Oklahoma City: Two Blasts
and Strange Facts

England has a law that its government must investigate the death of its citizens. They did their own investigation of three people killed at Waco. They found our government malignant in its intent and charged the United States with murder!

Because of the international picture (and media coverup) we don't hear what is happening, but with the above information, consider how our government would feel about Former Attorney General Ramsey Clark filing a claim for 84 people murdered at Waco. He would have been entitled to every piece of information relative to Waco, all of it was stored at federal offices in Oklahoma City!

A seismograph at Still Water (50 miles away) measured two tremors. Bomb experts say there is no way to direct a car bomb to utterly destroy a federal building and leave the YMCA across the street unaffected (window washers weren't even knocked off their scaffolding).

Retired Brigadier General Partin had much experience with explosives and visited OKC. He found evidence of some supporting columns under the Murrah Building were pulverized while some closer to the street (and "car bomb") were intact. He pleaded with the senate for them to prevent the building's demolition, with diagrams of his findings. He said it was a much bigger operation than a car bomb.

Retired FBI veteran Ted Gunderson of Santa Monica had explosives experience. He dismissed as a cover-up the U.S. Justice Dept. claim that a simple car bomb could do the damage. He was quoted in The Spotlight, 5/15/95 as saying, "A very high tech and top secret barometric bomb was the cause ... could not have been built ... without the knowledge of research classified at the very highest level of top secret by the U.S. government."

Ben Williams of American Christian Ministry said "No DEA people were in their offices at the time [of the explosion]. The `Cult Awareness' people were not in their offices at the time. A distance away, the FBI offices were also empty." A mother who lost two boys in the day-care center asked on CNN "why?" and was later told by phone to be quiet about it.

Copied from http://virtual.chattanooga.net/totalhealth/conspiracy.html

The Oklahoma City Bombing
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