Numerous journalists and researchers have accumulated overwhelming evidence that the U.S. government facilitated the WTC attack. Over the past two years, reexamination of the physical evidence, as well as analysis of inconsistencies within official statements challenge the common misconception that this was a foreign terrorist attack.

Reasons for this attack appear to be a desire to create the political climate necessary to launch military interventions to control oil-rich regions before dwindling oil resources destabilize world markets. Termed Peak Oil, when oil production no longer meets demand (and the shortfall gets progressively worse), this forecast now drives the U.S. Government's foreign and domestic policy under the guise of a War on Terror.

Government and mainstream media manipulation of public fear through terror alerts and misinformation has managed to maintain a near-total state of control over public perception of the truth, despite numerous contradictions in official explanations regarding 9-11 and the war on Iraq.

The Patriot Act, now known to have been written before the attack of 9-11, has facilitated this coup by allowing government agencies to circumvent constitutional safeguards for persons opposed to military imperialism. It is reasonable to assume that these safeguards will remain suspended until concerns for energy resources, vis-à-vis Peak oil, are abated. Given the history of national energy policy, this may be generations.

Due to the mainstream media's failure to challenge and pursue inconsistencies in official statements, it has become apparent that accessing truthful information regarding 9-11 and Peak Oil will involve small-scale efforts via the Internet and private organizations. Some of the questions and evidence discussed at these outlets include,

Historically, governmental duplicity in an effort to lead a nation into war is common. Conclusive evidence for this has been revealed in the sinking of the Lusitania in WWI, Pearl Harbor in WWII, the Tonkin Gulf in Vietnam, Operation Northwoods, a 9-11 style attack, in addition to false statements such as satellite photos and killing of infants during Desert Storm, truth being a casualty even before the war.

It appears to have fallen to the citizen the task of getting out the truth of 9-11 and Peak Oil.

Please visit the websites below in order to see and to know the credible evidence that shows beyond reason that the United States is in the grasp of an Oilwellian coup (but beware of disinformation on the Internet). Solutions to this situation will be difficult, but knowledge is the first step. At some of these websites, you may find this document. Please download or Xerox and distribute generously. Thank you.

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The World Trade Center Demolition and the So-Called War on Terrorism
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