Why I Write
by John Kaminski

Life is too brief and the world is too small not to be honest

I spent the better part of thirty years writing for and producing small newspapers in various parts of the United States. As my career evolved, I began to be aware that what appeared in newspapers did not accurately reflect what was going on in front of my eyes.

In some places, I tried to bridge that gap with opinion pieces and exposés, and unfailingly got into trouble, either from bosses who were less than amused at what I was trying to do, or from readers who took exception to their own personal oxen being gored by an amateur detective like me.

I don't regret a single story I have ever written, but I have never been prouder than the ones I have dashed out during the past year on my computer, and fired off into cyberspace. When I began this most recent run, I was employed as a copy editor producing news pages for a nondescript little newspaper on the coast of Florida, my 14th stop in a mostly undistinguished journalism career.

I never wrote a single story for that newspaper, because it was so superficial and unprofessional. But I never stopped reading the news, or looking for alternative sources, all of which usually made mainstream media look really bad.

Then 9/11 happened. For me, everything changed.

At that point, after a brief period of being hospitalized with chest pains, I knew the American people were no longer safe from the very people they had supposedly elected to protect them. And I knew I had to do something.

The only thing I really know how to do is write. So I started writing.

The first piece was written immediately after the passage of the first Patriot Act and published on the website of Common Dreams (later in Z Magazine). It was satisfying, and, I thought, valuable, because using mostly ACLU information on the nuts and bolts of the measure that trashed the Bill of Rights of our Constitution, I outlined the Amendments that were either seriously jeopardized or outright nullified by that specious and dangerous piece of police-state legislation.

I immediately started writing more pieces, harder pieces, urging people to take a more realistic look at what had happened on 9/11. Common Dreams wouldn't touch any of that. It made me wonder why. So I looked elsewhere, and soon found a bundle of websites who would publish what I was writing. First Jeff Rense's spectacular Rense.com, where I still have an active archive of columns. Then Scoop, the wonderful and courageous newspage in New Zealand. Then Bluegreenearth in Ireland.

Then the sites on which my work appeared soon exploded exponentially: Lewis News in Washington, the American Patriot Friends Network, World Newsstand and Serendipity led the parade, and soon hundreds of other sites — Online Journal, Global Research, questionsquestions — followed suit. It made me proud to be in such good company, especially when several of my pieces appeared in al-Jazeera.

The theme of all my essays is always pretty much the same: the public has been led to believe one thing, but really something quite different is actually true. My book America's Autopsy Report contains essays about voting, medicine, even extraterrestrial hoaxes, but mostly they're about politics, specifically, the 9/11 deception and coverup and the unconscionable slaughters in Afghanistan and Iraq.

At a time when many people were afraid to say anything because they were hiding behind the flags they were waving, I am proud to say I was insisting 9/11 was an inside job, and trying to gather facts to prove the assertion. Since that time, thousands have joined the bandwagon and realized that the United States of America is a psychotic menace ruled by liars and criminals who are willing to kill anyone and anything in order to maintain their schemes of robbery and oppression against all the honest people of the world.

And as people begin to wake up and realize that what they are being told by the lapdog press they are so familiar with reading, they are not getting the real facts. I have always tried to find the real facts. I belong to no religious group, have no political affiliation, nor do I have any particular philosophical orientation, other than a belief that all people everywhere should be treated equally, and that all life is sacred and to be protected whenever possible.

Politically, I guess you could say I subscribe to the dictum of Henry David Thoreau: "I am a citizen of the world first, and of this country at a later and more convenient hour."

Why I think America's Autopsy Report is valuable to have is not just because I wrote it and would like to sell it, but because it traces the evolution of my own thought from the outrage I felt that someone would attack our country in such a brazen manner to realizing that all the unanswered questions and coverups about 9/11 all clearly indicate that it took serious inside knowledge to pull off this caper.

When you read it, you too will know that something is very wrong with the picture we have been presented by our elected officials, and not just the Nazi nutcases currently inhabiting the White House, but all our elected officials. At stake is the future of not only the nation, but the whole world, and all our futures, and if we the people don't take some sort of constructive action about the lies that continue to be told in this matter, then our future is very, very dark.

America's Autopsy Report contains essays titled "No One Is Safe From America's Killer President," "Why Your Vote Won't Matter," "When Medicines Are Meant to Kill," "How Our Schools Create Sheeple," "How We Lost Our Freedom," and "The Real Terrorist Is George W. Bush," plus 21 other pieces.

Yes, I would like you to read it because I would like to sell copies. This I can't deny. I've never made a cent off any of these essays I've written for the Internet. But more than that, I would like you to read it because the world needs to stop and look at what has been done to it by greedy people who command the cover provided by mainstream media, which has let them pull off all these murderous schemes and then essentially commended them for their cunning.

And once enough people know what is going on, then the shameful scams can be stopped, because then we will know for certain that to choose not to confront the barbarian billionaries means all we have to look forward to is a future of needless murder and endless plunder. Not a pleasing legacy to leave to our children.

A couple of hundred people have already placed advance orders for the book, even though it has yet to be advertised. Many have expressed a hope that what I have written will spur others onto the action needed to reverse this slide into totalitarianism that now has America and the world in its grip.

Among my favorite remarks are:

"John Kaminski is one of the most important voices of sanity in an insane world where corporate media is little more than a propaganda tool being used to keep an unsuspecting public, well, unsuspecting. His writings go a long way in lifting the media veil and exposing not only those who would spoonfeed us their perception of what reality should be, but also exposing what exactly it is they are shielding us from." — Amanda Garrison, freespeechradio.net

"Kaminski's insights are not just for these times ... but for those future generations who might smell a rat somewhere and need some help to figure out where the stench is coming from." — Gary Kohls, M.D., Every Church a Peace Church

Thank you for patience in reading this and your courage for purchasing books, but most of all, thank you for your commitment to freedom and justice, and for wanting to know and trying to find a way to make the world a better place.

John Kaminski (skylax@comcast.net) is writer who lives on the coast of Florida and knows that the real currency in this life is in bringing hope to places where there was none previously.


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