The New World Order,
Courtesy of Rube Goldberg

by Jeff Thomas

In the 1930s, cartoonist Rube Goldberg became famous for designing machines that sought to fulfill a task, but did so in such a complex way as to be utterly ridiculous and, very possibly, unworkable.

rube goldberg

Governments, of course, are Rube Goldbergs on steroids. They have a penchant for making any task absurdly complicated, expensive and, ultimately, dysfunctional.

Whilst this is the norm in any era, we’re presently living through a period that’s becoming overwhelmingly confusing worldwide. The governments of the First World countries are pushing a whole series of mismatched agendas all at the same time. They seek to present a uniform objective, but even they cannot manage much consistency of purpose. Although all of the First World countries (US, UK, EU, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc.) are fully on board, there’s no real match-up in their game plan, or even their statements as to what the end goals are meant to be.

There are several main themes: the purported evil of the Second World leaders and the need for First World aggression toward them, even though no one on the other side seems to want to engage. The reinvention of society in which basic truths are turned on their heads and replaced with new, often ridiculous "truths" that no one seems to fully understand, even when they’re rabidly promoting them.

And, of course, the COVID scare. COVID-19 was identified early on by a few observers as a lab-created variation on the seasonal flu that was consciously released in several countries at the same time as it was released in its "source" country. It was then hyped to be a killer disease that would create a pandemic.

The virus itself is a threat to the cardiovascular system. The powers behind the scare insisted that the only acceptable treatment was a selection of mRNA vaccines.

The rollout of this effort has been bungled so badly that even its leading salesmen have found it necessary to continually change their stories as to the effectiveness and necessity of lockdowns, distancing, masking and the cancelling of freedoms.

But one constant has remained: No previous flu treatment was of any use and should absolutely not be considered, no matter how effective it had been for decades. Only a vaccine and, indeed, only an mRNA vaccine would do — the patents for which seemed to be held by the salesmen who were leading the vaccine charge in the media.

So, what’s really going on here? We’re looking at a host of patently absurd notions, each obsessively presented as being beyond question and told that, if we fail to accept all of them 100%, we’re a danger to society and need to be punished. We’re looking at what occurred in Germany in 1938, following the Nazis’ Kristallnacht ... but on steroids.

For those of us who have been paying attention over the last decades, it’s been quite clear that the New World Order — an extension of the concepts of Mayer Rothschild in the eighteenth century and revitalized by the Rockefeller family a hundred years ago — has been in the works since that time and has recently approached fruition. Most of the pieces of the puzzle are in place and the primary goals appear to be on the horizon.

First, a collectivist form of rule is nearly complete. Collectivism consists of a gumbo of ingredients — socialism, communism, fascism and capitalism — with whatever recipe works for the particular population it is foisted upon. The actual recipe can be changed to fit whatever the tastes of the given country may be.

To soften up the people, ideals and beliefs must be done away with. Karl Marx was quite correct when he postulated that the removal of core beliefs was essential; that perceptions of truth be replaced with non-sensical "truths" and that the only faith be faith in the rulers.

Next, the constant threat of aggression from others is necessary. If no armed conflict exists, conflicts need to be invented. The people must live in fear of a perceived enemy.

The end product is a return to serfdom. The modern serf would have a flat screen TV and a smart phone, but his wealth would be lost to such a degree that he’d be unable to take charge of his own life. He must rely on his government to provide him with his needs on as short-term a basis as can be made workable. This makes him compliant.

OK, so the New World Order concept has been kicking around for a long time. It’s been the great pride of David Rockefeller, its senior proponent for the greater part of his life.

But why all the craziness? Why now? Why has this behemoth of disjointed concepts suddenly come together and why the rush to make it all happen at the same time? Why not phase it in, possibly over a decade or two? Well, there’s a problem. The very concept of a New World Order, in which a very small number of people lord it over millions of proles is, at its heart, a sociopathic one. A part of the pathology of sociopaths is to see the world as a playland that exists for them alone. As they see it, if they die, the world has no further reason to exist.

But the principal movers of the New World Order are now getting very long in the tooth. They’ve spent their lives pursuing their individual versions of a New World Order, whilst putting up with the versions that their fellow conspirators envision. And, of course, being sociopathic, this dream cannot be achieved by those who come after them; it must be achieved whilst they are alive.

David Rockefeller is now 101. He endorses all facets of a New World Order, but his pet project is eugenics — the elimination of most of the people in the world — the "human weeds" as they’re described. He’s joined by Bill Gates Sr., now 94 and also in his last years. Understandably, they want results now, even if it’s premature in the programme.

Henry Kissinger, now 97, has spent his life believing that a New World Order is best achieved through diplomacy — positioning each of the world’s countries for maximum usefulness and cooperation. Close friend George Soros, now 90, believes that dominance is best achieved through chaos and destruction. Klaus Schwab, 83, has spent the last half-century pursuing the concept that the proles must be taught to give up their possessions in favour of the rulers’ largesse. Baron Rothschild, now 85, continues to follow his family’s long-held belief that the solution for dominance lies in the control of all the currency in the world — both its creation and its distribution.

What we’re looking at is a cabal of the most politically and economically powerful people and business entities in the world, with an overall agenda, but each with their own individual mini-agendas, each fighting to lead the charge. Predictably, this once-cohesive-sounding concept is beginning to resemble a Rube Goldberg creation.

Such a condition cannot last. However, whilst it’s in play, it will be a cock-up of mythical proportions and will assure that the next few years will be as devastating as they’ll be confusing. By the end of the decade it’s likely to be over, and the world will be forever changed. The trick will be to sidestep events as much as possible and make it to the other side. That will be no easy task.

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