Report from DC 9/11 Hearings

Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2004

From: Les Jamieson

Hello 9/11 Truth workers and friends,

For anyone who has seriously researched the events of 9/11, attending a Kean Commission hearing is a shocking experience that adds insult to injury in the strongest of terms. I have just attended the final hearings in Washington, DC which spent a paltry 1 1/2 days focused on the 9/11 plot and FAA/NORAD failure. A real investigation would have dedicated a week to these topics. Gen. Richard Myers was conveniently excused after 15 minutes or so to attend to other duties, so the acting Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on 9/11 only gave a brief appearance.

The main message boils down to this. The Commission's line of questioning draws out conclusions that all point to incompetence, being "disastrously unprepared", and "slow and confused in its response". The Commissioners expect Americans to believe that our multi-trillion dollar military/intelligence apparatus which possesses the most advanced technology ever known was breached by a guy who lives in caves in Afghanistan, needs dialysis, and masterminded a sophisticated plot with rag tag playboy Muslim fundamentalists, who in reality were amateur flunky pilots at best.

To illustrate how unreal this investigation was, here is a basic list of issues that were not addressed:

Day 1 — The 9/11 Plot


For you timeline experts, there are now revisions to the official timeline of events to coincide with the story that the military and FAA are now using. This must be closely studied to point our discrepancies. I'm sure there are more missed issues but this is a quick list that immediately comes to mind. The bottom line is that Max Cleland was totally right, Americans are being scammed. We have been violated. The Commission which should be beholden to the American people has instead run damage control, diversion and concealment tactics on behalf of the Bush administration which was on high level stand down the morning of 9/11. This appears to be the real role of the Commission.

What To Do?

Our government must by law respond to its people. However, its people must convey that they see through the smokescreen and demand full disclosure and accountability. It all comes back to us. We must work to educate the public as well as educate and lobby our elected officials, putting them on notice that we will not accept this cover up.

Additionally, we must work to get the gag order removed from FBI whistleblower, Sibel Edmonds. Her interview on 60 Minutes will be re-aired soon, possibly this Sunday. This gag order is actually a threat to national security because her knowledge can assist authorities in thwarting potential future attacks. This gag order is in place to protect people within this administration who would be damaged goods if the truth gets out. They are being protected at our expense, folks.

We can demand nothing short of a truly independent investigation which will include family members and researchers. We can put our government on notice that we know they have concocted a ludicrous hoax. The ball is in our court. We can act now, or face the risk that the quest for truth will fade from public awareness.


Les Jamieson

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