Calling Things by their Proper Names
by The Saker
May 23, 2014

Life often seems like one long never ending Asch conformity experiment: even when there is overwhelming evidence that something is "A", the media, and those zombified by it, confidently state "non-A".    That this kind of doublethink is also applied to the conflict in the Ukraine should surprise nobody, but it is still important to "call a stone and stone" [i.e., call a spade a spade] and to give a clear and unambiguous characterization of what has happened so far [in the Ukraine] and what is about to happen this Sunday [the day of the so-called "Presidential election"].

So today I want to re-state the obvious using the most direct and unambiguous language possible.  My hope is to contribute to waking at least one comatose person out there by calling things by their proper names.

So far we have this: A thoroughly corrupt but democratically elected President (Yanukovich) was overthrown in an armed coup by (lavishly — 5 billion dollars) paid agents of a foreign power [the US].  The new regime is composed exclusively either of corrupt oligarchs (like Yatsenyuk) or neo-Nazis (like Parubii).  Regardless, this regime has received the full and unconditional support of the US/EU and all those client-states worldwide which depend on them.

The junta in power has unleashed a sustained campaign of terror against all those who dare to oppose it, including civilians (Odessa and Mariupol massacres) and their own armed forces (massacres near Volnovakha yesterday and near Lisichansk today).  Since the regular police is now disbanded and since the regular armed forces are clearly unwilling to execute the criminal orders of this illegal junta, the sole power basis of this unelected regime is death squads like the "Donbass special battalion".

Furthermore, while the US/EU have accused Russia of being behind all the troubles, not a single Russian spy, agent or saboteur has been produced in support of that thesis.  In fact, not only has Russia not intervened in the Donbass, Putin has officially asked the people there to delay their referendum, he has withdrawn Russian forces from the border and he has even ordered Russian forces to move out of their regular bases if they were anywhere near the border.

At every single step of this crisis Russia has offered to negotiate with the US, the EU and even the junta.  All refused except for the short lived February 21 agreement which the foreign agents broke the next day only to be immediately recognized by the US and EU as a legitimate government.

Not a single person was killed or seriously wounded during the Russian military operation in the Crimea.  In contrast, the junta has now used machine guns, mortars, artillery, combat helicopters and combat aircraft against entire cities of the Donbass.

While the Russian social media is full of expressions of sympathy and compassion for those killed in the Ukraine, the Ukrainian social media is awash with hateful racist slurs about what they call the "colorads" (a kind of insect with the same colors as those on the Saint George ribbon).  Other anti-Russians slurs used are "Moskal" and "Titushki".  Speaking of which, Julia Timoshenko was intercepted venting her hatred at the Russians in a telephone conversations in which she said that "these accursed Moskals should be executed with nuclear weapons".

And now, in the middle of what can only be called a civil war, this regime of racist corrupt and bloodthirsty freaks will organize "Presidential elections" after two of the main opposition parties (Regions and Communists) had their offices firebombed, their representatives attacked, their deputies expelled from the rump Parliament and their supporters burned alive, shot, stabbed, clubbed to death, kidnap and tortured.

And, no doubt, the AngloZionists will declare these elections free and fair.

The above is not tragic or otherwise "disturbing".  It is obscene beyond words!

So let's state is clearly: First, the "West" is supporting a Nazi farce which will only result in more bloodshed and lost lives.

The second thing which needs to be stated with equal clarity is this: Whatever regime is declared elected on Sunday (or in three weeks in case of a second round) it will have zero legitimacy and it will not be viable.

The third thing which everybody is desperately trying to pretend not to see is this: The Ukraine as a unitary country is gone and will never come backThe West has been working on this ugly experiment since the late 16th century and its objectives have not changed: to create an anti-Russian and anti-Orthodox "Ukraine" controlled by the Vatican and the Western plutocracy.  So while the the US has invested 5 billion dollars into "democratizing" the Ukraine, the West has spent much more during FOUR CENTURIES to try to cripple Russia and to subjugate its people.  This is why the "West" is so adamant and willing to risk it all to prevent this 400-year-old project from tumbling down.

And yet it is amazing that anybody sane could have seriously believed that this obscene alliance of ex-Communists (Farion), Jewish oligarchs (Kolomoiskii), neo-Nazis (Yarosh), Latin Uniats (Tyagnibok) and racist thugs (Parubii) would ever succeed in building something.  No, all that people like these can do is hate, destroy, kill, lie, torture and terrorize.  There is no "creative capacity" in folks like Parubii, Liashko, Turchinov or Tyagnibok.  There is only the characteristic Satanic hatred for light, for peace, for truth, for freedom and for love.  And, frankly, I believe that the same is true for those who lovingly nurtured them for years and now unconditionally support them: Obama, McCain, Nuland of course, but also Hollande, Merkel, Hague, Ashton and the rest of the Eurobureaucrats.

François Rabelais once wrote "Science sans conscience n'est que ruine de l'âme"  ("science without conscience is but the ruin of the soul").  When faced with such blatant evil supported by such blatant lies it is sometimes appropriate to set science aside for a while and let one's conscience speak out.

I want to conclude this post with these beautiful words of Yehuda Bower who encapsulate the entire philosophy of this blog:

Thou shalt not be a victim.
Thou shalt not be a perpetrator.
And above all,
Thou shalt not be a bystander.

This is also my intention.

The Saker     

This article first appeared on The Vineyard of the Saker.
Republished with permission on Serendipity on May 24, 2014.

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