Cocaine Politics — Drugs, Armies
and the CIA in Central America
by Peter Dale Scott and Jonathan Marshall
University of California Press, 1991
ISBN 0-520-07781-4 (ppb.)
ISBN 0-520-07312-6 (alk. paper)

"Cocaine Politics tells the sordid story of how elements of our own government went to work with narcotics traffickers, and then fought to suppress the truth about what they had done. The ways and means by which U.S. government officials joined forces with cocaine criminals, and then engaged in a largely-successful cover-up to hide the truth, are meticulously documented by Marshall and Scott, making Cocaine Politics essential reading for anyone interested in understanding the real Iran/Contra story."

--- Jonathan Winer, Counsel, Kerry Subcommittee on Terrorism and Narcotics

"This important, explosive report forcefully argues that the 'war on drugs' is largely a sham, as the U.S. government is one of the world's largest drug pushers... Scott and Marshall call for immediate political action to end Washington's complicity. Their heavily documented book deserves a wide audience."

--- Publishers Weekly

"[Scott and Marshall's] account of the various interlocking connections between the Contras, Manuel Noriega in his earlier incarnation as CIA henchman and the agency itself is unlikely to be bettered soon."

--- David Rieff, New York Newsday

"Combing through hundreds of documents, conducting interviews with government officials, journalists, mercenaries and drug dealers, Scott and Marshall piece together the complex picture of the convoluted contra-drug trafficking scandal, U.S. involvement in covering it up and how the entire episode mirrors past CIA handling of right-wing narcotics operations."

--- Louie Estrada, The Times of the Americas

"For the evidence that narcotics... have been instruments of U.S. foreign policy, you simply have to read Cocaine Politics. This, one the most enlightening books of the year, will redefine your usage of the silly term 'drug war'. When you see those two words from then on, you will think of a covert war financed by drugs."

--- Christopher Hitchens, The Nation

Peter Dale Scott is Professor of English, University of California, Berkeley and author of Coming to Jakarta: A Poem about Terror.

Jonathan Marshall, Economics Editor of the San Francisco Chronicle, is the author of Drug Wars: Corruption, Counterinsurgency and Covert Operations in the Third World.

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