Diluting 9/11 Truth
by Keith Lampe

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Shortly after the events of September 11, 2001, I came over to the nascent 9/11 Truth Movement from the U.S. environmental movement. I felt that the citizens of our fragile home planet needed to know the truth about the U.S. Government's engineering of those events before they'd be able to make any significant progress towards dealing with our collapsing ecosystems. I felt that once they'd learned how extensively they'd been deceived about the 9/11 events by all sectors of transnational corporate media, they'd open up enough to see through the analogous media deceptions about the ongoing burgeoning eco-emergency now threatening even our ability to grow food outdoors.

Well, here it is nearly three years later — and I find myself returning full circle to the eco-movement.

Last autumn it had seemed that the 9/11 movement was about to break through and establish beyond-a-reasonable-doubt with folks everywhere that the Bush Junta was treasonously responsible for 9/11. Our research had matured to the point where we'd become able to prove — not merely assert — that no Boeing airliner had struck the Pentagon and that those three World Trade Center buildings had collapsed not because of fires but because of controlled demolitions.

But ever since then, we've been steadily receding from that breakthrough. The main reason for this seems to be the run-up to the possible November elections. Too much of the movement's truthful information has been diluted to accommodate efforts towards defeating Bush in November. I too would like to see Bush defeated but I don't think we gain enough by it (the two Johns are nearly as horrendous) to justify becoming so coy — so downright evasive — in our style.

The best example of what I mean by this is the language of the current Summer of Truth Campaign, which may be seen at 911truth.org. Here's the first paragraph of it:

The Summer of Truth Campaign intends to build a powerful grassroots movement for full 9/11 truth disclosure and legal-political redress based on existing proof of this government's misrepresentations, exploitation and investigative obstruction of the events of September 11, 2001. Given the enormous body of evidence refuting the "official 9/11 story," we can now lay out a prima facie case for foreknowledge, complicity and/or obstruction of justice that can then feed grand jury proceedings, impeachment hearings, and a People's 9/11 Truth Commission.

Actually, a prima-facie case can be laid out for treason and mass murder, so why not say so? If the organizers are indeed eager for impeachment hearings, why have they chosen to aid and abet the Bush Junta's cover-up of these monstrous felonies?

The Green Party thus far is even more evasive. Their presidential candidate recently said: "And we must force our elected representatives to tell the truth about whatever happened on September 11th, 2001!" He acts as though he doesn't even know what happened! As though he doesn't even know the Bush Junta committed treason and mass murder! Why? And why does he suggest that we go to our "elected" representatives for the truth? Those ignorant scoundrels are less likely than any other element of society to provide it! Why doesn't he instead suggest that we take the truth directly to the people?

In any case, I hope these examples are adequate for you to understand why I have lost most of my original hope for the 9/11 Truth Movement. We may still get lucky and get the whole-truth-nothing-but-the-truth out to the general public. But during the past few months I've gradually come to believe that I can be slightly more helpful by working directly within last-minute efforts to retain planetary life-support systems — rather than continue working to open people up by shocking them with the real story of 9/11 so they'll then be able to handle the equally shocking truths of ecosystem destruction.

But of course I wish my colleagues in the 9/11 movement all the very best in their ongoing efforts.

I'll close by reproducing a piece I wrote last March but never quite circulated. I think it's helpful now as a way of understanding just how futile have been the efforts of those who related to the infamous Kean Commission all those months on behalf of 9/11 truth. They should apologize for wasting the time of so many earnest people with their effete e-mail campaigns, etc.

Rereading the piece now for the first time in quite a while, I'm struck most of all by Tom Flocco's characterization of Kyle Hence and John Judge as "at the forefront of a grassroots, citizen-inspired quest for the truth about September 11." Actually, these two chappies have been at the very rear of the quest. They have been the very last ones ever to use terms like treason and mass-murder to describe the 9/11 felonies of the Bush Junta. Kyle Hence quite recently has gone to the pimp/whore corporate press with a story discrediting our movement's solid evidence of a stand-down that day of US military interceptor aircraft — and his action thus has been assessed by a colleague as "a betrayal of everyone in the 9/11 truth movement." John Judge has gone to that same centralized Fourth Reich media conspiracy with a story discrediting our movement's proof that no Boeing airliner hit the Pentagon that day!

However, there is a somewhat reasonable basis for confusing front and rear in a situation like this. When the pimps and whores of the corporate media finally are forced to admit the existence of a movement like 9/11 truth, they usually reach to the rear for people to interview in expectation that the rhetoric there will be the least forthright of the various partisans. Anyone unaware of this is apt to think the spokespeople are in the forefront when actually they're backward opportunists willing to form a Faustian Alliance with the media: "use my name in your newspapers and my face on your TV shows and I in turn promise never to get feisty." This is how Gloria Steinem got herself iconized within the feminist movement: "I promise never to target capitalism as macho." So will Kyle and John get themselves similarly iconized? Perhaps someday we'll see all three faces carved on a mountainside adjacent to Rushmore.


Free Americans Reaching Out to Amerika's Huddled Masses Yearning to Breathe Free

March 23, 2004

The International 9/11 Inquiry this week-end in San Francisco and a couple months from now in Toronto may be our last good chance to establish historically the major truths of 9/11. We are running out of time. There are already so many irrational levels of denial of these truths that we can ill afford a new one based on time: "Yeah, well all this is ancient history anyway, so what difference does it make?"

So I urge us to pick up the pace. We have been proceeding too slowly to make success likely. The main reason we've accomplished only a minor victory here and there is that our tactics are those used during earlier periods of history when the US oppression/suppression of activists was much less severe. In this regard it's as though we all have poor memories.

We place much hope in the effectiveness of large obedient street demonstrations like the one in NYC last Saturday — but we forget that the Rogue US Gov't will tolerate only moderately large demos and when the number approaches a million — as it did in NYC very soon after the start of the '91 "Gulf War" — the TV networks and other big media machines are directed to black them out entirely or "cover" them extremely briefly as minor events attracting "thousands" instead of "hundreds of thousands." Moderately large demos receive a bit of coverage only because that helps sustain the illusion that the US is a democracy.

Let's take a quick look at what has led to the current circumstances within which we struggle to become effective. The murder of John Kennedy was — among other things — a warning to Democrats not to behave significantly differently from Republicans: "we'll give you what he got if you do." Robert Kennedy was so angry at all the US Gov't complicity in his brother's murder that he in fact did behave with a significant difference, so they took him out less than five years later.

Ever since then, the Democrats have heeded the warning except for Paul Wellstone — and look what happened to him AND his family! His wife had to be taken out also so she couldn't run for the Senate in Paul's place the way Sen. Carnahan's wife had. (Carnahan was taken out not because he behaved significantly differently but because the balance-of-power in the Senate was so close.)

The obedience of the Democrats has led to a sardonic satire of the concept of a two-party system: Republicrats and Demopublicans heaving pies in their own faces. Backroom banksters control both parties and initiate so many vicious conspiracies that to get away with them it's important for the American people to think their society is a democracy. That's why in recent decades the banksters have placed so much emphasis on getting total control of mass media via consolidation.

What we are evidently seeing now in the early months of 2004 is a take-over of the 9/11 Truth Movement by people with some money to spend and with a desire to keep folks believing in the fake democracy. The best example of this is the recent email/fax/phone barrage of six Congresspeople merely to get "Bush, Cheney, Rice, Clinton and Gore" to "testify publicly and under oath."

Such an initiative plays directly into the hands of those whose US Gov't black ops led to 9/11 in the first place; however, those in the moderate wing of the 9/11 Truth Movement who are pushing this initiative (e.g., Bill Douglas, Tom Flocco, Kyle Hence, John Judge, Mike Ruppert et al.) seem not to mind this. They all seem comfortable excluding much provable-to-a-jury evidence of treasonous Bush Junta complicity. We must hope that Bush et al. don't testify publicly-under-oath because if they do, our chances of reaching mainstream America with the truths of 9/11 become diminished greatly. That is, all five of these scoundrels will continue to cover up with their lies anything even slightly embarrassing — and they lie so frequently that they're experts at it and thus the mainstream will become convinced they're truthful — after all, they did go public under oath, didn't they? — and it'll lay all its 9/11 suspicions to rest.

Now this same ill-fated initiative has been expanded into a $35,000 ad campaign of posters in DC subway cars. The posters are both mawkish (a large US flag, the twin towers before they were hit) and coy (no opportunity to learn that the US government engineered the attacks). They look as though they were printed by the NYC Bureau of Tourism. They announce that "stone-walling the 9/11 commission dishonors the dead" — which is true, but so also does the commission dishonor the dead quite independently of being stone-walled and so also do the posters' mawkishness and coyness dishonor the dead. Thus the hapless public gets nothing more than degrees of dishonor.

At his website Tom Flocco nevertheless praises the posters as "colorful, eye-catching" and praises the campaign as "ramping up the pressure" — but actually it takes all the pressure off these five scoundrels by giving them the easy option of merely telling a few dozen lies in-public-and-under-oath and thereby laying the matter to rest.

So I find myself quite curious what sort of people would put up $35,000 for a charade like this. Evidently they see a chance to kill two birds with a single stone: (1) greatly diminish chances of 9/11 truths reaching the mainstream and (2) greatly improve chances that the mainstream will continue to accept the fake democracy as real. Tom Flocco spins the campaign this way:

WASHINGTON — March 22, 2004 — (TomFlocco.com) — A pair of citizen activists, Kyle F. Hence of Rhode Island and John Judge of Washington, DC, have placed themselves among those at the forefront of a grassroots, citizen-inspired quest for the truth about September 11. Along with thousands of others also knowledgeable about events surrounding America's second Pearl Harbor, Hence and Judge have been single-mindedly and doggedly pursuing the truth about the unexposed and publicly ignored curiosities surrounding 9-11 evidence and its timeline chronology of events — but also the strange actions of high government officials who had operating control prior to and during the attacks.

What a touching story, gentleman and ladies! These two simply lovely single-minded dogged activists inspiring citizens to make a wonderful grassroots quest for the truth. Hardly anything could sound more like a vibrant modern democracy in action at its best. But one needn't be even slightly cynical to suggest it's all a waste of energy, a project as naive and as futile as single-minded dogged citizens in Germany in '43 inspiring a grassroots quest to have Hitler, Goebbels, Goering et al. testify publicly-under-oath about the truths of Auschwitz, Belsen, Dachau, etc.

Rumsfeld today (3/23) gave us a good look at what it will be like if the Scoundrelous Five indeed testify publicly-under-oath. Since he — and they — have total control of mass media, he — and they — can select whatever headline they wish. Rummy chose (CNN online): "KILLING BIN LADEN WOULDN'T HAVE STOPPED 9/11: Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld today told a panel investigating the 9/11 attacks that a successful attempt to kill al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden would have been unlikely to prevent the attacks, since the men who carried them out already were inside the United States." This cleverly places a layer of deception atop a layer of deception, so in fact he came out ahead on the deal — meaning those seeking the truth of 9/11 were farther from it after he testified publicly-under-oath than before. The other five of course would behave analogously. Besides, nobody on the commission would ask any of them a truly leading question.

So the most important thing for 9/11 activists to do at this important week-end gathering in San Francisco is to agree on a Truth Movement strategy that's realistic for use within very serious police states. That doesn't mean we have to become violent and thus risk injury to somebody. But it does mean that we must keep in mind that serious police states are beyond moral appeal, so we must hit them in the pocketbook, the only thing (besides corporate sports) they understand. We see this most clearly in their behavior in Iraq. They don't care how many Iraqis they kill or maim — nor do they care how many of their own chumped grunts they kill or maim. They'll leave Iraq only when it's obvious even to them that their efforts to make huge profits from oil will be sabotaged incessantly, bankrupting them.

When I say the US currently is a very serious police state, I do not mean that you will not be allowed to defeat Bush in November. But I do mean that you'll be allowed to defeat him only by installing another totally obedient agent of the dreaded Fourth Reich. (Faced a few months ago with the possibility that a major-party presidential candidate might not be totally obedient, the Backroom Banksters arranged that their lackey executives at MonoMassMedia strangle Howard Dean's campaign.) So there is absolutely no value for 9/11 activists to pretend to themselves or to each other or to the general public that the US is a democracy. Such an attitude renders activism quaint, therefore ineffective.

I'm not sure we're numerous enough yet to do boycotts effectively — but certainly such should get discussed because there's at least a potential for great historical impact. Another interesting pathway is to get them to play us one-on-one. This would be quite a contrast to the big A.N.S.W.E.R. demos, which are so obedient that — for example — at the big NYC demo just prior to the Anglo-American invasion of Iraq last year they could control about 150,000 of us with just 2000 of them, an unfavorable ratio of 75-to-1. And when one analyzes the recent e-mail barrage of the six "influential" (how naive!) Congresspeople one finds a ratio of 24,000 of us to one of them — based on a single Republicrat clerk deleting incoming e-mail for eight hours at a rate of fifty per minute.

In any case, let's get realistic about our 9/11 Truth Movement. No more mawkishness, no more coyness, no more moral appeals, please.

Yours for all species,
Keith Lampe, Ponderosa Pine
Not as a Prez but as a Prez Might Be

All right, my dear friends and colleagues. Thank you for your time. I expect that a few months from now we'll look back and characterize as futile the current coy summer-of-truth efforts. But I sure hope not! I wish them lots of luck. They'll need it. I know how eager they are to believe that the US electoral process isn't a charade. It's comfortable to think that the US is a democracy!

Comment by Peter Meyer, 2004-07-11

Nearly three years of work by people dedicated to revealing that the events of 9/11 were planned and executed by elements within the U.S. government (thereby guilty of treason as well as mass murder) have enlightened some Americans about the true nature of the regime in Washington DC but, judging from the fact that that regime remains in power, the majority of Americans remain unable to comprehend the truth. It is not due merely to innate stupidity but also to their conditioning in school and the constant barrage of propaganda delivered to them in the mainstream press (when they read at all) and via television broadcasts scripted by experts in mind control. So the prospects for the redemption of U.S. society seem dim.

In the near term there are two possibilities. (1) The head of "Homeland Security" recently announced that terrorists are preparing a massive attack designed to disrupt the November elections. Read: If it seems that Bush will be defeated in the presidential election then some mass murder even worse than 9/11 will be carried out to provide a pretext for Bush to "postpone" the elections. (2) If the 9/11 perpetrators decide that the Bush Junta has outlived its usefulness and is no longer effective in deceiving the American people into supporting its drive for domination of the world by military and other means then the elections will be allowed to take place and fellow Zionist and Skull-and-Bonesman John Kerry will become the next U.S. President. He will then placate Americans with more lies about the U.S.'s noble purpose in the world while the global rape and pillage goes on unchecked.

Whichever of these two possibilities is realized, the rest of the world will continue to be confronted by a war machine of unprecedented destructive power controlled by a vicious and immoral government intent on taking over the world and enslaving everyone. The last time this happened was in the 1930s and 1940s. The consequences will be the same: The rest of the world will act so as to defend itself from domination and exploitation. You can be sure that the governments of Russia, China and even of France and Germany have already begun plans for the defense of their countries, and the threat can only be finally removed by the defeat of the United States and its destruction as complete as the destruction of the Nazi government in 1945. This will be the consequence, for the American people, of their present failure to realize the nature of the regime in Washington DC and their failure to remove it and replace it by an administration conducive to their own welfare and to the survival of the Earth's ecosystem.

At the present time it is tempting to think of humans as a failed species. The fate of a failed species is inevitably extinction. The next decade or two will reveal whether humans, by their collective actions, deserve extinction (as some already believe). If they do it is better, for the sake of all non-human life on Earth, that it occur as soon as possible, even though this means that the strivings of thousands of generations of humans will have been for nothing. The situation is dire, but not hopeless. The human species can still redeem itself, if it cares to.

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