The Origins of “Racism”

Mentally retarded readers (especially SJWs) please note: This page is about the term “racism” and its political usage. It is not about actual racism.

“Racism” is a recently-coined word that has suckered a lot of people into using it at face value, but its origins and history reveal it to be little more than an intentionally-lopsided marxist term of abuse to destroy the natural protective instincts in their one singlemost hated enemy. It is highly arguable that the word shouldn't be taken seriously at all.

“Racism” was a cynical word of social control targeted only at whites, created by Marxists in the 1920s, first in the Russian language by Leon Trotsky to counter an anti-Jewish backlash against the Russian Bolshevik Revolution. Then the word spread to English in 1938 after the translation of a book entitled Racism written by Jewish “sex researcher” Magnus Hirschfeld after being expelled from Germany having witnessed his perverted research library being burned in the famous book-burnings. (Hirschfeld is also known for his pioneering work in transgenderism which has always been a focus for the radical equality of Marxists. The books being burned by Nazis were never the innocent "Huck Finn" variety of banned books. These books were disgusting even by today's standards.)

Needless to say, these kinds of people hated the morality of white Christian cultures. The sole purpose of the word “racism” was to pathologize and condemn the normal healthy human instinct to prefer genetically-similar people — but only among white Christians. Marxists are anti-whites and only cared to apply this word to whites, therefore it never targets non-whites. They have spent decades popularizing this term as an anti-white pejorative in the University systems that they seized in the 1960s. It will be next to impossible to alter its meaning so far from its original purpose of destroying the white societies hated by marxist Jews. “Racism” is simply a recent marxist term of social control only for white targets. You can try to make it apply to non-whites but all of its history and origin is contrary to this purpose, making it an ill-fit for fairer application. It simply won't fit to use it on non-whites like it was intended to be fair and intellectually honest. A square peg and a round hole.

(This history can be verified on Googles word frequency application Ngram,, which can track usage of the word “racism” in the Russian and English languages. It was coined at the dates reported above in Russian and English, and it spiked in popularity when Marxists infiltrated academia in the 1960s. Easy to confirm there. [And shown in the image below.])

This relatively young word was never intended to be used fairly and evenly against all racial and ethnic categories. It has only been used to target white societies. This word was repeated until people like you [SJWs = “social justice warriors”] automatically and reflexively began to see nothing wrong in Black Pride and Asian Pride or Jewish Pride, but the mere words “White Pride” would make you faint in alarm. Whites are not allowed pride or even an identity because of an uneven application of this word. Even Mugabe is never called racist while killing white farmers, because the marxists never intended this word to be used on non-whites.

In their universities which they [Cultural Marxists] were allowed to subvert, they have reshaped language in order to reshape thought, which in turn reshapes society at large.

This is a comment by Dindu Nuffins to the article Doug Casey On Why Race Will Break America Apart, Part II.

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