Bush's Behavior on 9/11

The following message was part of a private email discussion among about 17 people concerning what George W. Bush knew about the attacks on the Twin Towers on the morning of September 11th 2001 and when he knew it. The background to this message is given in Bush Flubs it Again and in particular at The Theory of Bush as Uninformed Puppet. Appended to this message is a reply (sent to this discussion group) by Gerard Holmgren and a comment (a private email, reproduced with permission) by Leonard Spencer.

From: Peter Meyer
To: [discussion group]
Subject: Bush's Behavior
Date: Wednesday, 21 July 2004

Dear 9/11 researchers,

Gerard Holmgren has drawn attention to the difficulty, or rather
the impossibility, of reconciling all the reports  which have
appeared in print and on the web concerning George W. Bush's
movements and actions between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. on the morning
of 9/11. As with any forensic investigation where the perps introduce
misinformation to mislead investigators, the true explanation will
have to reject some of the prima facie valid evidence. One simply
has to consider various explanations and see which best fits
the facts, or rather, the "facts".

I incline toward the explanation (which seems to me to fit the "facts"
best) that Bush was informed prior to 9/11 of the planned operation,
though he was kept in the dark about specifics, knowing only that
a terrorist attack would be staged which would likely kill thousands
of people and which would be blamed on "Arab terrorists", and that
this would then be used to "legitimate" various items on the Zionist
neo-con agenda, including (i) the passage of "anti-terrorist"
legislation designed to stifle dissent and (ii) the waging of war
against Middle Eastern countries considered of strategic importance
in the newly-announced policy of American "full-spectrum" domination
of the world.

So Bush was told what part he was expected to play. (I guess
that on at least one occasion this was captured on a concealed camera
planted by Mossad, which would explain why Bush gives Sharon everything
he wants.) But he wasn't told exactly when he'd have to play his part.
He first knew of this when Andrew Card entered the classroom at 9:07 a.m.
(four minutes after Bush himself had done so) and whispered into
his ear, something like: "Mr. President, the operation has begun.
Your press conference denouncing those who have attacked America
will take place in ten minutes. Please prepare yourself."
Bush showed no surprise at this, and asked no questions,
because he already knew that this was what was expected of him.
He paled, however, because he then realized that the time had arrived
for him to assume the role of "wartime president" in front of the nation,
concealing thereby the greatest act of treason ever committed against
the U.S. But, being a compulsive liar, and addressing a nation
consisting mostly of people ignorant, gullible, mind-controlled and
not very bright to begin with, and suddenly in a state of shock and
suggestibility, he had no great difficulty in pulling it off.

And since hardly any of those ignorant, gullible, mind-controlled
and not very bright people have awoken to the enormity of the crime
that was committed on 9/11 by those occupying (and still occupying)
high places in the U.S. government (thus "high crimes" and so impeachable),
despite the tireless efforts of many others to enlighten them,
the perpetrators seem to have gotten away with their crime, and as
a result the U.S. is now well advanced on the path to its own destruction,
since no country can survive long with a government which wages war
upon its own people.

Peter Meyer

From: Gerard Holmgren
To: [discussion group]
Subject: Bush's Behavior
Date: Thursday, 22 July 2004

I think the general idea presented by Peter is probably accurate. I disagree
with him on the exact detail about whether Bush knew before entering the
school that the WTC had been hit, because I believe that the documentation
points to him being aware of this —  although I agree that there are so many
inconsistencies with the various reports, that we can't be definitive about
exactly what he knew and exactly when.

But I find it quite plausible that this may have been the first he knew of
the operational details. In fact, I've been saying for awhile that I think
that it's quite possible that the idiot actually thinks Al Qaeda did it, and
that he simply allowed it to happen by blocking investigations and ignoring
warnings, and that someone else took care of the Air Force.

My tentative theory is that pre-9/11, the CIA set him up by feeding him
bogus warnings about fictional terrorists planning an attack, knowing that
he would not be able to resist the temptation to let it happen, and that his
confidential discussions with the CIA may have centered around the best way
to let it happen, not realizing that the CIA and others were actually
organizing the whole thing and setting him up to take the heat when the
original official story wouldn't stand up any longer.

So although we've had  some robust disagreements over the exact details
of Bush's behavior on the morning, I find myself in broad agreement with
Peter's assesment of the puppet's role.

The exact details, I guess, are the kinds of things which will only come
out if we are successful in busting the larger scam to the point where most
of the US govt and intelligence agencies finish up in the dock, ratting on
each other to try to save their own skins.

From: Leonard Spencer
To: Peter Meyer
Subject: Bush's Behavior
Date: Thursday, 22 July 2004

I've been following your recent articles and updates regarding Bush's
movements and actions on the morning of 9-11 and the extent of his
foreknowledge. It seems to me that there's a shortage of genuinely reliable
facts concerning this matter. I'm not for instance wholly convinced that
Bush saw anything on TV that morning; the only evidence that he did comes
from his own off the cuff remarks a couple of months later. None of the
other witnesses around say they saw Bush looking at a TV. What does seem to
be certain is that Bush took a phonecall at around 9:00, just after he
arrived at the school. The schoolteacher recalls this, as do others. We are
led to believe the call came from Condoleezza Rice. It's difficult not to
believe that this call concerned unfolding events in NY and by this time of
course it was realized, even by the media, that the WTC1 impact was no

I suspect that Andy Card's entrance into the schoolroom to whisper into
Bush's ear was a piece of pure, premeditated theater, for the benefit of the
cameras. It was a pointedly 'dramatic' moment, giving Bush the opportunity
to look grave 'n solemn. I don't see any blanching, just rather wooden
acting. It's certainly curious that Card did not wait for a response from
Bush, let alone any orders or instructions. That Bush then burbled
cheerfully on to the children for another 20 minutes or so further
reinforces the idea that what was happening in NY was no shock to him and
that no operational decisions were required of him.

The whole scenario of Bush reading to primary school children that morning
is pretty implausible, or at least out of character, in the first place.
Isn't this the man who usually has power breakfasts with oil tycoons and
other business people? This was probably the one and only occasion in his
presidency that he's had such a soft, folksey and endearing engagement,
guaranteed to tug the heart strings and —  surprise! surprise! —  it was
on the morning of 9-11.

I suspect Bush was pretty well briefed in the weeks before about what was to
happen; he needed to learn his lines, rehearse his reactions and not make
any gaffs. I don't think his controllers would countenance a semi-informed
Bush blundering around. In August he'd taken that unprecedentedly long
'vacation' at Camp David, well out of the public spotlight. This is probably
when the briefing and rehearsing took place.

He may well have seen the first plane impact on a TV screen in his limo on
the way to the school. It's interesting that at the time of the first plane,
Bush was safely cocooned in the car with all that equipment. At the very
least it was probably important that he knew the operation was underway and
had not been aborted or delayed; if it had then his scheduled press
conference after the school visit would have to go ahead without a 'terror
attack' agenda, so he'd have to prepare himself for Plan B.

Leonard Spencer

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