The Politics of Consciousness

A review (by an unknown reviewer) of

The Politics of Consciousness: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom
by Steve Kubby
$18.95. ISBN 1-55950-133-2. 160 Pages. 8.5"x 11".
Loompanics Unlimited (P.O.Box 1197, Port Townsend, WA 98368).

Terence McKenna, author of Food of the Gods, says:

"I thought that The Politics of Consciousness brought the issue of drugs and freedom out of the closet and placed it where it needed to be, right in the middle of the turn of the millennium agenda of the American society. If the pursuit of happiness, enshrined in our nation's founding documents, means anything, it means the right to explore one's own mind using traditional substances and approaches. The Politics of Consciousness is long overdue and well done."

Kubby makes the argument that the War on Drugs is really a war on freedom of thought. He convincingly argues that our fundamental right to the pursuit of happiness includes the innate right to explore inner space - without government interference. In The Politics of Consciousness he illustrates methods by which the authorities have circumvented democracy through "illegal, unconstitutional sanctions on the use of psychoactive plants and substances and voices a fiercely patriotic rallying cry for a campaign of liberation that will enable us to recapture our freedom to think as we choose."

Books such as The Politics of Consciousness are important, especially in the aftermath of the passage of the Medical Marijuana Initiatives in California and Arizona on November 5th, 1996. And the importance of this book is that it gets the reader to think about what kind of "drug reform" we are willing to settle for. Will we merely allow the medicalization of marijuana -- as provided by these two initiatives -- and allow the Drug War to perpetuate itself on the majority of non-alcoholic recreational drug users who don't happen to have a note from their doctor. Or will we fight for adult Americans to have the sovereign right to responsibly use and cultivate any plant -- whether it be Cannabis, Peyote, Psilocybin or Ephedra. The Politics of Consciousness argues strongly for the latter case and I am confident that, after reading this book, you will too!

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