Message from Anne

Serendipity's pages often contain writing on controversial subjects, so this site has its detractors as well as its supporters. For example, Alan Brown, of Lancashire, England, wrote last year: "You witless piece of shite [sic]. Why don't you stop dreaming up new global conspiracy theories and open your eyes instead?" And Michael Goldman, who disagrees with the page on Zionism, recently wrote to inform me as to "what kind of pig" I am. Other pieces of hate mail are too scatological for public display, but are definitely the product of sick minds. Of course, living in Bush's America for years is enough to drive anyone crazy, but in some people this manifests itself in a very pathological form.

Fortunately a letter of praise sometimes comes along. Here is one received around the end of January 2006.

Dear Peter,

I found your site very informative. I'm a woman in my 40s who's been smoking pot nearly every day for 30 years. During that time I've had two beautiful, healthy, smart children by natural childbirth, earned bachelor's and master's degrees from fine schools with honors, held numerous demanding, professional jobs, and otherwise maintained a completely "normal" and "successful" life despite the fact that I use cannabis daily.

My father was an alcoholic manic-depressive who was dead from drink before he was my age. I don't for the life of me understand why the drug that killed my dad is legal but the drug that keeps me healthy and sane (I am in perfect physical health and quite fit for my age) is not.

I also lived in Amsterdam for six years and so I know for a fact that legalization of soft drugs does not destroy a country, to the contrary, it frees up the police to deal with REAL crime (and Holland has hardly any of that).

I totally agree with you about WHY certain drugs are illegal, who profits from their illegality, and what the real reasons are for the war on people who use certain drugs. I am grateful to people like you who print the truth for all to see.

Thank you Peter,


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