introduce former CIA analyst Ray McGovern. When he took the podium McGovern effectively said the Bush administration's "best-case scenario" would be to prove it was atrociously incompetent on September 11th, 2001. This provoked laughter from a crowd who seemed to understand McGovern was going out of his way to give the administration the benefit of the doubt.

Dr. Faiz Kahn gave a spiritually moving speech. He spoke of fellow Muslims around the world who are shocked when he tells them of events such as these. They have no idea that there are Americans who vocally oppose what the Bush administration is doing in their (our) names. Dr. Kahn said that we are the "real Americans".

John Judge, co-founder of 9/11 Citizenswatch, gave an explosive speech that included the joke "If Dick Cheney died of a heart attack, Bush might actually become president." John struck a chord with the crowd and kept it going for the entire night.

Danny Schechter, whose film The Making and Meaning of We Are Family was shown later in the evening, also gave an explosive speech completely indicting the mainstream media. When Danny noted that there were still some real journalists left out there like Amy Goodman, who was sitting in the front row, the crowd exploded! Amy is the venerable host of Pacifica radio's weekday morning radio broadcast Democracy Now.

Mike Ruppert took to the podium and said "everyone knows that I'm the Pit Bull when it comes to 9-11". He immediately stated the government had full knowledge prior to the tragic mass murders all the way up to probable complicity. His words and dynamic presence resonated with a healthy dose of skepticism among the crowd. Then came the only applause of the night that were more explosive than those received by Amy Goodman.

Ruppert introduced Cynthia McKinney as the former "and next Congresswoman from Georgia". This moved the crowd to its feet with ear-piercing screams. Amy Goodman was immediately on her cell phone, likely tipping someone off about the story. This was the first time it was publicly announced that McKinney would be throwing her hat into the race for 2004.

Cynthia was in triumphant form as usual. Powerful with her words, praising the work of Mike Ruppert and John Judge, I will repeat what I often say about Cynthia:


After everyone had their opening statements, the panel fielded questions that had been taken from the crowd on index cards. I have never in my life seen such provocative questions tackled head on by an expert panel of this caliber. The first question was about chemical & biological weapons and potential depopulation plans.

Mike Ruppert jumped out on this first with the most important issue of all, peak oil.

He explained that the GDP has historically been linked to greenhouse gas emissions — the more economic growth we have, the more oil we're burning. Now that peak oil has been confirmed by the world's leading experts to be either here now or a few years away, how can the GDP continue unending growth without unending energy?

It can't.

On top of that, natural gas reserves are critically low in North America. We should all pray that we don't have a cold winter. Oil makes all plastics, most fertilizers, powers tractors that harvest crops, transports food long distances, and is the backbone of our entire economy. The food supply will suffer massively as oil depletes, and people will die.

In this context of looming crisis from the declining reserves of hydrocarbon energy in the world we must consider the fact that mass depopulation may be on the table. In his best German accent Mike said he could imagine Henry Kissinger behind closed doors saying, "It is not that we don't have enough oil, it is merely that we have too many people."

Cynthia McKinney pointed to the government's past crimes against its own citizens, referencing the Tuskegee experiments. These experiments were done on unwitting black men who thought they were being treated, not experimented on. She reiterated Ruppert's point that depopulation may very well be on the table.

Dr. Faiz Kahn addressed the issue with another historical precedent. He reminded us that blankets of small pox victims were given to Native Americans by European Settlers purposely to kill them. He noted there were official agreements and treaties between both parties when this was done, just as we have agreements with our government today — such as our Constitution, which is currently being dismantled. He too felt depopulation is a scenario that cannot be ruled out, and that we must all pay very close attention to that possibility.

John Judge confirmed all of the panelists skepticism by recounting what happened in the case of the anthrax attacks shortly after 9/11. The anthrax used could only have come from U.S. government labs, and was only sent to Republican opposition such as Senate Democrats Tom Daschle and Patrick Leahy. He went much further to connect the dots and gave a current, real world, context to the question.

Q&A continued for over an hour. We then screened Danny Schechter's film We Are Family for the only upbeat movie of the exhibit. We then moved on to the premiere presentation, Aftermath. Anthony Lappe, Executive Editor of www.gnn.tv introduced the movie by speaking of the multiple screenings happening around the world. It was a pleasure to have him attend the event.

Just as the movie began I had the privilege of meeting Amy Goodman. I thanked her for coming. She was about to leave and asked to get a copy of the movie about to be shown and I directed her to the table where they were being sold. Joe Friendly, the Evolutionary Cameraman® who documented Mindy Kleinberg's statement to the "independent" 9/11 Commission, gave her a free copy.

This event was a grand step in the right direction to bring together 9/11 Skeptics and the Peace Movement. Guerilla News Network www.gnn.tv has been making a valiant effort to do just that for almost two years now. The two movements must strengthen this union to crush plans for creeping global fascism.

The night closed with Missy Galore — who was responsible for setting up the first screening of Aftermath in downtown New York on the first commemoration of 9/11 at Walker Stage. She offered blessings and kind words reminding everyone of the International Day of Peace coming up on September 21st.

Commenting on the 9/11 Skeptics gathering in Berlin, Mike Ruppert said "They get it in Berlin. They remember Hitler!" If history repeated itself, would we notice? Well it appears as a people we are finally starting to notice something is terribly wrong.


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