Collapse of the "Trust Me" model
By Bev Harris

This website has been publishing articles on America's rigged voting machines
since September 2003. Here is the introduction to one of the latest reports.

In 2007 Black Box Voting embarked on a year-long investigative series examining elections in what we call the Moonshine territories — reputedly the most corrupt local governments in America. What we found has staggering implications for the design of American election systems as a whole. Our current system only works if we trust every human link in the chain. In this report we will knock the concept of trust-based elections out the window.

What follows begins with our examination of the "Trust Me" election model as it is implemented in locations like Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas. What we found in these locations quickly unravels into an indictment of faith-based elections in all 50 states.

The very core of the voting machine controversy is not paper trails or spot check procedures. The essence of whether an election system can be trusted is whether it allows the owners of the government, The People, to view the counting and the chain of custody. Votes counted in secret, and secret chain of custody, can never work unless we change human nature itself.

Read the full 8-page report by downloading
this 85 KB PDF file: moonshine3.pdf

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