DEA Raid on Shulgin Laboratory

Sasha Dear Friends of Sasha and Ann:

You may or may not know that the Drug Enforcement Agency along with various other Federal, State and local agency representatives showed up unannounced, with search warrants, at Sasha and Ann's home in Lafayette, California, on October 27, 1994. There were approximately thirty persons in the raiding party along with eight vehicles that included a fire engine and marked police cars. The stunned Shulgins were informed that this was not a criminal action, but rather an "administrative investigation" to determine if Sasha was in regulatory compliance with the many stipulations of his DEA license that allows him to be in possession of, and to work with, Schedule I substances. Administrative and environmental infractions were found; as can be easily imagined in a former basement, now laboratory, that is as well known for its pet spiders as for its cornucopia of important research, and its seemingly unending creation of new molecular structures. And it's also fair to say that housekeeping is not one of Sasha's big priorities.

The DEA has now made its findings and taken the following action: 1) To terminate Sasha's license that allows him to work with Schedule I materials. 2) To fine him $25,000.00. The termination of the license seems "justifiable," given the rather long list of record keeping and administrative infractions. What is puzzling, however, is that in over 15 years of being licensed two prior, friendly, that is announced and scheduled, surveys and reviews of the very same lab and records produced no adverse comment. This, of course, was before the publication of PHIKAL.

The fine is attributed to a collection of unsolicited "anonymous drug samples" that people had sent to Sasha with the hope that he might test them sometime. There are those who think that such a testing program is beneficial. The DEA does not, and expressly forbids a licensee from doing so. The allowable fine is $25,000.00 per sample. Sasha and Ann have paid the fine, and have paid out another $15,000 in legal and related expenses. This $40,000 has come out of their retirement funds at very near the time that they are needed. Over Sasha's initial protest, a trust account has been set up, and a mail box rented. You may send your contributions to:

Alexander T. Shulgin Trust
Box 322
343 Soquel Ave.
Santa Cruz, CA 95062

[The address should be Box 322, 343 Soquel Ave., etc., not *PO* Box 322.]

Please make your checks or money orders payable to: Alexander T. Shulgin Trust.

If you would like your contribution to be anonymous please say so and the trustee will honor your request. All other contributors will be acknowledged by return mail and placed on a list to be given to Sasha and Ann. The trust will be maintained for one year, and monthly or periodic contributions are more than welcome.

You are requested to pass on, post, circulate, and distribute this notice., trustee

From the Bulletin of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies,
Summer 1996, Volume VI, Number 5, page 75.

Date: Sun, 17 Nov 1996

Dear Friends of Sasha and Ann:

As of November 15, 1996 we have raised a total of $28,598 or 71% of our goal of $40,000. This is a $3,085 increase over report number *7*. Contributions and loving well-wishes continue to come in from around the Globe. A special thank you to the anonymous donor from the Pacific Northwest who has faithfully tendered a monthly contribution from the start of the Fund.

The Fund has also been receiving multiple amounts (10 or so) of contributions in pre-addressed envelopes which contain the following message on the back of the envelope:

          "Sasha Shulgin's passion has enriched our lives.
           Now is our chance to thank him.
           Help him pay his recent legal fees:
           make your check payable to:
           Alexander T. Shulgin Trust."
Trustee wishes to thank the so-far-anonymous distributor of these envelopes, report that they are effective, and extend an honorary grade of A+ for creativity.

On the housekeeping side the only expense to the Fund to date resulted from ordering a "For Deposit Only..." stamp from the Trust's bank. When charge of $28.26 showed up for said stamp, trustee suggested to otherwise wonderfully cooperative bank officer that for that price it should have contained an electric motor.:-).

Details: Address should be Box 322, 343 Soquel Ave. etc. not *PO* Box 322. Box is at a Mail Boxes Etc. store not Post Office and the Post Office is getting a little testy; as in delaying delivery. So far no notice that they've actually "returned-to-sender".

Please pass on, post, circulate, and distribute this notice., trustee

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