— a little speculation about the Hollywood show on 9-11

Background to this page: The South Tower Impact appeared on this website in 2002. Approximately mid-2004 I added to it a link to a page entitled Fireball:  Sometime prior to 2005-12-24 that page became unavailable. A check of the Wayback Machine reveals that all copies except for one are also unavailable, and the one that is has no images of fireballs. Fortunately I saved the page, and in order to preserve an interesting document (and to counter ongoing attempts to remove incriminating 9/11 evidence from the web) I reproduce it here in full. I am not aware of the name of the author.

Half of America (the intelligent half) now knows that the 9/11 attacks could not have been carried out by a ragtag bunch of Arabs, and that whoever planned and executed this operation must have had the help of (or were part of) the U.S. military and the secret agencies, and that this operation must have been directed by individuals at high levels in the U.S. government. The evidence of this (persuasive evidence) was available already in 2002, but most Americans did not want to know about it (and many are still afraid of finding out). The conseqences of not demanding a real investigation into the events of 9/11, and thus the consequences of allowing the 9/11 murderers and traitors to remain in power, are now starting to dawn on even the dumbest American (well, maybe not all of them). A bit late.

As to why the attacks of 9/11 occurred, the short answer is that it was to further the multi-generational program of the capitalist power elite for world domination (and where there are a few masters there are also many slaves).

This is a special effects fireball.

Here is another one. You could lose your eyebrows if you weren't careful.

Could this be another one?

This is probably from a very large fuel-air charge planted on the plane. When you create a vapour cloud of fuel and ignite it, the explosion created is extremely violent and spectacular like the one you can see above. The same idea is applied to Fuel Air Explosives (FAEs) as used by the US Military that cause about the same damage as a small nuke.

"Here's how your average fuel-air bomb works: A warhead containing a canister of aerosol liquid such as ethylene oxide or an explosive powder is dropped on a target. "A small initial explosive charge bursts this canister at a predetermined height, allowing the contents to form a concentrated explosive vapor cloud. This cloud is then ignited by a second, larger charge, to generate an intense fireball and blast overpressure. . . ."

Here's a fireball from a plane NASA crashed in the desert which is a little smaller:

Interestingly enough, back in the 80s NASA spent a bit of time and money developing the technology to remotely crash the planes on this site. Could someone have borrowed that same technology to crash the planes on 9-11?

Several correspondents have sent this photo to me before, I've thought most of the objects on the side and base of the plane could simply be the sun shining on the fuselage. However:

Further images of the fireball at WTC2 are given in The South Tower Impact
and should be compared with the images above.

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