Bye-Bye US Campuses

From: Jolly Roger
Date: May 4, 2005
Subject: Re: Bye-Bye US Campuses?

I think people are looking to the college campuses for rebellion because they were the start of it in the 60's — today's college students are a very different crowd. Most of them are the children of the wealthy, because poor kids don't have the opportunities to attend college that they did 40 years ago. — I addressed this a long time ago, and I'll paste the essay below. (it was written long before the election.)

I've heard several people question why there is a curious lack of political activity on college campuses these days, despite all that's wrong with our government. It seems as if people who remember the 1960's are waiting for the nation's students to erupt in rebellion against our corrupt government in a wave of protest similar to that which stopped the Vietnam war. What they're forgetting is that college students today are a very different crowd than the college students of the 60's, and today's students are not likely to be the saviors of freedom and justice. Thirty-five years ago, working-class people had educational opportunities that don't exist for them today, and today's less affluent students are more likely to be needed by their families as minimum-wage earners to prevent the immediate threat of homelessness. If they can go to school, they'll attend an inferior community college with other poor students, which will enable them to work at the cash register instead of the french-frying pit.

 The typical college student these days is basically a self-centered, spoiled brat, and neither he nor his rich parents are genuinely interested in changing the world because their world is perfectly secure, and our president is only working to make things even better for them. They're also not seeing any of their friends or relatives die in war, because the fighting is done by that other class of our society. Today's students are more likely to be part of the problem than part of the solution, and it doesn't really make much sense for them to oppose a government that promises to send more poor people to war so the lives of brats can become even better. There is also little moral motive for action on their part, because our society has taught its children that the difference between good and evil is simply not as important as the difference between rich and poor.

 The very small part of our affluent student population that is interested in change is working toward their goal by supporting a particular political candidate, in the hope that change might come about without them having to make any real sacrifices. Unfortunately, voting won't change anything for the poor, because both political parties are spearheading the same effort to grind working people into the ground, and secure political offices by catering to the rich. The only hope for real change depends upon a political action that the rich are afraid to even think about.

 Americans either forget, or fail to realize, that the division in our society is not between liberals and conservatives, or republicans and democrats. Those labels barely even make sense today. The conflict today is between the rich and the working class, and if you can afford to send your kids to college, you're rich, and your children are more likely to be the victims of a rebellion than be the cause of it.

 The rich don't see the real conflict, because differences in wealth have separated the classes, and our government has helped this by sweeping the poor and homeless off the streets so they can die out of sight. Nor do the poor express their anger, because the arrogance of the rich harbors little sympathy for America's working class, and their only response is likely to sound dangerously similar to "let them eat cake."

 Rest assured that there will be change, and it will happen without the help of campus protests, because rebellion and anger are constantly seething within the majority of the population, but it won't reach the eyes or ears of the rich until it's much too late for them to stop it.

---- Jolly Roger

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