In Remembrance of the September 11th Dead!
By Donald Cassidy

It is foolish to think that a minute desert state and its partisans in America could overthrow the sovereignty of the American government, take control of the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches, and such agencies as the Federal Reserve, IMF, CIA, and launch us on a global war against the Arab world. It takes a vast and very rich Conspiracy and a century. The Conspiracy was described exactly more than a century ago in Europe and by President Wilson, long before this evil little state and its partisans were born.

The world is under siege by a European hierarchy of banking families, at the top largely Jewish, the money changers and money lenders of history. They are already the richest people on earth but it is not enough. They have a Faustian Grand Plan. They mean to own or control everything of value on earth. Their weapons: MONEY and DEBT — and Washington.

The rise of the Conspiracy over the last two centuries parallels the rise of Zionism. This is not a coincidence. Early on, the Conspiracy realized that it needed a strong political agency, Zionism, and its own country where it would be free from all governmental oversight and create the murderous rogue state (Israel) that menaces the world today through Washington. (The two were joined at the hip decades ago by the Conspiracy.)

The Conspiracy is invisible. It functions through its network of global and central banks and their many subsidized agents, organizations and fronts around the world. It financed the Morgans and the Harrimans. Even the haughty kingpin of the American Petroleum Cartel, David, is its lackey just like his ancestors. It controls the currency of all the major nations including Russia and China. It "takes" hundreds of billions from the American people every year. It has no regard for human life except as a resource for labor, taxes and armies. It has no god; money is its messiah.

A century ago, the Conspiracy had bankrupt Europe with its many wars (the lifeblood of the Conspiracy). A peaceful America, protected by two oceans, was on the verge of becoming the most powerful and prosperous nation on Earth and the Conspiracy did not "own" it. This was "unacceptable". A naïve President Wilson was surrounded by Zionists: Baruch, Untermeyer, Warburg, Schiff, Brandeis, Meyer and House. The Conspiracy wished to take control of American money, "mobilize its credit" to finance World War I and overthrow the Czar (for Russian money). And it needed America to assure victory over Germany (its hated enemy even before WWI). Wilson was pressured into signing the Federal Reserve Act and to declare war on Germany. Later he was to say, "I have involuntarily ruined my government". Ominously, he warned,

Some of the biggest men in the United States ... are afraid of something. They know there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.

And it has grown enormously from a century of war.

The Conspiracy mandated that Capitalism become the "state religion" of America and the world (cheap resources and labor and freedom from taxes and regulations). A Red Scare began the century-long war on Communism. It was as phony as the "war on terrorism" of today, all bugaboos and demagoguery. Every politician had to pledge his/her allegiance to Capitalism. Communists were purged from government, communications, education, industry; tens of millions died for it in the Conspiracy wars. Today it's still the same: "globalization", "deregulation" "privatization" and "tax exemption for the rich".

The Conspiracy financed massive donations to two of the most prestigious universities in America, turning them into centers of Zionist politics and activities. One has supplied an extraordinary number of officials to the Washington government. The other created the ultimate terror weapon mostly by Jewish/Zionist scientists to use on Germany. It financed the Jewish/Zionist purchase of entire niche industries: merchandizing, movies, real estate, television, national magazines and newspapers, jewelry and now professional sports, from which they have amassed a vast wealth in the trillions, sheltered from taxes in many foundations and offshore havens. Cash businesses seem to be preferred.

After World War II, the Conspiracy corrupted American elections with money and subverted Washington officials with threats of heavily financed opponents. Truman said that Zionist pressure for Israel was the greatest political pressure he had ever encountered. Anyone who resisted was threatened with ruin or eliminated (JFK?). The Senate was purged of all but Zionist sycophants. In the 60's when Washington docilely surrendered to Israel's murder of American sailors on the USS Liberty the Conspiracy knew it was in political control of America. But what about the American people?

In the 70's when the destruction of the Savings Banks and Savings & Loans was planned, the Conspiracy recognized that it needed an epochal event like the Reichstag Fire or Pearl Harbor to subdue the independent American people. Washington and Zionist media would orchestrate a mass hysteria. They would bombard the American people, just as they had for decades with anti-German and "holocaust" propaganda, with demagoguery, pathos, ethnic hatred, patriotism, heroism, glorification, pageantry, flag-waving and symbolism to create a false war climate and impose martial law under the pretense of "national wartime security". FEMA concentration camps were built and are ready.

It all came together in September 2001 just as planned by the Conspiracy. The buildings were purchased by a Jewish syndicate and demolished. And it is seeking the greatest insurance windfall in history. The American people are shocked and all evidence and investigations quashed. But the pieces are coming together anyway on the internet; Washington and media accusations are a complete fraud. The buildings were assuredly not destroyed by aircraft. The obvious suspects are the agents of the Conspiracy, Israel and Washington. There are reports that the Conspiracy timed this catastrophe to destroy the personnel and accumulated evidence in a major investigation and lawsuit involving a Zionist gold cartel in Wall Street and the Federal Reserve, selling the Reserve gold stock at bargain prices which would have unveiled the Conspiracy. This was "unacceptable". The Conspiracy seeks to corner the world's gold supply (its Rheingold). Washington has since diverted all such investigations to "terrorism".

The Conspiracy has bankrupt America just like Europe. America is on the brink of chaos: environmental disaster, global war, and economic, societal, and financial collapse. America floats on the accelerating expansion of debt by the Federal Reserve. But credit is not inexhaustible. Annual interest on the debt is rapidly rising; approaching a half trillion dollars or a quarter of national revenues. The dollar is under global attack in favor of the Euro. The economic future of America is bleak yet rosy economics pours out of Washington and the media, lulling the people. For most of us, the cost of living rises and the standard of living declines; there will be giant corporate bankruptcies, millions more unemployed, healthcare, education, retirements trashed, all the more for the Conpiracy's Zionazi war machine (and its satanic weapons) and for Israel.

In debt-ridden nations, the Conspiracy through the IMF will demand lower wages and no social programs, higher taxes and interest rates and will foreclose on vast expanses of the natural resources by its World "Conservation" Bank for exploitation, freed from the sovereign control of those countries and the interests and welfare of their people. Our children will buy their water like they buy their gasoline from Conspiracy lackeys.

America exists in a state of Constitutional chaos. There is no lawful government in Washington. All three branches are in gross violation of the Constitution. It is the most evil and criminal government in history. It is a collection of Enron types, stuffing their pockets. These criminals will gladly wage the Conspiracy's wars just to stay in power. Any force with the means to do so may lawfully oust them and fill the vacancies.

We see a popinjay president surrounded, once again like Wilson, by Zionists: Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith, Kristol, Kagan and Podhoretz, as well as the Zionist fronts AIPAC and JINSA, all with a single mind. Washington, shepherded by Israel, will "take" the Middle East resources and holocaust its people and their religion. And the American people are its foil.

But Americans can no longer be intimidated by accusations of anti-Semitism. It is a ploy of the Conspiracy and its Zionist agents. Many, many religious Jews in America are anti-Zionist but are repudiated by Zionists and marginalized by the Zionist media.

The fundamental right to vote is being attacked by numerous political schemes. The Conspiracy controls both parties. (A common ploy of the Conspiracy is to "own" both sides of a controversy and promote superficial differences while both sides support a common hidden agenda.) The voting machines are "fixed". The Republican majorities in Congress are more suspect every day. So what's the cure? It's really simple.

The Conspiracy and its use of the American people to achieve their evil Grand Plan would be ended. Within a few years the national debt would be paid with peace and prosperity instead of endless wars, inflation and depressions. This is always what has occurred when the people issued their own money instead of the Conspiracy. But the Conspiracy controls both of the major parties; so the Cure is simply not possible without a coup by real American patriots. We should remember the words of Jefferson:

If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency ... the banks and the corporations which grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.

How soon the labor of men would make a paradise of the Earth were it not for misgovernment and a diversion of their energies to selfish interests.

Eustace Mullins, Secrets of the Federal Reserve,
Carmack & Still, The Money Masters,


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