'Power Down' Condition at the WTC
on the Weekend Preceding 9/11

The following message was sent by Scott Forbes to John Kaminski on 2004-04-19, and was forwarded to about forty 9/11 researchers. It has since be sent out on various mailing lists.

The 'power down' condition on the weekend of September 8th-9th, 2001, as described below, should be known to many who worked at the World Trade Center at that time (if they were not among the 3000 or so who were killed), and it should be fairly easy to confirm that it took place. This event would have affected several companies. For financial institutions in a large office building to be asked to shut down all their banking systems at the same time is a rare thing. This information, if it can be confirmed, is highly relevant to any investigation of the causes of the collapses of WTC1 and WTC2.

From: "Scott Forbes" <scottforbes2002@hotmail.com>
To: skylax@comcast.net
Subject: Official Verison of 9/11 - new info
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2004 12:35:12 +0000

To John Kaminski,

I was pleased to read your article "The Official Version of 9/11 is a Hoax" 
... Please note some other facts. My name is Scott Forbes and I still work 
for Fiduciary Trust. In 2001 we occupied floors 90 and 94-97 of the South 
Tower and lost 87 employees plus many contractors.

On the weekend of 9/8,9/9 there was a 'power down' condition in WTC tower 2, 
the south tower. This power down condition meant there was no electrical 
supply for approx 36hrs from floor 50 up. I am aware of this situation since 
I work in IT and had to work with many others that weekend to ensure that 
all systems were cleanly shutdown beforehand ... and then brough back up 
afterwards. The reason given by the WTC for the power down was that cabling 
in the tower was being upgraded ... Of course without power there were no 
security cameras, no security locks on doors and many, many 'engineers' 
coming in and out of the tower. I was at home on the morning of 9/11 on the 
shore of Jersey City, right opposite the Towers, and watching events unfold 
I was convinced immediately that something was happening related to the 
weekend work ...

I have mailed this information to many people and bodies, including the 9/11 
Commission but no-one seems to be taking and registering these facts. Whats 
to hide? Can you help publicise them?

Please feel free to mail me.

Scott Forbes

So on the weekend preceding the collapse of the Twin Towers security doors were not secured in the South Tower, security cameras were not operating, there was no lighting, air conditioning, no power at all. And there were many 'engineers' in the building who were not employees of WTC companies. (Naturally this raises the question: Was there also a 'power down' condition that weekend in the North Tower?)

It will be interesting to see if the Kean 9/11 Commission takes any notice of this information. Since the Commission's real purpose apparently is to support the official story put out by the Bush administration, and to conceal the identities of the actual perpetrators of the 9/11 atrocity, it's a good bet that it will ignore it. If it does then the question should be asked for all to hear:  Why is the Kean Commission ignoring this information? What is it trying to cover up?

More information regarding this power-down is to be found at
Victor Thorn's Pre-9/11 World Trade Center Power-Down

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