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Team Bush Betrays America

"A prudent prince ... by choosing for his council wise men, and giving these alone full liberty to speak the truth to him, but of only those things that he asks and of nothing else; ... beyond these he should listen to no one, go about the matter deliberately, and be determined in his decisions."

Machiavelli, Chapter 23
How Flatterers Must Be Shunned

Colin Powell

From the start of the Year-2000 Election campaign, it seemed that we all knew Colin Powell would become Secretary of State under George W. Bush. Perhaps it was because Powell had repeatedly refused to run for office, that we knew he could literally have any position in government that he wanted. He didn't even have to be asked. All he ever needed to do was declare what he would accept, and it will be given to him.

Never since George Washington has an American citizen been so obsequiously solicited as this. The "Keys to the Kingdom" have been laid at Colin Powell's feet and, indeed, they might have withered like a bouquet of roses ere he deigned pick them up. I suppose you might say that Colin Powell represents the ne plus ultra of affirmative action, a man who permanently resides in a class by himself. He could have been our President, or Senator, or Secretary of the Treasury, or Commerce, Education, or War. Anything. He could have been our Ambassador to the U.N. -- or any other organization in the world -- and he chose to be our Secretary of State. I attach some significance to that.

Equally amazing is how little we really know about the man. Colin Powell is the consummate politician, the epitome of "conservative" political-correctness, a man who can always get away with saying the "right" thing. He alone can criticize when others must remain silent, as during the Yugoslav War. And yet, for some reason, I also knew that Colin Powell would betray us. This man is no George Washington, and we should be careful not to confuse the two. George Washington was a Patriot and a hero; Powell, it would seem, has been destined to sell us out, perhaps even deliver the Coup de grace. I knew this from day one. I just couldn't figure out how I knew.

Could any of us say that we were really surprised when the following paragraph appeared in the New York Times on 04-Feb-01, in an article about U.S.-Mexican relations:

"Our common border is no longer a line that divides us, but a region that unites our nations, reflecting our common aspirations, values and culture," said Colin Powell last Tuesday in Washington at his first news conference as secretary of state, held jointly with the new Mexican foreign minister, Jorge Casteneda.

See Bush Sells Out for the story.

Please note that Mr. Powell's very first news conference as Secretary of State was held jointly with his Mexican counterpart. If that doesn't bespeak an alliance in the making -- the elimination of our national borders and sovereignty -- nothing does. For background information on the immigration and irredentism problem, visit the Population Page. This will give you some idea where we are headed.

Powell understood the situation in Yugoslavia, and he also understands how Mexico threatens to break up the United States in the same way that Albania destroyed the Yugoslav Republic. Mexico is our real national enemy, not Saddam Hussein, Slobidan Milosovitch, Mohamar Qaddafi or Osama bin Laden. Mexican nationals commit more acts of terrorism against United States citizens than all the rest of the world combined, and Mexico is positioned to damage the United States in a way that no other country can. Mexico will destroy America. Colin Powell knows this, and he is helping George W. Bush to make it happen.

The only thing about Mr. Powell's announced betrayal that surprised me was its brazen abruptness. Even though I had been expecting something like this, I was still shocked at its suddenness. I am reminded of the lightning deployment in Desert Storm [Naw, they couldn't have planned that, could they?], and I guess that puts me one-up on the sheeple who had forgotten that Powell's trademark is the lightning attack. It appears he has not lost his touch; so that even while Colin is busily ripping our national sovereignty apart, there will be the masses of people who still believe he is some kind of hero. An "African-American" hero? Perhaps, as Hannibal had sworn to destroy Rome.

Notwithstanding such bitter judgment, and to better make my point, I began to search for a Biography of Colin Powell, in the hope that I could uncover some subtle clue that could resolve one last mystery -- "How is it that a man who had spent his life as a military officer, defending this country, should eagerly throw open our gates to a massive alien invasion?" He might have rendered the nation greater service by nuking New York, Los Angelos, Washington, Boston and Baltimore, when he was Chairman of the Joint Chiefs [Wasn't Dick Cheney the Secretary of Defense?], than by what he is about to do as Secretary of State. I repeat: the man is a traitor.

Colin Powell had enjoyed, form his earliest age, the very best that America had to offer. The son of Jamaican immigrants, he attended City College of New York for free. His early military career was undistinguished enough; it was not until 1968 (when affirmative action became the password) that his career took off, and from then, there was no looking back. His rise was meteoric. So the question loomed ever-larger in my mind, "With so many blessings from America to be thankful for, why should Colin turn around and betray us?"

We must bear in mind that this is a man who can have and do anything he wants, to whom all paths are open. It would make sense, therefore, to see what Colin has been doing with his time, for surely, this will be indicative of his desires for the future. I learn from the Lucid Cafe website that:

"Powell is also chairman of America's Promise, an organization that challenges Americans to scale up their investment in youth, and committed to making America's [negro] youth a national priority. He is also a member of the Board of Trustees of Howard University [(Negro) Leadership for America and the Global Community], and of the Board of Directors of the United Negro College Fund [A (negro) mind is a terrible thing to waste]. He serves on the Board of Governors of The Boys & Girls Clubs of America [Check the pictures: "A Positive place for (negro) kids"] and is a member of the Advisory Board of the Children's Health Fund." [Again, check the picture: "A doctor for every (negro) child"].

Suddenly, it all becomes clear. Colin Powell is not an American. That is to say, he is not loyal to our America. He is an African-American. There is a difference. Can you imagine the public response if George W. Bush had appointed David Duke to be Secretary of State? Don't laugh. I would rather David Duke as Secretary of State any day, because I know that he would never betray our country like Colin Powell will.

But of course, you can't see that (yet). The media will never air anything bad about Colin Powell. That same media will never air anything good about David Duke. Until you can appreciate the significance of those statements, you will never have a clue as to what this is all about.

The Department of State

Colin Powell: Secretary of State

Grant S. Green has been nominated for the position of Under Secretary of State for Management. He is currently the Chairman and President of GMD Solutions, Inc., a global marketing and consulting company. This company is a division of Defense Group, Inc., which is a subsidiary of NBC Industry Group. Hmmm. His prior government experience includes serving as Assistant Secretary of Defense for Force Management and Personnel and as Special Assistant to President Ronald Reagan for National Security Affairs and Executive Secretary of the National Security Council.

Of particular interest, DGI is the originator of the strategic concept of Shock and Awe. Colin should like that.

On the surface, Mr. Green represents a sea-change. Whereas Bonnie Cohen, the exiting Under Secretary of State for Management is a feminist activist with a penchant for working with NGO's, Green clearly prefers working with multinational defense contractors. However, nothing changes overnight, and 23% of the new spending in the FY 2000 budget [$670 million of $2.9 billion -- State Department is less than 1/2 of 1% of the Federal Budget ... how can they operate on so little? Is somebody helping them out?] is allocated to the Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration. When one considers the vast scope of the State Department's General Foreign Policy & Overview, 23% is, indeed, a great deal of attention. [Hmmm. Where is the report, "National Security Strategy for a New Century, December 1999"?] Anyhow, we ought to keep an eye on the budget to see what becomes of Bonnie's work.

Meanwhile, President Bush has nominated Richard Haas for Director of Policy and Planning at the State Department. Haas is currently the Vice President and Director of Foreign Policy Studies at the Brookings Institute, where he also holds the Sydney Stein, Jr., Chair in International Security. [See Article: Immigration: The Go-Between for Mexico-U.S. Harmony Along the Border] Unlike Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice, Haas is a "thinker" (policymaker): see this list of his publications. In the past he served as Director of National Security Programs and Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations as well as Special Assistant to President George H.W. Bush and Senior Director for Near East and South Asian Affairs on the staff of the National Security Council.

The following quotes from Haas are significant:

"But over the past half century, and especially over the past decade, the idea that sovereignty should not be absolute has gained strength. Instead, sovereignty is increasingly judged as conditional, linked to how a government treats its own citizens. When a government is unable or unwilling to safeguard its citizens -- when the inherent contract between the government and the governed is violated -- the leaderships forfeits its normal rights. It then falls upon the international community to act -- be it diplomatically, with sanctions, with aid, or with military force -- under the banner of humanitarian intervention. The obvious challenge is to gain broader recognition of this modified view of sovereignty and with it acceptance of (if not support for) humanitarian intervention."

[What about the contract with the people of America whereby our government is supposed to protect our borders, our nationality, our territory and national sovereignty? -- Are we to be sacrificed on their altar of Equal Outcomes?]

"The world described here will not come about solely from its inherent appeal. To the contrary, building and maintaining such an order would require sustained effort by the world's most powerful actor, the United States. For it to be successful would in turn require that Americans re-conceive their role from one of a traditional nation-state to an imperial power."

"The creation of the WTO constituted a major milestone in the quest to open trade in that it established rules to govern trade as well as a mechanism to resolve disputes. More needs to be done, however. Expanding the WTO to embrace a wider range of goods, services, and countries is one thing, as would be a decision to open up its decision-making process to allow a broader range of actors (including NGOs) to make their views known."

Marc Grossman has been nominated for the position of Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs. He is presently the Director General of the Foreign Service and Director of Human Resources at the Department of State.

Prior to this, from January 1993 to September 1994, he was Special Assistant to the Secretary of State and Executive Secretary of the Department of State. Before assuming these duties, Ambassador Grossman served as Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Political Military Affairs. He was Executive Assistant to Deputy Secretary of State John C. Whitehead from September 1986 to January 1989. From 1984 to 1986, Ambassador Grossman was the Deputy Director of the Private Office of Lord Carrington, then Secretary General of NATO. And much, much more.

Let's go back, for a minute, and investigate this strange entity, the Executive Secretariat (Executive Secretary):

"State's Executive Secretariat is a distinct organizational entity. The Executive Secretariat equivalents at USIA and ACDA are both situated within their Directors' offices.

"State's Executive Secretariat (S/S) manages, coordinates, tracks and records the information and work flows among the Secretary of State, other State principals, and bureaus within State; and between State and the interagency community. It is State's principal tasking organization, particularly in overseeing the preparation of briefing materials for State principals and assigning actions. It takes the lead in coordinating crisis management. It also provides administrative support for the Offices of the Secretary, other State principals, and special envoys. Its subordinate components include ..."

If that doesn't describe the proverbial "Power behind the Throne", I don't know what does. And please observe that the term "Secretariat" is of communist/totalitarian origin, and has only recently been introduced into American government. Please observe this same function in the National Security Council, and probably every other branch of government as well.

As I continued to search for clues to the workings of the State Department, I stumbled across the Foreign Service Institute [Note the URL], Directed by Ruth Davis, who reports to the Office of Under Secretary for Management. But, strange thing, I couldn't find any more about this Office, which is responsible for training all Department of State staff (including ambassadors), than the following:

"Creation of Position: Congress authorized the Foreign Service Institute in the Foreign Service Act of 1946 (P.L. 79-726; 60 Stat. 1018). The Foreign Service Institute was established on Mar 13, 1947, to furnish Foreign Service Officers with training throughout their careers. It superseded a Foreign Service School established in 1924 to provide basic instruction in foreign policy questions and consular operations to newly appointed Foreign Service officers. All Directors of the Foreign Service Institute have been designated by the Secretary of State, and hold rank equivalent to an Assistant Secretary of State. Repealed 96th Congress, 15-Feb-81, Pub Law. 96-465."

Now, that really surprised me. Does the Foreign Service Institute (FSI) exist or doesn't it. It is not supposed to exist -- anymore, but it does. What's more, it appears that just about every country on the globe seems to have an FSI -- even using the same acronym -- and all of them are every bit as vague ... all of them, except Guyana, of all places. Please note the URL: "fsi.html". I thought they spoke French or Spanish in Guyana! Shouldn't it be "IFS" or "ISF"? How strange!

No, it's the "FSI" -- the "Foreign Service Institute" -- everywhere, and everybody seems to have one. This bespeaks a level of standardization that goes far beyond anything I would have expected to encounter. Which leads me to ask the question, "Would they not also be Organized in the same way?"

12-March-2001: The President intends to nominate Paula J. Dobriansky to be Under Secretary of State for Global Affairs. She is currently the Vice President and Director of the Washington office of the Council on Foreign Relations. In the past she has served as the Associate Director of the Bureau of Policy and Programs at the U.S. Information Agency from 1990 to 1993; as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs from 1987 to 1990; and in the office of European and Soviet Affairs at the National Security Council from 1980 to 1987. She is a graduate of the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University and received both her Master's degree and Ph.D. from Harvard University.

09-March-2001: "The President intends to nominate Ruth A. Davis to be the Director General of the Foreign Service and Chairman of the Board of the Foreign Service. She currently serves as the Director of the Foreign Service Institute at the Department of State."

08-March-2001: Richard Lee Armitage, of Virginia, to be Deputy Secretary of State, vice Strobe Talbott. John Robert Bolton, of Maryland, to be Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security, vice John David Holum, resigned.

06-March-2001: President George W. Bush today announced his intent to nominate John D. Negroponte to be the Representative of the United States to the United Nations with the rank of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary. Ambassador Negroponte is presently the Executive Vice President for Global Markets of the McGraw-Hill Companies.

01-Mar-2001: Bush intends to nominate Lincoln Bloomfield to be Assistant Secretary of State for Political Military Affairs.

Who has Colin Powell up his sleeve?

Council on Foreign Relations

CFR on National Security

Pathways to Peace

One planet, one people, one future!

To be continued ...

Condoleezza Rice

As I began to investigate Condoleezza Rice, the first irony that I noticed was an almost complete absence of original writings. It appears her important books and papers are all co-authored. As an intellectual in her own right, she shows up nowhere, and almost the only original "work" by Condoleezza that I could find was her Class Day Speech 12-Jun-99. Some revealing "Condi-isms" from that speech follow:

"Reflect not on what you have learned but on how you have learned it ... You were not admitted to Stanford for what you had already achieved. You were chosen because of your potential to contribute from here on." [i.e. "how we can use you"]

"This is, I believe, the greatest challenge that we, the human race, faces in the century to come: building multiethnic democracies that work --"

"We need a more inclusive notion of culture and identity -- one that does not make culture a barrier, where the price of admission is origin and blood. I am one who believes that cultures can be adopted."

"To be multicultural is not just to have many cultures represented within an institution -- it is to recognize that individuals can be and often are multicultural themselves. In some sense, multiculturality is at its best when it is within each and every one of us."

"We need to find forms of governance that permit people of different races, ethnic backgrounds and creeds to live together and push toward a common goal. I know that the American concept of citizenship is not universally shared. But it does have its advantages. That you can be American not by virtue of blood but by acceptance of a set of values and beliefs is so much the story of this country's success. And it is a model that is spreading -- delinking citizenship and territory and ethnicity. Even in Germany, a country for which the iron link between blood and nation has caused so many woes, universal citizenship is finally coming into being. Often it is pointed out that this is not natural. But I ask you, what is the alternative? If every group must rule itself, there is no end to the chaos that self-determination will bring as borders are drawn and redrawn." --[Citizenship that is "based on beliefs" means only the politically-correct will have "rights"]

"Are you really committed to living in accordance with all that you say about the value of diversity -- are you just tolerant of them, or are they among your friends?"

Remember, this is the President's National Security Advisor. I think we can presume that she sees no threat whatsoever from the millions of Mexicans and other nationalities who are invading our country, and that she is in complete accord with Colin Powell's statement:

"Our common border is no longer a line that divides us, but a region that unites our nations, reflecting our common aspirations, values and culture,"

For background on Condoleezza, see the Salon Page Feature:

"She gave up on a career as a pianist midway through, and eventually wound up falling under the spell of Josef Korbel, a former Czech diplomat (and international art-theif) best known for being the father of Madeleine Albright. Rice sometimes dined at the Korbel home, along with the future Secretary of State -- but emerged with views much more in line with Korbel's than Albright's." [Korbel was an archtypical "man without a country" who believed, like Adam Weishaupt, that the "intellectual elite" should be ruling this world.]

So Condoleezza has a close attachment to both Josef Korbel and Albright. Korbel, as pointed out, was a Czech Marrano who had converted his family from Judaism to Roman Catholicism to advance his career, and finally settled-in as a professor of International Studies at the University of Denver. His daughter, Madeleine, later converted from Catholicism to Episcopalianism for much the same reason. What we have here are people who willingly change their "deepest" beliefs -- and their outward loyalties -- like a suit of clothes. To them, religion, morality, culture and nationality are mere stepping stones. That they raise their children, as they had been raised, to be atheist Church-goers, we may as well call them Children of Satan. Condoleezza is one of them.

An interesting article about Strobe Talbot visiting Stanford (where the Clintons sent Chelsey to school) underscores how easily Condoleezza moves among other Democrats as well. Condi is a member of the CFR, if anyone should ask.

Her former position as Stanford Provost made Condoleezza something of an MC for Multicultural Events -- a job which appears to have kept her very, very busy. That's why she needed so many co-authors, I suppose.

From another Stanford Bio, we learn that Condoleezza has a long-standing relationship with both the NSC and the "Dubya" Bush team:

She began, in 1989, as director for Soviet and East European Affairs at the National Security Council, where she reported directly to National Security Adviser Brent Scowcroft. After a year on the job, she became Bush's principal adviser on the Soviet Union ... Rice first met Scowcroft in 1984, during a dinner at Stanford's Center for International Security and Arms Control (Part of the Institute for International Studies). "I had two bosses whom I adored, both in President Bush and Brent Scowcroft. And the people I worked with - Cheney, Powell, Scowcroft, Baker - it was a magnificent team."

The picture that begins to emerge is that Condoleezza is not a scholar, but a spokesperson / liason for the Stanford International Institute Programs. These are the people who are shaping our National Security policy. Please visit their site, and check the Project on Sovereignty and Governance. Also note, on the same page, just above that, the Comparative Democratization Project, which focuses on "Development of theories about democratization that can apply both within and across different regions."

Now, recollect what Colin Powell had said about the U.S.-Mexican border: "Our common border is no longer a line that divides us, but a region that unites our nations, reflecting our common aspirations, values and culture."

Are you beginning to get the picture?

The Bush "mud-babies" Condi and Colin are just like Frick & Frack ... they are people without a nation, without a culture, without a God and without a people ... and they want to make everybody else in the world just like them.

The National Security Council

When studying the National Security Council, please bear in mind what we have said about Mexico: "Mexico threatens to break up the United States in the same way that Albania destroyed the Yugoslav Republic. Mexico is our real national enemy, not Saddam Hussein, Slobidan Milosovitch, Mohamar Qaddafi or Osama bin Laden. Mexican nationals commit more acts of terrorism against United States citizens than all the rest of the world combined, and Mexico is positioned to damage the United States in a way that no other country can. Mexico will destroy America."

And, while you're at it, read this: India Diaspora. Learn what the ragheads are up to in ragland. Read it, you damned nitwit! Now look at the China Diaspora! [Hint: check out their "Resource Centre".] These people are our enemies and their governments are colonizing US! Do you think the National Security Council is unaware of this? Of course they know about it, and have given our consent. Tell me again, who does George W. Bush represent?

Also keep this question in mind: Condoleezza Rice is the Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, (President's National Security Advisor), but Who is the Executive Secretary and what is the Executive Secretariat?

National Security Council: This seems to be a good place to search and keep up to date on key appointments. Notice that the site has been moved to the White House. Ari Fleischer is President Bush's press secretary. The "Search" feature on this website is really interesting. I could spend hours on it. It is the best source I have found yet on "what's going on in Washington DC?"

The National Security Council is chaired by the President. Its statutory members, in addition to the President, are the Vice President and the Secretaries of State and Defense. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is the statutory military advisor to the Council, and the Director of Central Intelligence is the intelligence advisor. The Secretary of the Treasury, the U.S. Representative to the United Nations, the Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, the Assistant to the President for Economic policy, and the Chief of Staff to the President are invited to all meetings of the Council. The Attorney General and the Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy attend meetings pertaining to their jurisdiction; other officials are invited, as appropriate.

Under the Executive Secretary's direction, the Executive Secretariat tasks, reviews and insures proper coordination of all information and action memoranda submitted by the NSC staff to the National Security Advisor and the President. The Executive Secretariat helps prepare the President for meetings with foreign leaders and helps to plan and execute the President's foreign travel. The Executive Secretariat is a principal point of contact between the National Security Council and other government agencies and with the Executive Offices of the President.

Again, who is the Executive Secretary and what is the Executive Secretariat?

Dr. Paul Wolfowitz is appointed Deputy Secretary of Defense. The Deputy Secretary of Defense, Paul Wolfowitz, is delegated full power and authority to act for the Secretary of Defense and exercise the powers of the Secretary on any and all matters for which the Secretary is authorized to act pursuant to law. Under his leadership, the Policy Staff [had] also played a major role in reviewing war plans for the Gulf War, and developing and executing plans that successfully raised more than $50 billion in Allied financial support for the war and prevented Iraq from opening a second front with Israel. It would appear that he had played a crucial role in the 1990 set-up of Saddam Hussein.

Feb. 21: The President announced today the appointment of Gary R. Edson to the newly-created position of Deputy Assistant to the President for International Economic Affairs and Deputy National Security Advisor.



See National Archives and Records Administration for White House records of past administrations.

Roderick Paige -- Secretary of Education

Office of the Undersecretary of Education.

Roderick Paige: Secretary of Education

The greatest national security threat within American education is the fact that two thirds of postgraduate degrees awarded by American universities are going to non-Americans. That's how the Israelis and Chinese -- and soon the Ragheads -- have managed to penetrate our national defense secrets. Our universities have become de-nationalized, and they are the agency by which aliens are displacing native Americans from our highest professions, right here our own country. See the reports on engineering and medicine, the dependence upon foreign-born engineers and foreign-born doctors. The displacement rate of Americans by aliens is even higher within acedemia than it is within industry. There is overwhelming evidence that this displacement is intentional.

What is George W. Bush doing about this problem?


What are the National Security Council and the Department of State doing about it?


What are the Department of Education and the State of India doing about it? Plenty!

They're all making it happen.

That is why they all publicly refuse to acknowledge that this problem even exists.

And now to push us further down and out, President Bush and Secretary Paige have submitted their Trojan Horse, No Child Left Behind: Billions for morons, but not one cent for Genius! They are literally holding whites back while giving our careers away.

"No Child Left Behind" is aimed at creating "equal outcomes" for whites and coloreds -- the next step after Affirmative Action. The lower a child's ability (IQ), the more we will spend on that child by way of government intervention, preschool, 12-hour days and year-round classes, new curricula, family education, "esteem-building", student internships, mentoring and "no-fail" career guidance programs. The higher a child's ability (IQ) means the less we will spend. Negroes and minorities will be socially promoted through college into professional careers. White males will have to pay, first to advance minorities ahead of themselves, and then to finance their own children's education privately. When colleges cannot produce enough qualified professionals, aliens will be imported.

This is the premeditated betrayal of America. Our own government is an obstacle to our advancing within our own institutions.


Check out the Testimony of Roderick Paige on "No Child Left Behind:"

"We are not asking States and school districts and schools to drop everything they are doing and start over, but to pursue more vigorously the kinds of changes they are already making ... If you doubt that the present approach is broken and needs fixing, just consider that nearly 70 percent of inner-city fourth-graders are unable to read at even a basic level on national reading tests ... the Federal government can, and must, help close the achievement gap between disadvantaged students and their peers." [Now, there's a contradiction for you: "The system is broken. Keep doing what you're doing." Objective: eliminate the "Achievement Gap" -- "if we cannot rise to the whites, the whites can fall to us." --Frederick Douglass.]

"States and schools that make significant progress in closing the achievement gap would be honored with awards from a 'No Child Left Behind' school bonus fund and an 'Achievement in Education' State bonus fund. States that fail to ... narrow achievement gaps, would be subject to losing a portion of their Federal administrative funds." [Equal Outcomes means there will be no differential in achievement. You can rise no higher than the negro.]

"... we [will] use Federal funds to help that student find a better education at a private school. We are proposing to permit the use of Title I funds to help students transfer to a higher performing public or private school, or to obtain supplemental educational services from a public- or private-sector provider." [More integration of private schools. Load them up with inner-city negroes and minorities to slow-down white performance.]

"We also would create a Charter Option for States that would offer freedom from the current requirements placed on categorical program funds, in return for submitting a five-year performance agreement that includes specific and rigorous goals for increased student performance." ["increased student performance" means closing the "achievement gap". Charter Schools will be allowed for negroes and minorities ("esteem-building"), but not allowed for whites.]

"The program also would support innovative teacher recruitment and retention practices, including bonus pay for teachers in high-need subject areas and in high-poverty districts and schools." [This will push-up the cost for teachers in private and parochial schools, most of whom can't afford to pay Teachers Union wages. See related article: First Lady Announces Education Initiatives.]

"The Title V Drug and Violence Prevention and Education program would turn the Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities program and the 21st Century Community Learning Centers program into State formula grants for before- and after-school learning opportunities and violence and drug-prevention activities." [See WAVE program that is being instituted to teach kids to spy and snitch on one another.]

Elsewhere, Roderick Paige had this to say about vouchers and transfers: "Students have a right to diversity, a right to transfer from schools in which they are the majority to schools in which they are a minority." In other words, the government will move black students from black schools into white schools. Negroes have "rights" to diversity. The government will not help white students move from (inner-city) black schools to (suburban and private) schools that are predominantly white. Whites do not have a "right" to remain white. We do, however, share a need for diversity. Therefore, the government may choose to move white students from predominantly-white schools to black (inner-city) schools, to help everybody's diversity. When asked why he chose to join the Republican Party, Paige answered, "Because the [Southern] Democrats were the ones lynching my people." Not only was that a racist remark, but it looks like Paige is still determined to "get even."

The primary objective of Roderick Paige and the Education Department is to "eliminate the achievement gap" -- meaning the IQ differential between whites and negroes. There are three ways to accomplish this goal: (1) advance the negro, (2) hold back the white, and (3) promote miscegenation. The federal government will use ALL of the above to achieve its goal. Now review the chapter Primary Education from my book, Beyond Conspiracy.

And please don't forget to visit the Education Page in the Research Library to broaden our list of players. Learn about the "Renaissance Group". Nothing has changed, except the party in charge. Their programs are the same.

Heads up, people. The Bush education program is pushing us in exactly the opposite direction to where we ought to be going. "Billions for morons but not one cent for genius." As one teacher remarked during a PBS call-in, "You give me a class with a median IQ of 70, and then blame me if they don't learn." Bush's education plan is a Trojan horse. Its objective is more school integration, more busing, and more Equal Outcomes. Whites may rise no higher than the negro. The purpose of national testing is to institute an inclusive "National" Core Curriculum. The next generation of white children will have negroes and Mexicans teaching them about the moral superiority of black and hispanic history and culture. Won't they do well!

A "National" Core Curriculum?

DoE 2000 & 2001 Plans: It would appear the plans for the massive DoE had been set for the next 4 years ... as of September, 2000. It's going to take a while -- perhaps a very long while -- to turn this ship around. Inclusive Education is here to stay.

Guide to DoE Programs & Resources: What's this -- didn't I tell you so?

Texts and articles by/about Dr. Roderick Paige, Secretary of Education. Nothing by him, of course. The guy is just a monkeyball coach.

The High School Massacres: Doesn't anybody get it, yet?

HISD Anonymous Caller TipLine

Paige is also a big proponent of school safety and has instituted one of the toughest zero-tolerance policies in all of Texas. In the mid-'90s, several principals were failing to enforce the federally mandated zero-tolerance policy for dangerous or disruptive students to avoid paperwork and legal hassles with parents. Paige changed that by linking principals' contracts, in part, to their ability to effectively carry out discipline. His critics counter this has created a perverse incentive for principals to expel or suspend large numbers of students.

As a trustee and an officer of the Board of Education of the Houston Independent School District from 1989 to 1994, Dr. Paige coauthored the board's A Declaration of Beliefs and Visions, a statement of purpose and goals for the school district that called for fundamental reform through decentralization, a focus on instruction, accountability at all levels, and development of a core curriculum. A Declaration of Beliefs and Visions was the catalyst that launched the ongoing, comprehensive restructuring of HISD.

Children First CEO America: the lobby behind Roderick Paige. Site has excellent search engine. Their prime objective appears to be continuing school integration by means of private vouchers. See Robert Reich: "My liverwurst scheme is designed to get more money to poor kids and break up concentrations of poor kids in the same institutions."

Houston Independent School District HISD

HISD Declaration of Beliefs and Visions

Judith A. Winston: Under Secretary

Ms. Judith A. Winston, of Washington, D.C., has served as General Counsel at the Department of Education since 1993 and will continue to serve concurrently in that capacity. From 1997 to 1998, Ms. Winston served as Executive Director to the President's Initiative on Race. Ms. Winston resumed her leadership as General Counsel to the Department of Education in January 1999. Before joining the Administration, Ms. Winston was an Associate Professor of Law at American University where she taught civil procedure and civil rights. She worked as a lawyer on a variety of civil rights, race, and gender equality issues while serving as Deputy Director for Public Policy at the National Partnership for Women and Families, formerly the Women's Legal Defense Fund, in Washington, DC. Formerly, Ms. Winston was Deputy Director of the Lawyer's Committee for Civil Rights Under Law and Assistant General Counsel for Education Equity at the Department of Education. She was Executive Assistant and Legal Counsel to the Chairman of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Special Assistant to the Director of the Office for Civil Rights in the former United States Department of Health, Education and Welfare.

Ms. Winston received her B.A. from Howard University and J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center.

The Under Secretary at the Department of Education works with the Secretary and the Deputy Secretary on management policy and operations, and represents the Department on the President's Management Council. As a principal advisor to the Secretary, the Under Secretary works with the Secretary and Deputy Secretary on strategic initiatives that help define a broad, coherent vision for achieving the National Education goals and the Secretary's priorities.


Frank S. Holleman is still Deputy Secretary of Education, I think. How can we tell?

15-Mar-2001: President George W. Bush today announced his intention to nominate Gene Hickok to be Under Secretary of Education. He presently serves as the Secretary of Education for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, a position he has held since his appointment by Governor Tom Ridge in 1995. Before his appointment, he was the Director of the Clarke Center for the Interdisciplinary Study of Contemporary Issues and a Professor of Political Science at Dickinson University.

Office of Secretary & Deputy Secretary and yet another maze within the Department of Education.

Office of Personnel Management. Is this the job of the management Council? Who's in charge here?

Plum Book Executive and Administrative Appointments. Sept. 2000 edition, published every 4 years?

Who's on FirstGov? What's on second? I dunno's on third. The FirstGov board of directors draws members from the President's Management Council and the CIO Council.

Manhattan Institute and "Compassionate Conservatism."

Manhattan Institute Scholars

Myron Magnet, Sol Stern, Robert Husock, Chester E. Finn, Floyd Flake, David Frum, Stephen Goldsmith, Jay Greene, Kay Hymowitz, Tamar Jacoby, William Stern, Roger Starr, Walter Olson and Peter Salins.

"Compassionate conservatism does represent a break with national Republican programs of the past. But far from being an empty slogan, it is a well-formed domestic policy agenda. At its core is concern for the poor -- not a traditional Republican preoccupation -- and an explicit belief that government has a responsibility for poor Americans." — Myron Magnet, What Is Compassionate Conservatism? The Wall Street Journal, February 5, 1999

(Affirmative Action) Workfare: "The poor need the larger society's moral support; they need to hear the message of personal responsibility and self-reliance, the optimistic assurance that if they try -- as they must -- they will make it. They need to know, too, that they can't blame 'the system' for their own wrongdoing." — Myron Magnet

"Comcons know that having safer neighborhoods is the one thing that most improves the lives of the poor. The activist policing that slashed New York City's overall murder rate has reduced murder even more in crime-ridden poor minority neighborhoods ..." — Myron Magnet

"Finally, comcons like immigrants. They admire their energy and enterprise, which have revitalized vast swathes of New York and Los Angeles. The only danger is that this enthusiasm has sometimes led comcons to back policies that promote separatism and dependency, such as bilingual education or welfare benefits for immigrants. What made the urban immigration of yesteryear so successful is that immigrants universally came seeking opportunity to work, and they dreamed of becoming part of the American community." — Myron Magnet

U.S. Treasury homepage.

Office of Multilateral Development Banks at the U.S. Treasury Department. Files are in Adobe format.

World Bank Group

World Bank Institute

The Global Knowledge Partnership: The work of the Global Knowledge Partnership is coordinated by a small secretariat, currently located at the World Bank Institute.

Mark Weinberger to be an Assistant Secretary of the Treasury.

16-Mar-2001: The President intends to nominate Samuel Bodman to be Deputy Secretary of Commerce. He is currently the Chairman and CEO of Cabot Corporation in Boston, Massachusetts. Before joining Cabot Corporation, he served as the President, Chief Operating Officer and a Director of FMR Corp. Mr. Bodman earned his B.S. from Cornell and his Ph.D. from MIT.

13-Mar-2001: Dov Zakheim, of Maryland, to be Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller).

01-Mar-2001: The President intends to nominate Viet Dinh to be Assistant Attorney General for Legal Policy.


"The first impression that one gets of a ruler and of his brains is from seeing the men that he has around him. When they are competent and faithful one can always consider him wise, as he has been able to recognize their ability and keep them faithful. But when they are the reverse, one can always form an unfavorable opinion of him, because the first mistake that he makes is in making this choice."

Machiavelli, Chapter 22
Of the Secretaries of Princes

George Bush and his "negro cabal-eros" -- Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice and Roderick Paige -- are not intellectuals. They are neither thinkers nor leaders. They are salespersons, and their jobs are PR. Their schedules are kept so busy, their appearances so frequent, they have't the time to think. They "perform."

The questions next arise, "Who does the thinking and what is their agenda?"

The answer, if you haven't guessed, is the Executive Secretariat. These are the powers behind the throne, and they coordinate government policy with think-tanks and universities.

Their agenda is clear. America (our homeland) has been chosen to be the prototype and prime agent for their New World Order. By "giving" America to the world, they seek to incorporate the world within America, "expand" the "Imperial Power" to encompass the world, and then "contract" the whole edifice into the New World Order.

That's why they have flung our borders open to world migration. That's why they have filled our universities with aliens. America belongs to the world. We are the gift that will entice the world into slavery. That is pure Marxism: "Everything belongs to everybody."

I have a problem with that. Nobody asked us if they could do this with our country. They just went ahead and did it. As Marx said, "The working class have no country. We cannot take from them what they do not own."

The last phase of the Hegelian Dialectic is now being acted out. The Democrats represent NGOs. The Republicans represent multinational corporations, who are the financiers of the NGOs. Either way, we lose.

I told you so: "Don't vote for anyone who cannot answer the Six Questions to our satisfaction." If these questions are not being asked, this means our elections are being rigged. It means the real issues are being suppressed. If we know this is happening, we should refuse to participate, because voting is a sign of approval, not one of dissent. So you're happy Bush won, are you? You voted for it. You got it. America is terminally ill, and you can feel proud that you had a hand in her demise.