The Mirage of the Miracle
By John Kaminski

No amount of hope and prayer will stop
the criminal elite who are ravaging the world

Lately I am so paralyzed by the truly frightening array of horrific subjects to write about that I often cannot choose. No sooner do I start to research one subject — say, the blatant theft of yet another American election — when another horror — say, the napalming of women and children in Fallujah — seizes control of my frazzled focus.

A frightening array, and seemingly endless. Vaccines created to make people sick, radioactive ammunition designed to sicken and kill our own troops, chemtrails that have left half the country stricken with a debilitating bronchitis that never goes away, the destruction of our Constitution by cynical Congressional fiat, a plan to put all our schoolchildren on prescription drugs the ingredients and consequences of which are never fully revealed until it's too late, our brains shredded by microwaves from cellphones, the neverending robbery of our treasury by Israelis to support their genocide of the people whose land they stole, and the sinister plot by corporate giant Monsanto to kill half the world by starvation with bioengineered seeds that produce sterile crops .... the list of horrors inflicted upon us by corporate criminals does not end.

And of course the 9/11 scam, the malicious maneuver that brought America out of the closet as a lethal menace to the whole world. The latest news on this front is that the courageous 9/11 skeptics who have gathered all manner of irrefutable evidence that the tragic day was undeniably an inside job have pinned their hopes on a variety of legal actions designed to get more people's attention, but all of these court moves have disappeared into black holes and are most unlikely to ever see the light of day again.

Another triumph for the elite and their bought-off judges. The latest disappointment returns to the scene of the crime in New York City, where state Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, whom the media have built up as a corporate giant killer, has been given substantial 9/11 hoax evidence by renegade Republican crusader for truth for Karl Schwarz.

But today Spitzer announced his candidacy for governor of the Empire State, further reducing the already slim chance he would actually do anything about the revealing 9/11 evidence he has been furnished. After all, what mainstream politician has EVER talked about 9/11 in a constructively critical way? They are all bonded to the malignant myths so fascistically reinforced by mainstream media that Arab fanatics are to blame, and that our striking out against the world with murderous rage is perfectly justified. No way Spitzer is going to ally himself with the 9/11 critics now, if he ever was to begin with.

Same deal with the other 9/11 lawsuits, Hilton's, Mariani's, Rodrigues's. All disappeared into the corrupt courthouse swamp of payoffs and coercions known as the American justice system. All these principled actions will be quietly dismissed down the road on some arcane technicality. If you're extremely alert, you'll read about them on page 29 of your local newspaper, in a two- or three-paragraph blurb that will never explain what they were about in the first place.

So ... with this odious spectrum of ominous topics all clamoring for attention in my shellshocked brain, it often requires some note, letter, or e-mail from one of those noble souls on my substantial list of correspondents to sufficiently jolt me into writing something. Such an e-mail arrived today, from my good friend and benefactor Duane, whose desperation about the demonic turn in current affairs has become as bleak as my own. It was couched as a letter to God, and concluded in this way:

"No offense, God," he wrote, "but maybe you should abduct some people, enlighten them, and leave a mark or even a memory or two. About some real deep truth. I mean DEEP. C'mon, give us a clue. We need you. We really do need you.

"We have people espousing what they think are 'your' views and trying to force them on us all. And there are a lot of us who are frightened by their self-righteousness and their pious approach. Something doesn't seem right. Are you there? We need a miracle."

Duane has a good heart, and I understand where he's coming from. Things are so bad, the American corporate monster has become so evil and so oblivious to arguments of conscience and compassion, that it seems logical, in our ashamed frustration, to hope for some miracle that would somehow right the ship of state into concentrating on peace rather than constantly devising new instruments and techniques for war.

But on the other hand, I began to realize after reading this, waiting for a miracle is exactly what got us into trouble in the first place.

Because it's very likely that if we're hoping for miracles, we may not be paying sufficient attention to the here and now — and thinking about what certain actions actually mean. This is how our once-free country has degenerated into a corporate zombie plundered by its own leaders.

Much in the same way the Indians sold Manhattan to the Dutch for a bucketful of trivial trinkets, we abdicate our responsibility for controlling the events that shape our lives in exchange either for cash, which we then spend on our own kind of trinkets, or for some nebulous blessings in the spiritual sphere, which have never been known to have any effects at all on events in the real world.

Oh sure, in our frustration with this nasty assembly line of current events in which murder and lies have become the norm rather than the exception, it's easy to throw up our hands and beg for a miracle. This is just a simple expression of frustrated hope.

But on a deeper level, if we wait for miracles, we guarantee the miracle we seek will not happen. Because the problem that needs fixing with a miracle, whatever it is, will never be fixed until we fix it ourselves. That is the real message in wishing for a miracle. The realization that our fate, whether we know it or not, is in our own hands.

Put it this way. You know how people say, "The truth will all come out in the wash?"

This statement is untrue, demonstrably so. On most occasions, particularly having to do with political assassinations or the real causes of wars, the truth absolutely never comes out. This is the lesson that keeps the power brokers devising and conducting new and more heinous schemes to fleece the stupid populace. They never get caught. Ever.

Think about it. We never solved the assassination of Lincoln, for God's sake. John Wilkes Booth, according to some, lived out his life on a plush estate in Europe after doing Abe because he printed his own money. Or how about Zachary Taylor? Damn few people even know he was a president, never mind that he WAS assassinated, felled by poisoned strawberries, a gift from bankers who opposed his principled stand against private banks.

Every president who was ever assassinated spoke of the government wresting control of the currency from the international bankers shortly before his demise. Check it out. Taylor, Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, Kennedy.

Then take a look at more recent debacles: Waco, Ruby Ridge, Oklahoma City, Flight 800, Wellstone, 9/11. How about the 2004 election? No, the truth does not always come out in the wash. In fact, it never does. Probably the best, most astonishing story in this category is about World War Two. Who wanted war and who didn't? Do you think you know?

It's a great opportunity to gauge the level of your own brainwashing that I'm offering you.

And now, with the world in disarray, with the possibility of solving some problems totally distorted by corporate media which refuse to provide honest, objective accountings of the problems that beset us, with politicians claiming they are representatives of God killing MILLIONS of people — including the very soldiers who are fighting FOR them .... hoping for a miracle is the surest way to make sure these problems are never solved.

The miracle you seek assures your inaction. The real miracle would be if people were to suddenly awaken and really do something about the lies that are being told. But as history shows so clearly and so tragically, this is another miracle that will never happen. And waiting for it is the surest way to make sure it won't.

Of course, the biggest miracle of all is also the biggest lie, that Jesus rose again from the dead. This so-called miracle provides the template and the conditioning for all these other lies to be accepted. The lie that America is trying to spread democracy throughout the world by stifling the truth about what it's really doing and snuffing out the lives of all those who simply want their own freedom is directly tied into the myth that Jesus rose again from the dead.

Just listen to the evangelicals if you don't believe me. Listen to your alleged president. Or worse, listen to the "civilized" Protestants who say, oh, those fools like Bush and Falwell are not really Christians. In the same way Jews attempt to distance themselves from Zionists to avoid responsibility for the carnage in Gaza, and deny the unsavory fact that Bush and Falwell ARE in fact the real Christians, following their bloody Old Testament orders with that characteristic retributive hatred flaming from their eyes.

If you believe the legend of Christ's sacrifice then you believe that he told you to accept authority. It follows then that you also believe the legend that Bush talks to Jesus, and the history of hundreds of millions of pagan corpses sacrificed to this same lie should clearly show you what it really means. The miracle of Christianity is not eternal life, it's mass murder.

Thus is America a Christian nation following the dictates of its messiah. Let the innocent keep dying as the world is bathed in blood. And wishing for an intervention by Jesus becomes extremely problematic.

The miracle, you see, is a lie, and if you're waiting for it, the only thing you guarantee is that the carnage will continue.

On the other hand, if you have courage — real courage, not the kind they bribe you with in the holy books — you do have the ability to work the real miracle all by yourself.

The basic lie that everybody tells themselves is very, very simple. The most terrible truth of all that everyone struggles to ignore is that we die, and that fundamentally delusional behavior affects everything that we do. That thought, debilitating though it is, must preface every action you take in life, because, in fact, it does.

This is the real enlightenment, and most of the most enlightened people in the world refuse to comprehend it. We are only here for an instant, and we have but one chance to make things right. We invent all these fantasies to convince ourselves that we don't die, and in pursuit of those fantasies, continue to destroy everything on this earth, including ourselves.

Precious few people have the courage to see this, but if we don't — and soon — the human species is finished, an evolutionary dead end consumed by its own fear.

And now you have some idea of the miracle we really need. No one else can save us, and in fact, we cannot save ourselves. But what we can do — and must — is to use our little interlude of time in existence to be conscious of our predicament and demonstrate our compassion to try to alleviate the fear of others. No other course really makes sense, as the glint in the eyes of those you love will tell you, every time. In this life, a little kindness is all that is required.

Just this little bit will be enough to stop the random killing. From there, a real future is possible.

Look into your hands, palms up. Study the lines and the air that circulates above them. You are looking at the real miracle. It is in your hands, and mine. It is the only way to stop the madness.

The miracle you seek is only a mirage unless you make it happen yourself. I know this sounds all too smarmy and New Agey to be believed, especially in the face of the military monster that casts its lethal shadow over all our lives, but let me stress there is no mystery to solving the problems of the world, and there is no need to hope for a miracle.

It is only a matter of numbers, of people acting honestly with conscience. And if you choose to believe in a benevolent creator, don't you think it's time for you to help rescue his reputation from all these fools in black cassocks who continue to support all this needless killing in his name?

John Kaminski ( is an old newspaper guy who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida whose Internet essays have been collected into two anthologies, the latest of which is titled The Perfect Enemy.

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