How to Get the Serendipity Website on USB Flash Drive

This Serendipity website is now online only partially (the most recent articles, linked from the home page). The complete website (up to December 2022) with over 800 articles is now available only on USB flash drive (readable on all PCs and Macs with a USB port). These articles are listed at the Serendipity Title Index.

Purchase of this flash drive has been temporarily suspended. Please check back in a week.

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Included on this flash drive are over 60 articles by Serendipity's author, and also about 760 articles by other authors on many topics (see here), including the CIA, Psychedelics, the so‑called "War on Drugs", Censorship, and on the four major hoaxes of our time: the alleged Moon Landings, the 9/11 Attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, so‑called Anthropogenic Global Warming and the Covid‑19 "pandemic" hoax. For a fairly complete listing of the articles on this flash drive see here.

Screenshots of an earlier version:

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The website on flash drive has over 5000 files, plus more than 800 additional files totalling about 4.76 Gb. It contains archived copies of many pages which have disappeared from the Internet, and is thus also in part a historical record, valuable especially to present and future researchers.

Search Program

For those with a PC running Windows (Windows 98 to Windows 10), the Serendipity flash drive contains a useful search program which enables you to search all HTML pages on the flash drive for any given word, any word in a set of words, all words in a set of words, or an exact phrase. The result is a report such as this one, showing the search terms in context.

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