2002-10-16 Entry: "Bali Bombing — the real facts"

Bali Disco Bombing - Another US "Inside Hit."
Introducing the "Link" and "Pivot" bombs
Looks like another US Military/Intelligence Black Op
by voxfux

It’s not hard to find pieces of the puzzle that just don’t fit. That’s why the dark force spent years obliterating American’s critical capability. So that the pieces that just don’t fit — don’t even get noticed.

Here's a piece that doesn't fit.

They expect us to believe that the same Islamic Terrorists who supposedly masterminded the Sept. 11th attacks, (Arguably the most significant MILITARY strikes in the history of empires, shaking the very roots of the globe’s preeminent empire.) would blunder and bomb the disco containing Australians when a disco full of juicy Americans is probably just a few doors down the road?

One only has to spend an afternoon on the strip to find out which places would have a higher concentration Americans. Even Islamic terrorists can ask any Kuta vagrant which club has Americans in it. Or which hotel is chock full of American "Package Tourists."

And absolutely , positively, if Islamic terrorists were behind this attack, they would have gone straight to the places frequented by Americans, and bombed them first - Absolutely - Positvely.

So voxfux gives this attack, this months award for being, “The Most Suspicious Attack - Looking Most Like Just Another Clandestine US military/Intelligence Attack of the Month” award.

Since American journalist’s don’t have the courage or grey matter to make such obvious extrapolations, the biggest clues go completely unnoticed, unreported and uninvestigated. So forget about mainstream media. (Most US journalists have never even heard of the Northwoods memo - so the depth and magnitude of the ignorance is profound.)

News must now be almost entirely extrapolated by independent and trusted sources. A good source such as WWW.VOXNYC.COM or WWW.WHATREALLYHAPPENED.COM will have an 80% accuracy rate of extrapolation from the actual 1 or 2 percent of viable data gleaned from the semeiosphere of total bullshit. The other 20% of the 80% of correct extrapolation can be error. But that is still better than the near 95% of corporate news, which is as everyone now knows, pure fabrication, designed only to further an elite few’s industrialist goals, and take away every thing you own.

So if you believe the major media’s version of events - congratulations - you’re a big part of the “Problem.”

So, here’s what really happened:

Bali, the lush paradise which remained secluded for decades attracting a few backpackers and surfers has over the years succumbed to an influx of the worst of the spring break and package tourist crowd. Kuta beach, now a swarming tourist shithole, of this still stunning island paradise, is a steady lineup of souvenir hawkers, drug dealers and a gauntlet of McDonalds, pimps, Pizza Huts, American tourists, Wendys, Australian tourists, and KFC’s (I once counted 4 KFCs within eyeshot. Note: Colonel Sanders’ eyes have been altered so that he appears at both times Caucasian to Caucasian customers and Asian to Asian customers - check it out - the power of capitalism is remarkable.)

The average tourist necks are getting thicker and the buttocks bigger with each passing year.
(The two worst things that ever happened to the beautiful Hindu people and island of Bali - The Western tourists and the Muslim conquerors.)

Since many of Indonesia’s dregs (and quite a few from the west) pass through Kuta’s streets crowded with dope dealers, crooked cops, nightclubs, bars, Germans, whores, fast food joints, girly-boys, locals, etc. a terrorist would go little noticed. He wouldn’t even have to bother to cloak his Islamism, after all it is the Muslims from Java who operate the Kuta district, not the peaceful Hindu Balinesians. He would at least have the sympathies if not full scale support of some hard line religious group there. The point is that he could move freely enough to know the basic thing that everyone knows while visiting and partying in Kuta - who hangs out where - and he would have known that the Americans hung out in a different club. He would have had ample time to scope out and familiarize himself with the strip and know where the “Great Satans,” were, and bomb them first. If you believe the stories that it was an Islamic terrorist who bombed the disco it would be entirely possible that they could even have been locals or working with locals there, in which case, once again, they would certainly have known where the Americans were.

The bottom line is, anyone can find out where Americans are. So why would they bomb the Australians, who, compared with the Americans are less Antogistic with Al Queda? If it was Al Queda there would certainly be strong case to be made that any such production by an Al Queda sleeper cell there, would not go unnoticed by the real locals - Muslims - There would have to be someone there on the ground - a local Muslim - who assisted in the operation - Again making it highly unlikely that they would overlook a much juicer American target.

For a terrorist, the time and effort it takes to find out where the Americans hang out as opposed to where the Aussies hang out is NOTHING compared to the time it takes to construct and deploy a car bomb. Al Queda Terrorists who have the skills to pull off 911 type operations - would not have overlooked this detail.

Therefore reinforcing the extrapolation that Al Queda didn’t do it because they would NOT have overlooked the fact that there are easier and better targets of Americans in Bali than the Sari Nightclub. But the corporate media will not inform you of this fact.

Once again - Any Al Queda would bomb the Americans first before bombing the Aussies.

Right? I mean think about it people. Take some time and think about it. (If you have a shred of critical capability still intact, it all unfolds.)
Why would they bomb Aussies when the "Great Satan" is just a few doors down?

Answer: Maybe a covert US group did it.

Introducing the “Spin,” “Link,” and “Pivot,” Bombs.

Another bomb went off simultaneously with the disco bomb in a different part of the island. The American consular office was bombed simultaneously (where no one was hurt.). It is the exact same M.O. as the Twin Towers and Pentagon job. (The Pentagon hit serving roughly the same function as the Consular office in Bali.)

The Bomb at the consular office is called the “Link Bomb.” I will coin it as one word containing two capital letters - Because you are going to see many more LinkBombs in the near future. Designed to form multi-various linkages: It Bonds Australians with Americans in their time of sorrow, as both, “Victims under attack.” Also, it links the perpetrator to Islamic Terrorists and Al Queda. (As usual, with ZERO evidence linking the attacks to Al Queda, the State Department trumpeted the connection and the media dutifully relayed the lie directly to our brains.)

It links rage and anger of generations of Australian people who saw images of bloodied fellow Australians and scrolling lists of body counts on their TV to the “Evil of Islamic Terrorism.”. It is a Link-Bomb for certain. And it’s a SpinBomb too. It forces Prime minister Megawati’s hand to play Bushes geostrategic terror game. It forces them away from the vital tourist industry to play ball under the crushing thumb of oppressive debt and IMF restructuring for what remaining industries they do still have. It’s a SpinBomb in that it may reverse Australians resistance to Bushes aggressive global rampage. And it spins the entire country and people of Indonesia into a spiraling trap of an ever increasing military rule, which had after decades started to release its grip on that country.

It’s role is exactly as is the role of flight 77 (alleged to have slammed into the Pentagon.) Only the Pentagon plane is more a “Pivot Bomb” and only secondarily a spin or link bomb. It’s pivot/spin function is superb. Designed to fool onlookers to believe it is America which is under attack, and not America who is on the attack. It is a decoy designed to preempt any question which are bound to pop up in certain awake and aware analyst’s minds, that being of course, “Could the US be behind the attacks?” “Why of course not, see, the Pentagon got hit...


Unfortunately there’s only about 150 years of facts that demonstrate that this technique is standard operating procedure for US military planners. Attack yourself and people and blame your enemy. And trick your own people into conquering your enemies for you. The oldest trick in the book.

Come on people, the deployment and explosion of the Link&Spin bombs tells the WHOLE story. This bomb attack was designed to consolidate the thrust against Islam in the second most populous Islamic country, Indonesia. (130 million people)

Think about it. It just doesn’t make any sense that Al Queda would knowingly bomb young Australians - taking on a new enemy, after all Australia is the last remaining major English speaking population who DOES NOT SUPPORT Bushes New World Order of insider oil wars and arms deals? Why then would the Al Queda or any Islamic Terrorist try to inflame Australians? They’ve got enough on their hands with the Americans. It’s not logical that they would be anxious to take on new enemies.

Bush’ll try to tell you it’s, “Because they hate freedom.” But that line doesn’t work anymore. I’d say it’s more because US industrialists and US government have been fucking them over for a long time. The worlds population is under attack by the shadow government which is now running the entire US government. No, this car bombing was likely to be the handiwork of the same covert US forces who are raging forward with their plans of global conquest - They are not Islamic.

This bombing was likely by the same forces who did the Twin Towers. They are Anglos, for sure, who are masterminding these attacks. They exist at the pinnacles of secret societies and secret councils. These real controllers are never seen, there is always intermediaries between them and those who follow their orders. And even those like Presidents of the United States follow their orders directly yet are unaware of who they are. But you can bet they have billions of dollars more in their holdings than a lowly little American President. And you can bet that they use whole countries as mere instruments of their wishes.

Whatever ultimate name has been ascribed to them, be it, Illuminati, Knights of Malta, Freemasonry, Jesuits or any number of others, they exist as a real group of real men who really gather and plot such titanic power shifts. The disco bombing was surely perpetrated by the same US based covert intelligence group who masterminded the September 11th attacks. George Bush Sr. is a key figure in this group - He's involved but always through a trusted intermediary. Bush Sr. is merely an instrument for the religious order who commands the operations of this covert religous order which is Intertwined at the highest levels with US intelligence, military, industry and government. But this secret religous order who call the shots to our generals and Presidents, answers to an even higher power - the billionaire Industrialists and Banking Dynasties who are the ultimate holders of power on this planet. I suspect that In their last gasp at vitality, these knights of the New World Order, these dying Anglo geezer industrialists, will be clutching vaingloriously to Maltese Crosses, getting their last rocks off at our expense before thier long good bye - On this, the last of their industrio/religious crusades - this time against Islamic control of precious oil. When these geezers die (not soon enough) I suspect the whole petrochemical paradigm will die with them.

Their's is a world of superstition and ritual that even a child can see is silly. Their gowns, festooned with maltese croses, crests and heraldry of all sorts are romantic, futile, fatal gestures of mock vitality.

But for now, they are on the attack. If we resist. It will be their last. If we submit, they will continue until the earth consumes their bones. But know that we are under attack.

It is international in scope and has a huge base of support, supply and operations currently in the states of Texas and Florida. Former President George Bush Sr. is heavily linked to this group. Himself being an instrument for the religious order who commands the operations of this covert group. That religious order is itself subservient to an even higher group of multi billionaire industrialists and banking dynasties. At this level these billionaires command governments and religions to bend at their will. Controlling religious orders, intelligence organizations and countries such as the Catholic church, The CIA, The United States of America, Freemasonry, The M 16, Great Britain, Knights Templar, The Council on Foreign Relations, Israel, Pakistani Intelligence, Knights of Malta, KGB, Jesuits, Jews, Jehovah’s Witnesses, FBI, Southern Baptists and on, with a force proven to be more forceful than god - money.

Know Your Enemy.
Fight back.

Many in Indonesia Believe Bali Bomb was a CIA job

Bali Attack causes Shockwaves in S.E. Asia

Indymedia article on Bali inside job

Update: further stories added: 11/8/2002:

Here's a New York Times article that puts entire intellectual community of Indonesia under the catagory of "Conspiracy Theorists"

Click here for the CIA/CNN issued "Psy-op" cover up "lie" to counter the growing realization by Indonesians that the CIA did the Bali Blast

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Very nice analysis, vox. I had been there several years back (I assume that you've been there) and it is as you have described, pretty much there will be places heavily frequented by Australians and others by Americans. It, indeed does not make sense.
Thanks for the analysis.

P.S.What about the sniper?

Posted by Scholar @ 10/16/2002 03:30 PM EST

Right on as usual, vox.

Re sniper -- I figure it's same as all of rest of corporate "news" -- read "lies" and think manipulation, domination, abominaton.

Keep up the good fight!

Peace, K

Posted by Kathleen Beatty @ 10/16/2002 06:06 PM EST

Fuckin-A! Man. Why is there television news? Not a single mention on ANY of the major news programs of vox's extrapolation.
hat a hill of nothing, TV is.
Good work as always.
Thanks vox

Posted by Thomas Jefferson (Climaxing) @ 10/16/2002 06:39 PM EST

These are some very good points you raise voxfux. The problem is that there is nowhere to take your extrapolations to. Where are you going to take it to - the CIA? Who is going to do what needs to be done. Seems like the only people who have the courage to fight this evil force (The US Government) are ISLAMIC TERRORISTS.
Anyways thank you vox for being number one on my bookmarks.
Dynamo (Australian)

Posted by Dynamo @ 10/16/2002 09:01 PM EST

The speed and regularity at which they roll out these experts who say, "Yup, looks like Al Queda," Sure does ring of MILITARY PSY-OP.
Who is this latest Indonesian official who is suddenly taking the administration's line and is suddenly quoted in every single major media article as saying he now thinks it's Al Queda. It's like they get one insider to play ball then all the media says, "Well you heard it. He said it, and he's the defense minister." And how do we know he is not just a puppet or worse an idiot, who got led to make a statement which then was designed to be trumpeted throughout the media as proof. I don't give a fuck about the defense minister of Indonesia suddenly detirmining that it was definitely Al Queda. This was an American military style psychological operation from top to bottom.

Posted by JR Texas @ 10/16/2002 10:16 PM EST

Everything you have said is so true it's amazing great minds do think alike and know what's really happening out there. My heart goes out to the victims and to their families for what happened in Bali.I believe in karma and the bastards who were responsible for this will fucking well pay....from me and the rest of us Aussies

Posted by sandy @ 10/17/2002 05:07 AM EST

yeah, interesting analysis, but the only flaw is the fact that Australia is percieved down here in the region as being right behind george dubya. Our PM would love to lead the charge. All guns blazing. The majority of the country don't support him.

Posted by mc @ 10/17/2002 07:46 AM EST

yeah, interesting analysis, but the only flaw is the fact that Australia is percieved down here in the region as being right behind george dubya. Our PM would love to lead the charge. All guns blazing. The majority of the country don't support him.

Posted by mc @ 10/17/2002 07:46 AM EST

Yeah, first thing I thought on hearing about it was 'US job'. Then I got thinking about how this would take the focus off Iraq and questioned my assumption. Then I remembered Mein Kampf - sorry, the Bush Doctrine. The media is absolutely fucking disgusting and their logic is entirely along the lines of "although this is not proven it IS scientific fact!".

Remember Hassan-i-Sabbah

Eat when you're hungry, sleep when you're tired, wake when you're through dreaming...

Posted by Antipholus Paps @ 10/17/2002 07:59 AM EST

The BBC has reported traces of C4 explosive of U.S. origin at the Bali bombing site. Rather than the twisted logic of "black market acquisition by Islamic terrorists" it makes a lot more sense to me that this was done by the CIA or their operatives. Thanks, Vox!

Posted by Norm @ 10/17/2002 10:09 PM EST

Hey, all of us from LibertyThink.com just wanted to say: Keep up the good work.

- valis

Posted by valis @ 10/18/2002 12:58 AM EST

Keep up the good work...at least theres somebody saying it how it is.... regards from the isle of wight

Posted by carl @ 10/18/2002 01:06 PM EST

Interesting stuff - makes me also wonder why anybody from Islam would bomb a French supertanker. Hell, the French have been anti-Israel/pro-Palestine as late. These recent targets do not make sense.

Posted by Stephen @ 10/18/2002 02:02 PM EST

Undecided about this whole conspiracy thing. However if it was a bomb designed to change public opinion Europeans esp Germans would have been a far better target. Personally I just think whatever the terrorists do will be used by Bush and Co to justify whatever they want to do it. Oh and they will provoke these things to be done. Far more subtle a strategy I reckon.

Also how many US were in Indonesia of late, weren't they warned by there government to stay away? Would surely make Oz bars a better target.

I've seen something about a small nuclear device being used for this. Sometimes it is hard to know how plausible each conspiracy theory is.

Posted by Will @ 10/18/2002 02:30 PM EST

The Kuta Beach description is right on, however I cannot imagine the Catholic Church and The Knights of Templar, sworn enemies, to be conspiring together!

Posted by Heywood Djblome @ 10/18/2002 04:11 PM EST

as regards the bali bombing, yup thee first instinct I got was well that's the south axis ov evil covered now!!!!! shame to waste all those ausie soldiers and navy, might as well give them a reason to fight a phony war on phony terrorists. Thats almost the entire globe, top 2 bottom involved in a media clusterfuk.

one more arm ov thee octopuss pulling in its tentacles ov terror.

as regards the sniper, thee same conclusion comes to mind....stay afraid, stay very afraid, I used to hate americans, now I realise that they really are living in fear and manipulated by fear, I now feel sorry for those who believe the media, thanx to people like u a lot more americans are my freinds.
....don't let the bastards grind u down.

Posted by amoeba @ 10/18/2002 06:01 PM EST

This certainly is a interesting civil discussion about the tragedy, I believe might be the Republican’s “October Surprise” to persuaded jelly headed voters to support them in the upcoming election. The fact that it happened way over there, and the stock market is rallying makes Jr. look good. Some might think the terrorists are afraid to strike the homeland with W on guard. W has not mention the DC sniper who coincidently has kill 9 with 11 shots. The media whores are very careful not mentioning the 9/11 ratio. I know this doesn’t prove the sniper is an Islamic terrorist but it is interesting how the whore factories in the US have ignored it.

About the Bali bombings, Dan Rather on the CBS evening news said something like: as incredible as it may seem there is a large group in Indonesia that believe this act may have been perpetrated by the Americans. Sorry I don’t have the exact quote, that’s how I remember it. I still somewhat trust Dan Rather.
Great piece keep up the good work freedom fighters.
My family sends our deepest sympathies to the Australians.

Posted by WormWood @ 10/18/2002 07:03 PM EST

Sorry,but the reference to Masonry
just does not add up. As a Mason I
find it rather of an insult and then to add other groups of a similar nature, into your well reasoned arguement, seems to be stirring controversy for the sake of it. Until then I would have said you were probably not far off the mark.

VOX RESPONSE ANNOTATION: One Question? Are you a 33rd degree mason? If not then I suggest that you know very little about the true nature of what they do at the highest levels of Masonry. It is not my concern what lower level masons believe is the true nature at the very highest levels of the order, my only concern is what those at that very higest level think is the true nature of the order at the highest levels. And who they take their orders from. (Hint: It may not be God. It might even be a multibillionaire.) Sorry, but there is very direct linkages between masonry and some of the "Problems" throughout history. I'm a historian and investigator, I'm just doing my job and the evidence is quite damning.
There's an old expression: Where there's smoke, there's fire.
Lot's of smoke swirling around the masons. Plus I think men who gather in dresses bearing outdated semiological references to past conquistadores (coats of arms, maltese crosses, etc.) are rather silly and frankly embarrassing. That's just my opinion.
Good luck with your freemasonry though.
My grandfather was a freemason and was a sweet sweet man.
However I do not believe he was a 33rd degree mason.
Regards Vox

Posted by steve @ 10/19/2002 02:44 AM EST

Our condolences, too, go to the families. We're astounded that the majority of the population has fallen for the lie YET AGAIN. The phantom 'Bin Laden', the phantom 'terrorists'. FOLLOW THE MONEY, PEOPLE. The facts are there for all to see, yet, people again have been blinded by their emotions and have neglected to follow the money. Time is running out, people. Read, think, investigate....don't foolishly swallow the shit being rammed down our throats by the mainstream media or the U.S. Government.

Posted by ken @ 10/19/2002 03:59 AM EST

I am soooo grateful that we live in a time when one can free think!! Maybe this is analogy is correct (or part thereof)or maybe not, but one thing is for sure - It's all tied to oil/consumerism/global-industrialism and what should we do about this?? Walk and start riding your bike!! My heart goes out to all who lost family - I apologize for the way the world is today. Karma - right on!!!

Posted by Justice @ 10/19/2002 08:41 AM EST

maybe in the middle east they will save us from the rein of terror from Bush and Blair, should they be the only ones who live in fear? no we have democracy (demo crazy) our votes are counted, (erm were bushes?) I feel sic looking at media images of the poor people of Iraq, looking so down trodden and oppresed? sniper (bushes latest tool) will do the job, Blair will fuel the Sun's readers into a Hate of any muslim or asian looking joe and soon we will have the new world order, full of puppets stamping us down. p.s the inocent victims have no voices, "burn hollywood burn"

Posted by zimmer @ 10/19/2002 01:59 PM EST

As references to the hidden government recur, I'm reminded of the Christic Institute. Under its organizing attorney, Sheehan, it was getting close to identifying the wierd brand of mafiosi involved, especially with the Iran-Contra Scandal. So a federal court in Miami (natural place) put the Christics out of business. We need Sheehan to come front and center again and revive the Christic Institute. - G. Beres

Posted by george Beres @ 10/19/2002 07:28 PM EST

One would think by now that most people in America smell something funny about the whole mess.Let's
face it;CIA,Mossad- whomever may be some sort of an elite crowd but they are still Human and as such are still prone to making mistakes no matter how hard they try to be
'Covert'. That bombing in its timing alone tells much as does the other acts of "Terrorism" that this is much more than the mainstream media would like us to belive. When I saw how severe the blast was and its geographic location bells went off but I wasn't sure as to why.Thanks for the great post by all - the picture is getting very clear.

Posted by Will K. @ 10/19/2002 08:15 PM EST

c'mon sheeple! This is Israel's war, they want the mesopotamian valley back, they want the palestinians, those "bugs" out of Israel, they want the us to run their proxy war, read the protocols ( We will use the armies of America and Japan and china..."), and we're all pawans running zig zag into costco to avoid the shots of the mossad snipers...we're fucked, and there's not a thing we can do about it; 911 and bali were pulled off by the same people; c-4 and semtex explosives...

The mossad are brilliant and will stop at nothing to realize their vision of global domination...

let them have their war, they'll all get gassed and blown to bits by the warriors of Iraq. The americans are fucking cowards and their army of volunteer white trash can't take anyone on; they've never been tested, and judging by the obesity/barreness of the american populace , we will get our asses kicked over there.

Hey George, how about that economy?
Got any solutions?

Maybe you Ken Lay, Osama and Prick Cheney can hash out a solution behind closed doors...

cause this country is going down the tubes quickly.....america has become a cesspool of liars and cheats.

We're all palestinians now


Posted by freethehumanspirirt @ 10/19/2002 11:07 PM EST

...from where i stand the washington sniper and the bali bombs look like inside jobs by the federal terrorists, to justify the imposition of the new world order and marshall law everywhere. but dont start looking for a saviour, you might just find one in the UN, which is exactly what the want to happen next, so they can establish it as the federal government of the world, then they can fuck us all over the same way they fucked over america.

Posted by baz @ 10/19/2002 11:32 PM EST

p.s. they just busted the islamic leader in indonesia for masterminding the bali bombs, when are they going to bust the pope for what went on in ireland?

Posted by baz @ 10/19/2002 11:42 PM EST

This site reflects my exact sentiments. VOX... a great site and greater insights. In Oz some of us are not fooled by media propaganda trying to lure us into a war no one else wants apart from the two Bs. Thanks to freedom of speech through unregulated mediums such as the Internet and free enterprise magazines like Nexus we are encouraged to see that "all is not as it seems". Keep up the good work Vox.

Posted by Q.U.Allax @ 10/20/2002 02:03 AM EST

I would have to agree with your opinion on the world puppet media. Muslims were told 1400 years ago that something like this would occur. Believe me, these bombings are just the start of it. Soon, you will see the person responsible for all of this appear and he will sucker the majority of the world's population in with his words.
As an Australian born Muslim, it is easy to believe your claims that it was not the work of Islamic terrorists because if any one would take the time out to read the Quran, you will believe like me. If a Muslim does acts that are not in accordance with the Quran, then please don't label him/her a Muslim, fundamentalist, extremist etc He/she simply is not a Muslim. These sort of cruel acts are soooo opposed to the teachings of the Quran. Clear as day!!

Posted by Mohammed Taufiq @ 10/20/2002 04:09 AM EST

French oiltanker, Bali, sniper, 9/11, botched election all US ops

Posted by gee @ 10/20/2002 04:16 AM EST

Pretty good analysis but you are missing the Mossad connection completely for both 911, Bali, OKC, the first NYTT bomb, the 2 bombs in the London financial centre in 1993 ( a blackmail play, as are all the rest if you think about it...)

Check out the Joe Vialls page and SADM's



But your heart is in the right place vox-man. Good job!


Posted by andy @ 10/20/2002 05:33 AM EST

Stephen asked this question

Interesting stuff - makes me also wonder why anybody from Islam would bomb a French supertanker. Hell, the French have been anti-Israel/pro-Palestine as late. These recent targets do not make sense.

Posted by Stephen @ 10/18/2002 02:02 PM EST

the answer is here stephen




Posted by andy @ 10/20/2002 05:37 AM EST

If it were not for the link bomb at the US embassy, my suspicions would have been directed toward the Indonesians themselves. I believe they resent Australia's part in the East Timor independence battle. Australia had been turning a blind eye on Indonesian lead militias in East Timor until the independence referendum massacres where upon we belatedly inserted peacekeeping forces.

Another reader has questioned, if US bombs were intended to sway public opinion, why bother with Australia. Politically I think we are of little significance to the US however, from a military perspective, we play an important role for US satellite communications. The Pine Gap installation here gives the US vital coverage of the southern hemisphere. Bases such as Pine Gap and Diego Garcia serve military functions that would be protected by whatever means necessary.

The only part of the article I disagree with (already pointed out by mc) is the perception that Australia does not support Bush’s mad quest for Iraq. While this may be true for the people, our politicians have been shamefully compliant with the US agenda.

Posted by Armageddonangry @ 10/20/2002 06:01 AM EST

RE Masonary/Catholic church/Mossad

Great article Vox, keep up the good work.

Found these links below that might help stitch a few things together.

I mean this whole Bali thing has just added yet another dimension to this crazy propogation of the illusion of worlwide terrorism!!!

And I tell ya that I will just keep on rejecting the program that is being instigated against us and our nations.

Anyone in the US in doubt about the power of masonary,knights of malta etc, then you've had your eyes closed for too long. You just gotta look at your govt buildings etc in DC and Denver Airport and of course your very own dollar bill!!! (that will keep you busy)

I think also that the Mossad motto says it all...

'By way of deception, thou shalt do war'




Posted by TheRoach @ 10/20/2002 10:30 AM EST

i am SCARED. washingtons war party will stop at nothing. christians & jews uniting to form suicide bombers heaven - the end of the world. i can't stop tears bleeding from my eyes as busharon shoots children women & us in the head! isn't there ANY way we can stop them? the blood from your heart is in my hand...

Posted by peacegirl @ 10/20/2002 11:48 AM EST

I recently published an article called "Philip Adams, 9/11, the Memory Hole and Bali" on my website - see http://www.globalist.org/media_campaigns/abc/lnl/

It's mainly an account of my unsuccessful attempt to get one of Australia's leading broadcasters to look "under the rock" of 9/11.

I tried to get Adams interested in stories such as the US-based Israeli spy-ring; he consistently evaded the issue.

I'd be interested in accounts of similar (or more successful) experiences in Britain and elsewhere. In Australia, there has been almost a 100% mass-media blackout on these topics.

Even so, the majority of the Australian public don't want participation in any part of the Bush/Sharon 100 years war.

Yesterday, the Australian Greens won their first-ever seat in the Australian House of Representatives (lower house) in a massive endorsement of the Greens' antiwar stance.

From that base in public opinion, imagine how Australians might react if they become suspicious that 9/11 - and conceivably the Bali bombings as well - may NOT have been masterminded by 'Islamic extremists' ...

We need to turn the heat on the western mass media, IMHO.

The mass media's almost total silence on Zionist espionage and terror is just not acceptable.

Editors should see placard-bearing demonstrators outside their windows when they wake up in the morning, asking them how much longer before they run a story on the Israeli spy-ring?

Posted by Sid Walker @ 10/20/2002 12:12 PM EST

1) There is no evidence that Al Qaeda even exists in Indonesia other than the CIA-gained "confessions" of some recently uncovered "Al Qaeda mastermind."

2) If a radical Islamic group planted the Bali blast, it was the most self-destructive organization on the face of the Earth since Heaven's Gate. Radical Islamic fundamentalism is such a small, powerless minority in Indonesia (think: the 700 Club) that its cause can only be hurt by destabilizing the nascent democracy and returning to military rule--which would be the inevitable effect of continued terror in Indonesia (and which may already be inevitable).

3) There is a long and well documented history of the Indonesian military sponsoring "terrorism" in order to crack down on legitimate democratic opposition. These actions were implicitly sanctioned by the US which actively supported the Indonesian military dictatorship under Suharto with stationed troops, training and coordinated military exercises. Now Bush's Chickenhawks are seeking a renewed mil/intel relationship with Indonesia which has been resisted both by Megawati and human rights groups. Of course, the Bali blast has rendered this otherwise tricky and tenuous goal a fait accompli.

4) In the absence of any capable known terrorist group taking credit for its successful act of terrorism, the most likely perps are fascist elements within the ruling oligarchy. In the case of Indonesia, that means the Indonesian military (which would directly benefit from any destabilization), the Indonesian police force (which just received something like 100 million in aid from the US), or even some random US trained ex-Indonesian Air Force Lt. simply paid a few pieces of silver to execute the plans of Indonesian US intelligence assets.

Here is my current best guess as to what precipitated the Bali blast:

The US was afraid that the impending invasion of Iraq would empower fundamentalist Islamists in Indonesia such that they wouldn't be able to cozy up to the Indonesian military for another decade at least. So a plan was hatched to decapitate potential fundamentalist Islamic figureheads while creating a "state of emergency" that would ensure a swift renewal of US/Indonesian mil/intel ties. Now the invasion of Iraq can proceed as scheduled while gaining back instead of indefinitely losing a strategic Asian military relationship.

Posted by stickdog @ 10/20/2002 03:48 PM EST

I am an Australian born muslim and i want you to know that the majority of us share your views. Before the bali bombings, america was trying to force indonesia to join its war on 'terror'. Most muslims believe that this was definitely the work of the CIA or other intelligence groupS. Its aim is to force us to accept its evil New World ORDER. I just want George 'they tried to kill my daddy' Bush to know that we MUSLIMS are aware of his evil plans, and we will not bow down to the NWO. He can plot his evil plots but let him know that GOD is the best of plotters.
thankyou voxfux!

Posted by ali @ 10/20/2002 05:21 PM EST

Being an Australian I find it unfortunate to say that we are targets to the Muslims now that Mr. Howard (our Prime Minister) has made our Country a "mini-me" of the US.
Yes we all know Yanks are a pain in the arse for being the Global bullies, but they do have countries like us that follow them just for the sake of maintaining good relations. So no wonder Australia is a target.
Going to the most populous Muslim country for a surfing safari sounds like a bad idea now, but it never was before the US pissed off the Muslim world.
Now we have lost hundreds of innocent surfies and babes for nothing.
Now my Australian comrades have to march into Iraq to fight a war that is purely oil-related and only for the interests of the US.
You yanks are the reason why there is turmoil in this world at the moment.
Thanks USA for being such a big brother to Australia, fuckers.

Posted by yankhater @ 10/20/2002 06:42 PM EST

thanks for another good article...

can you tell me though why you have grouped the Jehovah's Witnesses in amongst the other organisations?

Arent they a non-profit, politically neutral group?

Posted by mamastinx @ 10/20/2002 07:08 PM EST

right on, your right. but beware of language. to freely use the term 'islamic terrorist' either to defend ot oppose a muslim standpoint is destructive. US/JEW ZIONISTS use this as a psych-op to subconciously enslave people in what they should be syaing as a matter of norm. I understand where your coming from, but using that term in itself is offensive and completely inaccurate and false. This is how they prey on unsuspecting people by putting these terms into our heads until we readily use them without thinking it offensive even when to make a point against the us/zionists. I hope you undertsand where I am coming from. Terms like al queda fighters/extremists whatever, but no need for 'islamic'. there is no nterrorism in Islam. Otherwise brilliant work, great stuff. keep it up. we all can help eachother attain the final goal of freedom. In solidarity

Posted by Asim @ 10/20/2002 07:30 PM EST

You are correct in your analysis. This again (as 9-11) was perpetrated by a covert operation of the CIA & Associates. Undoubtedly! The IMF, the World Bank finances all of these atrocities in order to arrive at a One World Government! One thing though that I would like to say is this: There are probably some Clerics who have sold their souls to the Devil, but I know that the Holy Father is not part of that group. The Jesuits were in the past great defenders of the Pope and of the Catholic Church, but alas! no more! The Pope condemns all acts of violence, has always, and always will. The Pope (and many of His predecessors) in His 24 years on the Seat of Peter has always denounced the controllers of the money system of all countries in the world by a "select few". The Oligarchy of Finance which is now in control of the world and are taking the world to the "Brink of Extinction" will not be successfull in their Diabolical endeavours, but unfortunately, according to prophecies, will probably be successfull in annihilating 2/3 or more of the world's population, but, in the end God shall prevail! So we must put up a good fight in denouncing the Oligarchy's evil-doings by remaining on God's side. You are doing a good job. May God shed His abundant blessings upon you!

Posted by Claude R. Beaudin @ 10/20/2002 08:49 PM EST

Keep your bullshit detectors on.. there are too many players here and too little information to claim you have the real facts. What the fuck is an 80% accuracy rate of extrapolation? Other factors to be considered: it could have been Indonesians opposed to Australia's influence/presence in their country. Or Australians who need to generate some war fever in the population. Or.. it could have been radical islamists who just fucking hate the USA. I think the evidence indicates Australia or the US did it, but who knows, really?

Posted by e @ 10/20/2002 11:59 PM EST

BY GOD, What the AMERICAn government and Israelis plan to do, to wage war against Islam, they shall never succeed. 1400 years have passed by, the religion still exists in its original form, the people have been mislead by the Media and the Rumours, but the Truth shall not stay away from them for long. BY GOD, no one has more power than GOD HIMSELF, the Creator and Sustainer and Cherisher of the Earth and the Heavens and whatever lies between them.

Posted by Waqar @ 10/21/2002 04:47 AM EST

I read with in interest your thoughts on the real brokers of world power. Read "Them" Adventures with Extremists by Jon Ronson. This book introudeces 'The Bilderberg Group' a hand picked group that meet every year in an undisclosed location (Virginia for this year — 2002), but controlling even them is 'The Steering Comittee'. I won't throw the names up here but buy the book from Amazon (It's available now) and find out for yourself who those players are.

Posted by Adrian N. Phillips. @ 10/21/2002 04:56 AM EST

Good site you got here Vox. But....

You're all right, and you're all wrong....the true enemy is RELIGION, it has been used for mind control for millenia, by the Illuminati, Freemasons, Knights of Malta and other scurilous names the Zionists have used, for around 6,000 years.

We were 'created' in 'their' image and then 'we' created God...everything in the bible is man written....the only word of God is man written...doesn't that tell you something???

Religion has been the source of all our major and most minor war since the beginning of civilization.

Everything that is happening today is because the Masters know that our earth is about to go though a regular cleansing prosses...something the Masters have known about since the last poleshift. They are preparing for the next one, and to do that they need incalculable wealth .... to finish the 'space ark' ISS (isis) and time is running out.

By all means label me a 'crank' but just make sure while your doing that keep your eye on the sky, weather, sun, earthquake and volcanic activity...they will tell you all you need to know about the 'why' of all the machinations of the Zionists.

Start doing a family check on names like Sincair (scottish) and Rothschild. Follow the money trail and check out a video and tape called the Money Masters (on the net)
The true will set you free.

OH!! one more thing all of you who want to 'think straight', stop drinking fluoridated water, it's a method of sedation that dulls the mind and keeps you 'calm'. First used en masse in the German concentration camps to keep the prisoners 'placid'.

Posted by Peacedove @ 10/21/2002 05:34 AM EST

As he hightails it all over suburban Maryland or Virginia--with cops galore and TV trucks tailing him while the entire nation is riveted to their TV screens to finally see who the killer is ?another Saddam/al-Qaeda team quietly unloads a 'footlocker' nuke from a private yacht which just cruised into the Potomac, drives it in a small SUV and parks it on Pennsylvania Avenue equidistant between the White House and the Capitol building?

And what if they then detonate it--thus completing the total mission of 9/11?

They get the companion 'picture' to the World Trade Center they always wanted: our symbols of freedom--the beautiful White House and Capitol-- smoldering piles of radioactive rubble.


Posted by crusader bunnypants @ 10/21/2002 07:12 AM EST

An excellent analysis,voxfux, and not really destroyed by the last posting by Bali expat. Bali is not really a populous destination for yanks, and this is reality, so the various reasons mentioned by other postings, i.e. Aussies a target for RI military because of Timor, Omar el Faruq and the CIA, etc are all valid, and the bombers could have been a consortium of those elements. Dont forget the Timor Gap oil and gas resources either, as the boundaries for this have been the causes of most of the troubles in East Timor. Finally I'd like to post a page possibly unseen by you people. Its
This is an article "I'm an American tired of American lies" by Woody Harrelson, in the Guardian 17th October. He does offer some answers.

Posted by Rajah @ 10/21/2002 01:42 PM EST

I see nobody has bothered to read my links above and comment.

dearie me.


Posted by andy @ 10/21/2002 02:38 PM EST

Dear Andy, thanks for the links, quite simply it all starts to fit together, I never believed the C4 story, it didn't make sense the amount of IRA attacks seen with minor damaged do not compare with the vast scale of the Bali disco. just keep it coming, one day the truth will be told — just look at apollo 11?

Posted by zimmer @ 10/21/2002 03:37 PM EST

If the shadow government is so all powerful,How come they let this site exist,wouldnt they just shut you down.
Sorry for throwing in a rotten egg because i believe a lot of what you say is true dont know about a nuke being used to bomb new york though,i have an open mind but will believe it when i see it.
I just cannot see how this site would still exist if you were near to the truth with regards to bombing your own country, hope you are wrong in this.
good luck to you all America.

Posted by graham @ 10/21/2002 04:17 PM EST

Jack, i don't know if you really live in Bali and know about the peanut club, or you are a CIA agent.
What i know now, is that our prime minister Mr Howard, better known as the "little George doggy", has suddenly found more and more australians who listen to him in his holy war against the "evil" Saddam.

Note that before the Bali bombing most of Australians wouldn't give a shit about his holy war.

Posted by non-illuminato @ 10/21/2002 10:10 PM EST

Good work.....keep it..., we need alternative news, fair and just. We are smart now, living in intelligent world society. "someone" may create a 'conspiracy' or what so ever, but one day we will listen to our heart, the human sense. We will not allow "conspirator" to destroy our sense..... Let us live peacefully.... (Indonesian).

Posted by Roy @ 10/22/2002 12:40 AM EST

If you're going to attribute blame based on cui bono -- "who benefits" -- keep in mind that Islamicists can think strategically too.

Focusing on Americans and sparing Australians would make good sense if your goal were to isolate America. But why would Al Qaeda (for want of a better term) want to do that? They don't want a world with the U.S. on one side and the rest of the world on the other--they want to drive a wedge between the West and Islam (or rather, their warped vision of it).

It shouldn't be hard to imagine people thinking this way, going out of their way to create new enemies when they already have their hands full. That's a big part of the reason that George W. Bush wants so badly to go to war with Iraq. These people (the terrorists on both sides) do not think the same way that you or I do--they want a world where all the "good" is on one side and all the "evil" on the other.

It's clear that the Bali bombing was a big boost for Bush and the project of going to war with Iraq. That doesn't necessarily mean that Bush (or his Indonesian allies) was behind the bombing, however--the two sides in this war have such similar interests that cui bono is of very little use in sorting things out.

Posted by JK Martin @ 10/22/2002 05:13 AM EST

Nice analysis, Vox. Isn't it interesting the series of "coincidences" that keep happening to countries that don't tow the US-line? Hmmm, Indonesia does not support the US anti-terrorist campaign. Boom! (Oh, doesn't Indonesia have oil, too?) France opposes the Iraq war. Ship goes boom! Germany opposes the Iraq war. Weapons grade uranium turns up with an English "Made in West Germany" label. Curious that is it in English and West Germany ceased to exist 13 years ago? Turns out not to be uranium at all. Russia opposes the war on Iraq. Boom! A car bomb goes off! Is China next. (Well, the US is not that stupid or are they?)

Everything is amazingly linked to al-Qaeda? Hurricane hits Louisiana — CIA blames al-Qaeda?

Now the US is in an interesting predicament with one of the "axis of evil" members: North Korea. They have nu-q-lure weapons and thumbed their nose at the US.

Oh, and Wormwood: Dan Rather's meteoric rise to the top started on Nov 22, 1963. What happened on that date? He was a nobody before and a White House correspondant after. He has a very curious history.

Posted by Guy Williams @ 10/22/2002 10:23 AM EST