An Open Letter From John Kaminski
About the September 11th Cover-Up
An email message to Paul Balles, November 16th, 2003

Hi Paul,

Everything I say can be reproduced, with or without attribution. I don't go off the record.

There are so many obvious crimes connected with 9/11, most prominently obstruction of justice and dereliction of duty. At a minimum, a truly functioning Congress in an actual democratic society would have voted to order the present administration to resign for failing to defend the country, for failing to investigate the crime, and for preventing nominally impartial officials to examine banking records and interrogate the people those records revealed. A modicum of prosecutorial pressure would have quickly revealed the perpetrators and the structure of the conspiracy that took and continues to take the lives of so many innocent people.

But because of the likelihood this line of inquiry would have named people extremely close to those in power, these lines of inquiry are blocked, further pointing the finger of suspicion squarely at President Bush and his rich associates.

The law in the United States is simply not applied equally. The Oklahoma City investigation was a complete and ridiculous whitewash and obscured government complicity in the crime, which was mass murder. The same situation applies to 9/11.

The crimes were committed by the same people who are covering them up. This is not wild speculation. It is obvious, and most people outside the United States know it's obvious.

The pathetic misnomer called national security has enabled a small group of men to create an enemy called al-Qaeda. There have been numerous stories that Israel has set up fake al-Qaeda cells. These are on the record.

Abetted by a decidedly unfree mass media, the Bush administration lied about its reasons for attacking Afghanistan and Iraq, costing the lives of tens of thousands of Americans and hundreds of thousands of people around the world. If they lied about those two horrible capers, what kind of idiot would believe they didn't lie about 9/11, because 9/11 was the event that allowed them to manipulate popular support for the two invasions. I mean, get a brain!

Any investigation that doesn't address these blatant realities cannot and will not get to the bottom of what happened, because what happened is a paradigmatic repetition of American behavior throughout the 20th century, which foments wars using murderous ruses that cost the lives of many innocent people simply for the purpose of funneling large amounts of money to those manipulating the government.

Most intelligent people know this. There is no longer a viable legal system in this country, because those in power are able to ignore (and in the case of the Patriot Act, destroy) the system of laws, and even when they are caught (as in the case with BCCI and other scandals), they are able to manipulate a completely corrupt legal system because it is staffed by judges these criminals themselves have appointed.

Why was there not a single person in the entire government who attempted to point out that removal of the WTC waste without an attempt at forensic examination made all those people in charge of that operation accessories after the fact to the crime? No one!

The Pentagon saga is so preposterous: an hour of unimpeded flight around the most heavily defended part of the country, culminating in a very suspicious explosion that didn't even break some windows initially and later was claimed to be a plane crash?

Deliberate lies by Cheney, Myers, and Rice immediately after the fact that they didn't know such an event could happen, followed by the naming of the alleged hijackers? That is logically preposterous, impossible. How could they have named the hijackers (despite no real evidence that the hijackers were even on the planes) if they had no idea such an event could happen? Where are American journalists? Has the entire population been anesthetized?

Thomas Kean opened the official commission's investigations by saying bin Laden was the culprit! Where is the evidence? Have you seen it? The official commission is clearly a hoax, and so was the 9/11 tragedy. Oh yes, many innocent people were killed, but Arabs in caves didn't kill them. They were killed by people in Washington, and in the financial centers of the Western world.

The real question comes down to this: are banking laws more important than the ability of police in a murder investigation? The people who made the money on 9/11 will lead directly to the structure of the conspiracy that killed all those people in New York and the Pentagon. Under terms of their own Patriot Act, members of the Bush administration and Project for New American Century should all be arrested and detained without benefit of counsel, interrogated by mid-level military intelligence, and prosecuted for their obvious crimes of conspiracy to plan a mass murder, treason and obstruction of justice. I'm talking thousands of prosecutions.

The American governmental structure would not survive such a purge, but given what is taking place in the world, it definitely should not. The entire world can no longer trust the American government, and certainly the American people cannot.

Anything short of these aims, like [Kyle] Hence's attempt to argue points of order with the official commission, will only maintain and reinforce the cover-up, and be a useless exercise in political social climbing, kind of like all that insincere posturing being mouthed by that pathetic group of Democratic presidential candidates.

In closing this installment of what I hope will be a continuing conversation, let me say I have no fear of "polarizing" anyone in what is an urgent appeal to everyone to participate in an unobstructed investigation of those individuals who pretend to be our official leaders but are in reality treasonous mass murderers.

Nothing less than the fate of the entire world, Paul, is at stake.

Best wishes,
John Kaminski

In a later message (2003-11-23), to a group including Paul Balles, Kyle Hence and the author of this website, John Kaminski set out a number of still unanswered questions (so many sets of still unanswered 9/11 questions on the web!):

  1. The disaster happened. Top officials said afterwards it was totally unexpected. Only much later did the avalanche of information emerge that they knew it would happen. Yet most neocons stuck to their original stories.
  2. Arab hijackers were instantly blamed. How does this agree with the statement they didn't know it would happen? Why was so much information known about the hijackers? Why was an Israeli group shadowing them? And, of course, why has no evidence been produced that it actually was Arab hijackers?
  3. Curious stock trades took place immediately before the event. Someone made millions. Why have these trades never been investigated, or, if they have, why haven't the results been made public, and the traders seriously and publicly interrogated?
  4. Why in the country with the biggest military budget in earth did its air defenses fail on that one day? What kind of investigation has taken place among the military, FAA and NORAD personnel to identify precisely where the glitches occurred? None of the tragedy could have happened had U.S. military personnel defending our country simply done their jobs. Why didn't they? And then why were their leaders all congratulated and promoted?
  5. Why do so many explanations sound like lies? Why is the hole in the Pentagon so small? Why did three WTC towers fall so similarly? Why was there no government-sponsored engineering investigation to make it crystal clear why they fell? Why were all these cellphone calls recounted in public when they couldn't possibly have been made? Why are their no video records of the so-called hijackers boarding the planes or credit card records of them buying their tickets? Why are so many of the named hijackers still alive, and why has the FBI made no attempt to update their list?
  6. Events subsequent to the disaster create even more suspicion. Why was the evidence carted away with no forensic investigation? Why was FEMA in New York the night before? Why are airline records so sketchy about whether the flights existed at all? Does the public understand that the wars against Afghanistan and Iraq could not have taken place without 9/11, and since the stated reasons for both of those actions have been clearly revealed as lies, why is there any reason to believe the official version of 9/11?
  7. Why was the official commission instructed not to investigate who the real culprits were? (As if we didn't know.) Why was so little money budgeted for the probe, why were so many aspects of the probe suppressed, where are the black boxes, where are the cellphone records? There has been no evidence presented about bin Laden's guilt, it was merely assumed. Why has there been no probe of suspicious behavior by a variety of Israelis? How many Jews did die? The official commission is a farce. Just ask the survivors about the questions they can't get answered.
  8. Why wasn't the President arrested for failing to do his job when the country was under attack?
  9. And my favorite: why has there not been a comparison of pretexts for war that the U.S. has used in the past. That's what 9/11 was, a pretext for endless war. And perhaps most importantly, why are none of the Democratic candidates for president asking any of these questions? Part of the same gang that all voted for the Patriot Act without reading it.

In closing, let me say that America changed profoundly for the worse when JFK was assassinated. Oliver Stone was right (in a way): a coup d'etat took place, and representative America morphed into the very thing Dwight Eisenhower warned us about. Now 9/11 has officially taken us to another, darker level of the police state, to the point where a demonstrable lie can be presented as the truth and no objection can be lodged. Kind of like the loss of societal habeas corpus. We have permanently lost our freedom, and I see no person in the public media sphere even acknowledging that, never mind fighting to try and get it back.

Things are much worse than any of us thinks, my friends.

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