Suspicions about the Russian Plane Crash
By Christopher Bollyn
November 5, 2015

[Carmi] Gillon suggested that today a terror organization could take over a jet plane and “achieve something like 9-11” without fielding any flesh and blood attackers. — Carmi Gillon, former head of Israel’s Shin Bet security service, “The double-edged sword of cyber warfare,” Times of Israel, June 24, 2015

Cyberspace enables the attack of another nation state in offensive action, even reaching victory without leaving any fingerprints, even if it is suspected. We are already there; we are not talking about some distant future. We have experienced this in Israel’s day-to-day actions against its enemies. — Israel Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, Ibid., Times of Israel, June 24, 2015

Darina Gromova, age 10 months, was on her way home from a holiday in Egypt
when the Metrojet plane she was on went down in the Sinai Desert.


The Russian airliner was cruising at 31,000 feet when it lost contact with air traffic controllers, according to Egyptian aviation officials.
— “Officials search for cause of plane crash over Egypt's Sinai,” AP, October 31, 2015

An official in the Egyptian Air traffic control has told local reporters that the last communication with the pilot of the Russian plane was while he was flying at 30 thousand feet. The pilot complained of malfunction in the wireless devices and he asked for an emergency landing at the nearest airport.
— “Russian plane crash,” The Telegraph (UK), October 31, 2015

It remains to be seen how the U.S. and other nations supporting the mercenary forces fighting in Syria will respond to the Russian intervention. Unlike chess, this game has no rules.
— Christopher Bollyn, “Syria: The Russian Move — Changing the Game,” October 6, 2015

The October 31 crash of the Russian Metrojet passenger aircraft in the Sinai Desert, near the border of Egypt and Israel, raises some well-founded suspicions of foul play being involved in the downing of the plane. Although it is too early to say what caused the crash, there are some clear indications that suggest the plane was remotely sabotaged — via its connection to the Internet.

The Russian aircraft went down south of Al Arish, near the border of Israel, very close to Israel's main cyberwarfare and computer hacking facility, Unit 8200, located on Kibbutz Urim. Cyberwarfare is defined as "actions by a nation-state to penetrate another nation's computers or networks for the purposes of causing damage or disruption."


Israel's main satellite signal intelligence facility is located on Kibbutz Urim, less than 60 miles NNE of the location where the Russian plane went down. Unit 8200, an institution of computer hackers, is the largest branch of the IDF and is responsible for the military’s offensive cyber capabilities. The Telegraph reported in 2010, "The Negev desert based Unit 8200 has evolved from the signal intelligence arm of the Israeli military into a respected leader in high technology warfare."


The Israeli signal intelligence facility, known as Unit 8200, has "rows of satellite dishes that covertly intercept phone calls, emails and other communications." This Israeli spy facility would have had the ability to monitor and communicate directly with the aircraft's navigation system - without the knowledge of the crew. This was the plot of the pilot episode of "The Lone Gunmen," which depicted a remotely-hijacked passenger aircraft being flown into the World Trade Center. The program aired on FOX TV in March 2001. Arnon Milchan, the Mossad Mogul of Hollywood and Rupert Murdoch's business partner, is thought to be the true author of the evil plot.

The fact that the pilot's last communication, from 30,000 feet, reported a malfunction in the airplane's wireless devices and that he asked for an emergency landing indicates that the airplane may have been in the process of being hacked externally through its satellite wireless connection. It is interesting to note that the report of the "malfunction in the wireless devices" has not been published in a single U.S. newspaper or media outlet.

Secondly, the fact that this was the pilot's last communication is significant. Even if the plane had stalled, as it seems to have done, and fallen from 30,000 feet, the pilot still would have had several minutes to communicate with air traffic controllers in Cairo — unless his communications link had been cut, which appears to be the case. 

Viktor Yung, a director general of Metrojet, said, "from the moment since the events took a tragic turn, the crew became incapacitated," adding, there was not "a single attempt to get in touch (with air traffic control) and report the situation on board."


Egypt's Civil Aviation Authority reported that no Mayday signal was sent from the plane and that communication with the aircraft was normal until the aircraft disappeared from radar. This is a very telling piece of information because it indicates that the normal communication channels with the cockpit crew had been cut before the plane was remotely hijacked and sabotaged.

Last contact with the flight from flight tracking website Flightradar24 shows the aircraft climbing to 30,875 feet, after which it showed erratic altitudes and speed indications. Last altitude recorded was 27,925 feet at a speed of just 62 knots. Apparently, the plane had lost all engine power. The fact that the last altitude recorded by Flightradar24 was 27,925 feet indicates that the plane's ADS-B transponder stopped functioning — or was turned off at that point.

These reports seem to indicate that the plane may have been remotely hijacked by an unauthorized "ground pilot" who hacked into its flight system through its satellite connection to the Internet, something I discuss in "Why Did Crucial Computer Systems Fail?" in my book Solving 9-11.  Remote hijacking is thought to have been the cause of the downing of Egypt Air 990 and Malaysia Airlines 370, which was apparently taken down over the Indian Ocean. 


The Russian aircraft reportedly broke up in flight. This break-up may have occurred as a result of the extreme forces the plane was subjected to as it went through radical dives and climbs in the last thirty seconds before it disappeared from radar.  This scenario is very similar to the crash of Egypt Air 990, which went down exactly 16 years earlier on October 31, 1999, over the Atlantic Ocean, 62 miles south of Nantucket Island with 217 killed.

The radical changes in the plane's vertical speed (i.e. diving and climbing in feet per minute) may have caused the plane to break up at a high altitude. On November 4, Egyptian and Russian media report that an “engine explosion” is thought to be the most likely cause of the crash. If that is the case, at what point on the timeline above did the engine explode?  Note: The Russian plane's transponder signals cease abruptly at 28,000 feet while the plane's ground speed is only 62 knots.

The Russian plane's radical climbs caused the aircraft to lost speed and stall, which is exactly what happened to Indonesia AirAsia Flight 8501 (a Malaysian-owned Airbus A320 that fell into the Java Sea) in December 2014. (See: AirAsia Jet Climbed at Rate Beyond Design of Commercial Planes ) 

The tail broke off AirAsia 8501 in the same way that the tail detached from the Russian plane over the Sinai. Both planes were evidently pushed into extreme climbs, far exceeding what they were designed for, which subjected the aircraft to forces that caused them to break up.


"The fin and aft fuselage were about 2.25 km south of the wing/fwd fuselage and south of the last radar position. so looks like that came off first for whatever reason. The photos of the fin/aft fuselage show a clean lateral break at a frame at the top indicating that is where the fracture started and the complicated rupture at the bottom being the final departure from the rest of the aircraft as the back end bent off downwards. That would indicate the failure was due to an excessive download on the horizontal stabiliser or a fatigue failure at the fuselage top adjacent the frame and then pressurisation blew the back end off."
(Source: Aero Eng Aviator, Plane Talking, November 3, 2015) 

Did the downward force on the tail cause it to break off as a result of the extreme climbs the plane was pushed into?  If the pilot was incommunicado, who was putting the plane through such radical moves?

The wreckage suggests that the plane disintegrated at a high altitude. “All signs indicate that the destruction of the aircraft structure occurred in air at a high altitude,” Alexander Neradko, head of the Russian Federal Air Transport Agency, said on November 1. Neradko said debris from the Airbus A321 was scattered across an “elongated ellipsis” of 3 miles in length by 2.5 miles in width.

A plane with a satellite connection to the Internet can be hijacked from the ground by an external hacker breaking into its computer system.

This connection, which is used on the Airbus 321 and other aircraft, can be exploited by an external hacker to gain access to the aircraft's navigation system. 


Two days after the plane went down, the Russian airline that operated the aircraft said the disaster could not have been caused by a technical fault or human error. Alexander Smirnov, deputy general director of the Kogalymavia airline, said the crash could only have been the result of some other "technical or physical action" which caused it to break up in the air and plummet to the ground.

Smirnov did not specify what that action might have been, saying it was up to the official investigation to determine. The airlines had previously stated that "external factors" were behind the crash. "The plane was in excellent condition," Smirnov told a news conference in Moscow. "We rule out a technical fault and any mistake by the crew," he said.

Smirnov also said there had been no emergency calls from the pilots to services on the ground during the flight.


The "War on Terror" is also a war of deception. Deception by the controlled media is a core element of the fraudlent "War on Terror" in which state-sponsored false-flag terrorism is the primary tactic applied. Because public perception is crucial to maintaining the fraudulent "War on Terror" the controlled media will always omit information that would expose the fraud. 

The BBC, a key player in the deception behind the fraudulent "War on Terror," omits any discussion of the possibility that the Russian plane could have been hijacked remotely using the same technology that the U.S. and Israel use to fly their drones.

A good example of such an omission is the BBC News article published on November 2, 2015, entitled “Sinai plane crash: Four theories,” which listed what they said were "the four theories" that would be examined by the international investigators. The four theories presented by the BBC were: technical fault, human error, shot down by missile, and bomb on board. There is no mention whatsoever by the BBC or other controlled media of the very real possibility that the plane could have been hijacked remotely and flown by an external pilot who caused the destruction of the plane.

This is a blatant omission of the most obvious theory, which is, thus far, supported by the evidence. It is as if the BBC and the controlled media are unaware of drone technology, although the United States and Israel use remotely-controlled drones on a daily basis in the Zionist fraud known as the "War on Terror." For a remote hacker to hack into an airplane's flight navigation system and take control of the plane from the cockpit crew is to turn a passenger plane into a drone.

For the BBC and the Zionist-controlled media to omit the possible theory that the plane was hijacked remotely using drone technology reveals the key role the media plays in the Zionist-bankster deception being foisted on the American people and the world. The controlled media's omission of the remote hijacking theory is meant to hide that possibility from the public, which suggests that it may very well have been how the plane was brought down.

Updated November 11:


A week after the disaster, British and U.S. media began reporting that un-named "senior administration officials" were saying they were "99.9 percent certain" that the Russian passenger plane had been brought down with a bomb.

As CNN reported in its article entitled Russian plane crash: ISIS chatter supports bomb theory, officials say on November 9, "... intelligence intercepts being used to assess what happened to the jetliner came from Israeli intelligence."

"Once again, politicians, intelligence agents and journalists have made up their minds that a bomb triggered the crash of a Russian Airbus A321, though evidence to support this theory is ephemeral... Everyone seems to have joined in chorus that Metrojet 7K9268 was felled by a bomb except the official investigators," Christine Negroni wrote in her article, Why the rush to judgment in the Metrojet disaster? 

The rush to judgment is due to the fact that in the Zionist mega-fraud known as the "War on Terror," a fraud and deception we are deeply engaged in as a nation, the main battle is to control public perception, i.e. the way in which something is regarded, understood, or interpreted - by the public. This is why Israeli intelligence provided the material that convinced the un-named "senior administration officials" that a bomb had brought down the plane.

The battle to control the media/public interpretation of what happened to the plane is why the Israelis provided this dodgy "evidence" to the U.S government and media - and not to the official investigators in Egypt and Russia. To understand where this ploy is supposed to take us, we need to consider the targets and goals in this on-going "War on Terror" deception.

The primary targets of the Metrojet attack are the Russian president and the Russian people. The "bombing" is meant to cause President Putin to pay a high price for his intervention in Syria, which has interrupted the evil game being played by Israel and its allies in that nation.  Another primary target is the Egyptian economy, which depends a great deal on tourism from Russia and Britain.

The main goal of the "bombing" rumor in the media is to boost the terrorist profile of ISIS, a profile that is largely created and controlled by Israeli intelligence. This will give the U.S. and its allies public support for their illegal "bombing" campaigns in Syria, which have done amazingly little to harm ISIS, but have destroyed hundreds of millions of dollars worth of civilian infrastructure.

Another important purpose of Israeli intelligence feeding the "bomb" rumor is to plant a plausible explanation for the crash, which has not yet been explained. The lack of an accepted explanation for the crash was giving too much space for the information like that found in this article to find more readers and gain traction. Furthermore, news reports that Israel was engaged in a massive exercise with its air force, the U.S. and others, just on the other side of the Egyptian-Israeli border from where the plane went down, have added to the speculation that Israel was involved in bringing down the aircraft. 

Copyright 2015 Christopher Bollyn

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