U.S. Presidential Election
— Stolen Again

By Peter Meyer

Most of us thought that the presidential campaign of 2004 was a genuine contest, and that the voters really might have elected either of the candidates, Bush and Kerry. But it is more likely that the whole thing was staged, and that the outcome was never in doubt by those in the know (including, of course, Bush himself). Remember that Bush and Kerry are both members of Skull & Bones (having sworn oaths whose content they will not reveal). And remember that at the start of 2004 Kerry was merely one among a bunch of Democratic hopefuls trailing the then front-runner, Howard Dean. Suddenly Dean was out of the picture and the networks hardly had any time for anyone other than Kerry (apart from Bush). What happened?

Consider the possibility that a few Skull & Bones members of the Bush cabal went to Kerry and said: "Play ball with us and we'll arrange (with the help of Foxnews, etc.) that Dean disappears and you become the Democratic candidate. All you have to do is agree not to contest the result of the election. You'll get nationwide (indeed, worldwide) publicity, you can play the role of statesman, you'll become the most popular politician in the U.S., we'll take care of your expenses and at the end there'll be fifty million or so left over for you to use as you wish."

How could Kerry say no? So while he is then free to campaign as he likes (provided he doesn't mention any dark secrets such as Bush's cocaine conviction in 1972), the Bush cabal spends most of 2004 putting their not-so-secret weapon in place: the voting machines. In all the states where the vote is expected to be close (and remember how the networks kept saying that the race was "too close to call") voting machines are installed which will say that Bush won, 51% to 49%. And sure enough, that's what happens (or rather, that's what appears to happen). And sure enough, Kerry rolls over and concedes the election to Bush within 24 hours, even though there is plenty of evidence that the vote was rigged (see below).

Americans never really had a choice. The whole affair was a charade, stage-managed to fool the voters into believing that a genuinely democratic process was occurring, when in fact it was all a hoax. Fooled again, folks! They did it again! And soon you (and later your children) are going to discover the consequences of almost everyone ignoring all those warnings about the voting machines.

No-fly lists, snooping on what you read, terror alerts and fear maintained constantly by the government with the aid of the TV networks, jobs shipped overseas, many thousands of dead soldiers and civilians, detention without trial and the annulment of constitutional rights — these are just the beginning of the nightmare which is now, as a result of this rigged election, moving into high gear. But don't say you weren't warned.

On 2005-01-06 the Senate convened to certify (or otherwise) the electoral college votes, including the the 20 votes cast for Bush by the electors from Ohio, where electronic vote rigging and other dirty tricks produced a fraudulent 51% "win" for Bush. (Had those votes gone to Kerry he would have been elected President by 272 electoral votes to Bush's 266.) There was only one senator who had the guts to draw attention to what was discreetly described as "irregularities" in the Ohio vote — California Senator Barbara Boxer.

A recent report prepared by Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee said that there are "ample grounds" for challenging the Ohio outcome. The report cited "the failure to provide adequate voting machinery," possible irregularities by voting machine manufacturer Triad, and alleged problems with the recount.

In fact that report, entitled Preserving Democracy: What Went Wrong in Ohio [3.14 Mb PDF file — page removed from the White House website, but archived here], makes considerably stronger accusations, including:

With regards to our factual finding, in brief, we find that there were massive and unprecedented voter irregularities and anomalies in Ohio. In many cases these irregularities were caused by intentional misconduct and illegal behavior, much of it involving Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell, the co-chair of the Bush-Cheney campaign in Ohio.

This is about as close as one can come, officially, to saying that the Ohio election was stolen. But this report was ignored by all 75 senators except for Barbara Boxer. The others showed themselves to be traitors and violators of their oath of office, swine, despicable in their eagerness to be complicit in the usurpation of the Presidency.

In the House of Representatives the vote to endorse the Ohio fiasco was 267 to 31, those opposed including Nancy Pelosi, Cynthia McKinney and Stephanie Tubbs Jones, the 267 endorsers showing themselves to be traitors like their fellow swine in the Senate.

Although the election of John Kerry as US President would not have changed the fact that the US is run by banking and corporate interests, who rule America — mercilessly pillaging both the rest of the world and the US itself — for their own profit, nevertheless the stolen presidential election of 2004 returned to power a person who had already embarked upon a path leading to the US's eventual destruction and reinforced his own psychotic delusions concerning his supposed mission from God. As has recently been pointed out, George W. Bush has a profound mental illness, and history will rank him right alongside Hitler and Stalin as a protagonist of evil. For more on this see Paul Levy's The Madness of George W. Bush.

Xymphora comments:

Joseph Cannon in Cannonfire blogs an excellent summary of the most recent analysis (PDF) of the 2004 American Presidential election (PDF summary of the analysis). Comparing exit poll results with the official count across the country, and carefully filtering out rationalizations for the unprecedented discrepancies, leaves only the conclusion that the vote was fixed, and almost certainly fixed at the level of computer counting (they may have done it as simply as having the computers record some Kerry votes as empty ballots, or 'undervotes'). It's about a one-in-a-million chance that the exit polls were that far off, and the only Americans who get to know about it are those lucky enough to live in Akron, Ohio. The last two paragraphs of the report [italics in the original] are careful but clear:
Well-documented security vulnerabilities and accuracy issues have affected voting equipment as far back as the late 1960s, and history shows that partisan election officials have long possessed the power to suppress and otherwise distort the vote counts. The recent and ongoing proliferation of sophisticated computerized vote recording and tallying equipment, much of it unverifiable and hence "faith-based", dramatically augments the opportunities for wholesale and outcome-determinative distortions of the vote counting process. That the lion's share of this equipment is developed, provided, and serviced by partisan private corporations only amplifies these serious concerns. The fact that, in the 2004 election, all voting equipment technologies except paper ballots were associated with large unexplained exit poll discrepancies all favoring the same party certainly warrants further inquiry.

The absence of any statistically-plausible explanation for the discrepancy between Edison/Mitofsky's exit poll data and the official presidential vote tally is an unanswered question of vital national importance that demands a thorough and unblinking investigation.

Two things come immediately to mind:

  1. A great deal was made of vote suppression of minority voters. While this is a terrible thing, and should be stopped, it may very well have been a ruse to hide the real crimes being committed by those who built, programmed, and manipulated the computer voting process. Can't you see Karl telling his operatives to go out and make a big deal of vote suppression in order to distract everyone from the real back-room manipulations that decided the election?

  2. The Democrats swore up and down after the 2000 debacle that they would never let that happen again. All the 'reforms' did was make it easier for the Republicans to cheat in 2004. It is almost beyond belief, but it appears that exactly the same thing is happening again. The 'reforms' passed as a result of the 2004 election will end up making Karl's job even easier in 2008. If insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result, the Democrats are certifiable. Some Americans said they won't leave for Canada as the honorable thing to do is stay and fight for the country. If you don't fight this, what's left to stay and fight about? The time to fight is now, not, like the last time, three weeks before the election when the damage is too late to correct.

Two articles by Michael Keefer:

Additional interesting reading:

The following links (and comments) were received by email the day after the 2004 election.
America is screwed: Election stolen again
With Kerry's concession, America has become a one-party nation. If the Democrats could not defeat a President who lied the nation into a war, then the Democrats have ceased to be relevant.

Kerry Concedes
Giving up without a fight.

Justin Raimondo: The US will now be ruled by the imperial party

In states with paper trails, the vote results match the exit polling numbers. In state with eletronic voting machines with no paper trails, the vote results do NOT match the exit polls, and Bush leads.

Don't Be American
Many times over the last nine hours I've thought kindly of the hundreds of thousands of Americans who have worked tirelessly over the past four years against the policies of the Bush presidency. To those people I must ask forgiveness for my siding with the world outside America. It is they, as well as the people who voted for Bush, who will have to bear the shame of belonging to a society that democratically elects war criminals to office.

It was standing room only at local polls
In Suffolk, Bob Rogers also had difficulty with an electronic machine. He said he tried to vote for Sen. John F. Kerry, but the machine kept highlighting President Bush instead. The precinct captain finally had the machine reset, he said.

Possible evidence of voter fraud in Ohio
What's worse, Stefan noticed the pick-up truck of the supposed county board of election - the truck the ballots for 40 precincts were loaded into - had a big Bush-Cheney 2004 sticker in the back window. Stefan did say that he followed the truck to the election headquarters, though he didn't see what transpired after the truck pulled into the election hq parking lot. As Stefan explains it, the poll managers had such an extensive list of voters rights and regulations that they had to follow, including it being illegal to have any partisan buttons etc. in the polling place, yet the ballots for voters in over 40 precincts were put in the hands of Bush-Cheney partisans.

U.S. voters report computer problems
Diebold wins US Election.

Voting without auditing. (Are we insane?)
Did the voting machines trump exit polls? There's a way to find out.

This election is being stolen before your eyes. The criminals are not even bothering to hide the theft. If a government cannot prove the honesty and accuracy of the election by which they claim authority, the people are neither morally nor legally obligated to obey that government's dictates or to pay its bills.

Group tallies more than 1,100 e-voting glitches
And those are just the ones that were spotted!

Exit polls and 'actual' results don't match; Evoting states show greater discrepancy. The mainstream media is trying to sell the idea that voters lied tothe exit pollsters and that's why the exit polls were "wrong".

How They Could Steal the Election This Time
On November 2 millions of Americans will cast their votes for President in computerized voting systems that can be rigged by corporate or local-election insiders. Some 98 million citizens, five out of every six of the roughly 115 million who will go to the polls, will consign their votes into computers that unidentified computer programmers, working in the main for four private corporations and the officials of 10,500 election jurisdictions, could program to invisibly falsify the outcomes.


Flashback: Ohio: Ground Zero For Bush Fundraising
But when you look at three Ohio mega-fundraisers for Bush -- W.R. Timken, CEO of Timken Company; Anthony Alexander, president of FirstEnergy Corporation; and Walden O'Dell, CEO of Diebold Corporation -- a delicious microcosm emerges: In these three examples of special interest fundraising, we have three of the recurring themes of Bush's administration. 1) Tax cuts for the wealthy (Timken) that have produced job stagnation and cuts for the common folks; 2) Paybacks to corporate polluters (Alexander); and 3) Support from well-positioned, powerful players (O'Dell), which has created the appearance of rigging the game to aid his success.

The Diebold Memos' Smoking Gun - Volusia County Memos Disclose Election 2000 Vote Fraud
In Chapter 11 of her new book "Black Box Voting In the 21st Century" released early today in .PDF format at Blackboxvoting.com and here at Scoop Ms Harris observes. "If you strip away the partisan rancor over the 2000 election, you are left with the undeniable fact that a presidential candidate conceded the election to his opponent based on [results from] a second card that mysteriously appears, subtracts 16,022 votes, then just as mysteriously disappears." It should come as no surprise that Diebold machines come up with vote results that do not match the exit polls.

More Reports of vote problems coming in.
As I made each choice, they were shown correctly on the screen. However, when I reached the review screen, two of my votes had been changed. I corrected them before casting ballot, but am wondering if this may have happened to other voters who may not have reviewed their ballots. (I was with two friends who said they didn't bother to review theirs, but just assumed they were okay.)


Russian Observer Shocked by U.S. Election Procedures
"In my opinion there are possibilities to forge the elections results and these possibilities are caused by serious, as we see it, violations of the electoral law," the MP said in a telephone interview.

Voters Report Problems with Computer Systems
Voters across the United States reported problems with electronic touch-screen systems on Tuesday in what critics said could be a sign that the machines used by one-third of the population were prone to error. ONE THIRD OF THE VOTE ON ELECTRONIC MACHINES MAY BE IN ERROR. This election is totally discredited.

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