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I am unarmed.  Please don't hurt me.A desire to disarm the people is a sign of a government that believes it may one day have to keep its people down by use of violence (well, actually, the U.S. government already does this). Anti-gun laws do not make the world safer for ordinary people, for those who would use guns to rob and intimidate people know that (when gun ownership is prohibited) law-abiding people are normally unarmed — quite helpful to the would-be muggers and thieves, no? As for mass shootings (lots of them in the last few years, including false flags), so conveniently used by governments as a pretext for enacting yet more stringent anti-gun legislation, just reflect that someone who killed twenty people would probably not have killed more than a few of them before someone else would have shot him — if people were allowed to carry guns.

The Port Arthur Massacre

Hand over weapons! The Port Arthur Massacre (which occurred in Tasmania, Australia, on April 28, 1996), in which 20 people were shot dead, allegedly by "a crazed, lone gunman" named Martin Bryant, was obviously a false flag operation, used as a pretext to remove guns from the Australian population.

There is a simple argument to prove that Martin Bryant was not the Port Arthur killer. Martin Bryant was known to be left-handed. Several witnesses to the massacre stated that the gunman was right-handed. Therefore Martin Bryant was not the gunman. The massacre was a false flag operation used as a pretext to justify the disarming of Australian citizens, which is exactly what happened. A population whose access to guns is removed or heavily restricted is unlikely to offer much resistance to an authoritarian, tyrannical fascist state.

Port Arthur killer

The Saker's View of Gun Control

An anonymous comment on The Saker's article:

I am from Australia and spoke with professional shooters soon after the Tasmanian Port Arthur massacre — where 34 people were purportedly killed by one shooter with an auto weapon. 34!! Absolute garbage if you know anything about shooting. These people were running in different directions and the supposed “lone ” gunman was not exactly a sharp-shooter, but even if he was, there was no way — according to pretty informed people — that he could have brought so many down ALONE. Bear in mind — 35 DEAD, not wounded, meaning 35 extremely-well placed shots in vital areas on each victim. This is only in the realms of fantasy for a single gun. There were rumours that had the area been thoroughly investigated and all revealed, then empty casings may have been found in various locations surrounding the scene — speculation, of course. This event occurred within weeks after John Howard’s election victory — it made him a hero overnight, and really pissed off most of the responsible gun owners.  ... BTW try and get a weapons licence these days — a financial and administrative nightmare — even for an air rifle.

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