WACO: FLIR video
Preliminary Review
By Ian Goddard

I've just viewed the FLIR (Forward Looking Infra-Red) video 
shot from a helicopter over Mt Carmel in Waco, TX on April 19, 
93; the final day of the Waco siege. This is the video reported 
to show gunshots being fired into the Mt. Carmel Center as the 
fire breaks out and shortly before.

These FLIR gunshots where spoken of by former Attorney General 
Ramsey Clark, who will defend the Davidians in upcoming trails
for wrongful death. I've taken this on faith of Ramsey and many
experts that the FLIR does show gunshots.  Well I saw it for
myself yesterday and there's no question about it. I had the 
feeling beforehand that the shots might look like: "Ya, well, 
maybe they're gunshots."  Nope.  It could not more obvious !!

The shots come from several points of origin very close to the 
building, within about 50 feet or less. The flashes on the FLIR 
video (where heat = brighter and cold = darker) are pure white and 
their shape has length with the widest portion being closest to the 
what stands to reason is a gun muzzle tapering to a point furthest 
from the muzzle, indicating that the shots are fired AT the building.
The muzzle flash/streaks are sporadic. At one point appearing to
be full automatic. They are most frequent as the fire increases.

The tanks move around the points from which the shots emanate 
in such a way as to eliminate the possibility that they could be 
Davidians who had ventured outside to fire on the tanks. The shots 
are never pointed at the tanks, and like I said, the form and motion 
of the flashes indicate that they were fired at the building.  All 
this firing occurred around the back. The media once had a view to 
the back, but I understand that the media was removed from that 
point of view shortly before April 19.

I spoke with a survivor of the fire, David Thibodeau, who told
me that the FBI tanks shoved debris that included broken wood,
glass, and torn sharp-edged sheet metal all along the back walls
of the Mt Carmel center on the last day. This served to block 
most doors and make any window jump a sure death trap. They did,
however, apparently leave one open area that can be seen on the
video.  It's toward this area, which must have been the best 
escape route, that most shots are fired.  There were openings 
around the front, but there was almost always tanks going deep 
inside them, or hanging around them -- not a very inviting exit,
and at the same time, perfect wind channels to feed a fire.

This open area around back where most shots were focused was 
approximately right next to the door to the concrete "bunker," 
or store room, where over 40 women and children died, many of 
whom, according to the pathologists, where crushed to death by 
the disintegrating concrete walls after a tank rammed the room. 
It seems that any of the women or children that would have tried 
to escape their tomb, were to be shot just as they exited. 

Several of the survivors said that they knew of many people 
who ran out the back, yet never survived. The survivors said 
that they believed these people were shot down, and they were
saying this about as soon as they were able to speak to those 
not detaining them. Not until this FLIR video was carefully
analyzed by experts was there any evidence for these claims.

There is also evidence that Mt Camel Center was under long-range 
gunfire as the fire broke out and shortly before. The FLIR shows 
what Dr. Edward F. Allard, an expert in radiation physics and 
thermal imaging, believes are bullets ricocheting off surfaces 
from very rapid-firing machine guns that are being discharged 
toward the building from a long distance. 

There is also video shot by the FBI that is on Linda Thompson's 
"Waco II: The Big Lie Continues," that shows the building in the 
background just as the fire is breaking out while FBI agents 
talk casually.  One can hear a series of gunshot "pops," each 
followed by an echo off the building. The physics of the acoustics 
dictate that these shots were fired from a distance towards the 
building. I've had one physicist and one engineer with overwhelming
physics education analyze this video and both independently confirmed
that the acoustics dictate shots at the building from a distance.

It is my theory that the small objects seen on the FLIR video 
from which the gun shots emanate, which are just a few feet away, 
are unmanned firing "robots" that where placed there from the rear 
opening door of one of the varieties of tanks that can be seen on
video in the early morning opening a draw-bridge-like door at the 
rear-end of the tank from which an agent walks out very near the 
building, it's my guess that it is one of the Bradley vehicles. 

Robot gunmen? Science fiction? Not at all. During the ATF/FBI 
massacre of the Weaver family in Idaho, they sent a small robot 
with tank-like treads for wheels up to the cabin. On it was mounted 
a shotgun and a phone. The FBI kept trying to get Randy Weaver to 
come out and pick up the phone. It stands to reason that he walks 
the earth today because he did not answer the FBI's call.

The primary reasons to believe that the shots come from unmanned
shooting units (probably equipped with motion sensors or perhaps
remotely operated cameras), is that the objects that shoot always
stay in one spot. After the fire breaks out the shooting becomes
more frequent, they do not move even as a wall of fire is perhaps
as close as 25 feet, but still not at the opening in the building 
that they shot at.  My local fire department burned down an old 
house here years ago for practice and I walked about 45 feet close
to it. The heat radiating from it at that distance was so massive
I thought the hairs on my face would burn off. No human could be
as close as those shooting objects are, which always assume only
one position; ergo, they must be mechanical shooting units like 
the one used by the FBI during the Weaver family massacre.

Also on the FLIR one can see what appears to be a burning object 
impaled in the outside wall at one of the spots where the fire 
starts. It stands to reason that this burning impaled object was 
fired from a tank that was not far from that spot.

Well that's my preliminary Waco FLIR analysis.

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