Hey Ruppert: 9-11 is NOT Dead!
by Victor Thorn

wtc toppleWith an ego so overblown it defies description (or possibly an indication of something even more sinister), Mike Ruppert — and Mike Ruppert alone — has declared that 9-11 is now a dead issue.

If you don’t believe me, here is what Ken Levine (Ruppert’s publicist) wrote on January 19, 2005 for From the Wilderness in reference to Ruppert’s speech at the University of Washington on January 15, 2005: "Ruppert explained to them that although the 9-11 cause is still alive it is no longer useful as a political tool by activists. The window on 9/11 has closed. Simple as that."

The first question everybody should now be asking is: Who the hell does Mike Ruppert think he is, and who gave him the authority to close the case on 9-11? As Lisa Guliani said: "Is Ruppert going to tell the victims’ families that 9-11 is now a thing of the past; or that they should focus their attention on something of far greater importance — like peak oil?" What audacity. What nerve. What cold-hearted callousness. How does this guy even remotely think that he can speak for the rest of us, especially all the 9-11 researchers who have tirelessly strived to get to the bottom of this despicable mass murder?

Well, Mr. Ruppert, I have news for you. 9-11 is NOT dead, and when my book 9-11 on Trial is released next month, you’ll see why. By culling together data from scores of the best 9-11 researchers around, we now have undeniable, definitive proof that there was zero possibility that the World Trade Center towers collapsed from either the impact of jet planes, or the resulting jet fuel fires. Zero chance. And we’ve now proven it! Better yet, we haven’t used even one "conspiracy theory" in doing so. Rather, we’ve utilized mathematical equations, physics, scientific formulas, physical evidence, the laws of nature, and expert testimony to reach our conclusion.

Please take a moment and think about what we’re telling you — the WTC towers did not collapse due to jet fuel fires or from crashing jetliners. And now it’s all proven in one place.

With that in mind; let me ask everyone a question: how can 9-11 be an issue we should ‘look beyond’? It’s absurd, and Mike Ruppert should be absolutely ashamed of himself for even considering such a preposterous notion, let alone uttering it before a live audience. Those in attendance should have booed him off the stage.

But y’see, I’m not surprised by Ruppert’s pronouncement, because this man has done more to steer people away from getting to the bottom of what happened to the WTC towers than anyone else. He did so in Crossing the Rubicon by diverting everyone’s attention with his war-games limited hang-out. What precisely do I mean? Well, no one is denying that war games took place on the morning of 9-11, and no one is denying that our military stood-down. No one is even surprised that Dick Cheney was one of the individuals behind it.

But here is the crux issue of 9-11: war games did not cause the World Trade Center towers to physically collapse, and a military stand-down did not cause the World Trade Center towers to physically collapse. Therefore, what if Dick Cheney appeared on television tonight and admitted: "Yes, Mike Ruppert was correct. I was in charge of the war games, and because of the confusion created by them, our military was compelled to stand-down and not intercept the incoming jetliners. So, because of our INCOMPETENCE (yes, the ‘incompetence angle’), those pesky terrorists careened their hijacked airliners into the World Trade Center towers, and that’s what brought them down."

Can’t you see what is taking place here? It’s an unadulterated limited hang-out that, if ever played out like a trump card, still reinforces the government’s official version of events that 19 Arab hijackers planned and carried out the 9-11 attacks; thereby removing all blame from them. But that’s not what really happened. Being that burning jet fuel couldn’t have brought down the towers, the jetliners striking WTC 1 and WTC 2 was merely a pretext for the deliberate demolition of these structures! That’s the bottom line to 9-11.

Ruppert’s limited hang-out is the oldest trick in the book, and I can’t believe how many people have fallen for it. But what Ruppert doesn’t want you to do (thus he diverts your attention) is to look at what actually caused the physical collapse of the WTC towers. More importantly, if that part of the government’s version of events is undeniably proven false, the entire "myth" begins to crumble. This is precisely why they’ve gone to such great lengths to steer you away from this crucial point.

With this information in mind, how can 9-11 be dead, as Mike Ruppert asserts? How could we ever, in good conscience, turn our backs on this event and ‘move forward’ as Ruppert suggests? It would be a betrayal of the greatest magnitude. All I can say right now to Mike Ruppert is: you can close the door on 9-11 if you want to, but Lisa Guliani and I will never, until our last dying breath, leave this issue behind, and that’s a promise.

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