U.S. to Criminalize Trade in Vitamins

In April this year Congress passed and the president signed into law the Health Insurance Bill. Unbeknown to most of us this bill contained what is termed a "rider" which sneaked draconian measures past an unsuspecting public.

The rider was not from the FDA but from the United Nations World Health Organization Codex program.

These new provisions empower the FDA to close down all health food stores and to require that all of us obtain a medical doctor's prescription for vitamins, herbs and other food supplements.

SPIRAL, the Society for the Protection of Individual Rights and Liberties reports that the FDA is presently working on the implementation of this new law. The "rider", which will likely cause the eventual closure of health food stores across the country, is part of the United Nations W.H.O. Alimentarious Commission's program to control all food supplements worldwide. Its provisions have already been imposed in Norway where already half their health food stores have been forced to close.

UN provisions under the W.H.O. program declare amounts of Vitamin C in excess of 250 mg, for example, to be a drug. So don't be surprised to see the D.E.A. swat teams practising "dynamic entry techniques" in the middle of the night to seize your 1000 mg vitamin C capsules.

From Freedom Network News (June/July 1996, page 5), the newsletter of ISIL, the International Society for Individual Liberty, 1800 Market Street, San Francisco, California 94102, tel: (415) 864-0952, fax: (415) 864-7506

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