French and Dutch Patriots
Rout The New World Order:

Europe Before the Fire
By Michael James, 2005-06-06

On May 29, 2005, under a blazing sun, a raggle-taggle army of French patriots, nationalists, libertarians, conservatives, socialists and communists joined together as one in an unprecedented strategic alliance and mounted a stunning, crippling attack on the New World Order in the heart of Europe.

Just three days later, fired by the courage of their French cousins to the south, the Dutch people rallied to the standard and put to flight whatever remained of the European elites' parasitic army of self-absorbed, Lucifer-worshipping propagandists; treading underfoot all 252 pages of 'The Treaty Establishing a Constitution for Europe', a veritable Devil's Charter for the final subjugation and control of an already heavily regulated people.

Within the space of less than a week, the beast-men who arrogantly run the European Union out of a sense of natural entitlement and intellectual superiority, licking their chops at the prospect of Europe's first real head of state with potent executive powers and a triumphant expansionary agenda, have fallen from their over-world abode of studied indifference and invulnerability into a pit of unfathomable despair.

In the thirty-three months it took to write and then rewrite the new constitution in a frantic bluster of secret negotiations and self-congratulatory banquets, and at a cost to taxpaying munchkins of untold millions of euros, nothing could have prepared them for this dark hour. For these pampered viceroys of a revived Roman empire who take upon themselves the title of 'Excellency' work to a timetable set by a higher master — a master who jealously stalks the corridors of power, from Whitehall to Washington, Beijing to Moscow, looking to devour those who serve less than flawlessly and without an eye on the clock. It's five minutes to twelve, and the ticking has rudely stopped. The master is furious.

This wasn't meant to happen. The propaganda has always worked in the past. The entire left-right spectrum of the French political and Catholic establishment, backed by a nimble phalanx of pseudo experts and geriatric SWAT teams of white-haired university professors with impressive titles, joined with both 'respectable society' and the drug-addled icons of popular Parisian culture to remind all good citizens through the whoring mainstream media and their legion of multiple-orifice presstitutes that it was their duty to say "Oui". But the sons and daughters of French liberty, seething with an indignant rage shared by millions of Europeans denied the right to vote, confronted the globalist beast and yelled "Non!"

The political tsunami was felt from the west coast of Ireland to the east coast of Greece. "Non! The Earthquake," proclaimed the headline on the front page of La Tribune, while the globalist newspaper Libération attacked the rebellious French, describing the result as representing "a general disaster and an epidemic of populism, which is sweeping everything in its path". The May 30 edition of the Europhile British daily, The Guardian, went further and claimed boldly: "Yesterday was nothing less than the beginning of the second French revolution."

The mainstream German press, constrained as it is by a general prohibition on all talk of alternatives to the European Union, could only speculate on what might have happened had the German people been allowed to vote. "The fears that surfaced during the debate in France are not foreign to us," said Henrik Uterwedde, Deputy Director of the German-French Institute in Ludwigsburg. If Germans had been granted a referendum, he continued, "the discussion would have gone exactly the same way".

"The French voted for us," was a common refrain on the streets of Frankfurt. The German parliament, traditionally fearful of allowing ordinary citizens to vote in referenda, in much the same way it fears any objective discussion about the lies contained within the pages of Germany's official 'history' books, treasonously ratified the treaty with a comfortable majority on Friday, May 27, following a series of quisling pro-EU speeches reminiscent of East Germany's subservience to the Soviet Union.

This audacious betrayal of the German people took place against a backdrop in which the mainstream media made no mention of the planned NATO and US neoconservative takeover of the German armed forces, an agenda concealed in cleverly worded provisions in Articles 1-14 and 1-16 of the treaty. Indeed, mindful of the wrath of the City of London and its insidious international banking operations, already responsible for instigating and financing two world wars to break the spirit of the German people, the federal media shut down all discussion of the constitution's implications for other independent European armies.

As neatly summarised by journalist and peace campaigner Israel Shamir, the French saved their fellow Europeans from a fate worse than death by killing a document that would forever bind sovereign national armies to NATO, placing them under the control of neo-fascist Washington and its Satanic, Zionist puppet masters in London.

"The proposed constitution was about to subordinate the European Armed Forces to the NATO, meaning to the US command," wrote Israel Shamir in the May 30 edition of "But for [the] wisdom of the French voters, in the next US invasion, Europeans would be forced to serve in the invading force, whether it is Iran or Russia that the Neo-cons will decide to subdue."

Wrong-footed, winded and fumbling, the flabby, grey-faced politicians and lawyers are out in force: explaining, soothing, prevaricating. It's spin time again. Like a host of Armani-suited Jabba the Hutts, sliming their way from one government-controlled mainstream media outlet to the next, Europe's political degenerates are putting the shine on a humiliating defeat with words carefully chosen lest they unwittingly acknowledge the power that ordinary people still possess. Britain's best-known murderer, Tony Blair: "Time for reflection". Germany's outgoing Chancellor, Gerhard Schroeder: "Regrettable". France's Traitor-in-Chief himself, Jacques Chirac: "I take note".

The elites are busy scribbling the notes of which Chirac spoke. Legally, the treaty requires ratification in all 25 European Union member states, yet angry Bilderbergers such as Jose Manuel Barroso, the current head of the European Commission, are already hissing that either dissenting nations would be 'invited' to vote again until they get it 'right', or that something may miraculously emerge from the small print previously overlooked, which would allow for a more liberal interpretation of the rules. "We cannot say that the treaty is dead," Barroso warned ominously.

But the Dutch disagree. As I write, millions of them are kicking the corpse of this odious treaty; and should there be yet one twitch remaining in the body of its articles, the British and the Danes will finish the job.

For American readers unacquainted with life on the European continent, understand that this is nothing less than the start of a full-blooded political insurrection that cuts right across the artificial political divide. While the wheels have come off the European project, leaving the vehicle stuck in a constitutional ditch, opponents of the globalist agenda are now poised for what should be an aggressive and determined attack on the very engine of expansion and integration.

For both Americans and Europeans, the enemy is the same. It employs trauma-based economic terrorism under the banner of 'free markets' to demolish the nation state and our God-given rights to liberty and self-determination. It works through price-gouging, tax largesse for corporations that destroy free-enterprise, the wholesale destruction of the middle classes by encouraging the export of quality jobs abroad and the import of cheap labour to displace what few options are left. It is dedicated to the creation of artificial conflicts and trivial distractions to keep people divided and drugged, and it maintains the constant drumbeat of militarism that nuances the dance of death in which the United Nations and the United States are willing partners who fake being out of step.

The world has long since surrendered its hope that fearless Americans will rise up by force of arms and reclaim their birthright, retaking their great country from the freedom- and wealth-destroying Zionist cabal in Washington. While their children die for Israel and oil in a war to depopulate a broken Arab nation that did them no harm, most Americans are lost in a bizarre fantasy world of asinine government propaganda, junk entertainment and effeminate shopping malls.

But though, for now, the issue is a diabolical treaty settled without a whiff of gun-smoke at the ballot box, the French have raised the standard of resistance against a wounded but unrepentant New World Order, and the battle lines are drawn. Europe's parasitic elites in London, Brussels and Strasbourg will neither forgive nor forget; and in the months and years to come, they will not go down without drawing blood. So mark this day and mark it well, for Europe stands before the fire.

At long last, the fight-back has begun.

Michael James is a British freelance journalist and
translator, resident in Germany for almost 13 years.
Permission to republish his work in any media is freely granted.

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Update by Peter Meyer, 2008-06-14:

After the French and the Dutch shot down the proposed EU Constitution in 2005, the eurocrats went into a huddle and eventually came up with Plan B: To repackage it as a "treaty" among the individual EU states rather than a "constitution" for the EU. It was called "the Lisbon Treaty". Almost all the governments of the EU states decided not to ask their citizens whether they approved of this, preferring instead simply to ratify the treaty by government decree (and 18 of the 27 states did). The lone exception to refusing to hold a referendum was Ireland (apparently there's some "quirk" in the Irish Constitution which requires such things to be approved by the people). So in mid-June 2008 the people of Ireland spoke, and they rejected the treaty 53.4% to 46.6%.

Irish backers of the treaty said that Ireland should support the E.U. because European aid had helped transform the country from a poor, farming backwater into a prosperous "Celtic Tiger" thriving on high-tech industry. ... But the feisty "No" campaign, which portrayed the treaty as a power grab by Brussels that would weaken Ireland, argued that the treaty was being imposed on people by European "elites" and that Ireland was the only country standing up to them.

— Kevin Sullivan, Ireland Shoots Down Plan for a More Unified E.U.

Exactly right.

European unification is part of a long-term plan designed to produce a world government. This plan was hatched before the start of World War I by Bernard Baruch and others, was advanced at the end of World War II by Winston Churchill and others, and has been (and is still being) implemented by the Council on Foreign Relations, the Royal Institute of International Affairs in the UK (with branches in Australia and several other countries), the Bilderbergers and the like. Once Europe is "unified" (as they hope), the next step will be to combine the European Union with their proposed North American Union.

The reason these people (most of them psychopaths) want a world government is simply control. Once there is a single world "authority" (with its high-tech surveillance capabilities provided by "ubiquitous computing" and its militarized police — all carrying tasers and ready to use them) there will be no escape from it, for people living then or for future generations. Were it to become established it would be very hard for humans to free themselves from its stranglehold (and both 1984 and the Thousand-Year Reich would at last have been established). The "elites" understand this very well. Unfortunately many of the people whom they wish to enslave do not. But it seems that the Irish have not been fooled.

Update 2009-10-03

But they were fooled on the second attempt. Richard K. Moore wrote:

Sad news today. The normally intelligent people of Ireland capitulated to a fear-mongering propaganda campaign, and voted for the Lisbon Treaty, 2:1. National sovereignty in all of Europe is now a thing of the past. The "Treaty" is in fact a constitution, and all European national constitutions are now subservient to the terms of this self-amending Treaty.

'Self-amending' is all important: it means that the Brussels bureaucracy can add add new amendments to the Treaty at any time, and those amendments also supersede national constitutions. The Irish people were told that the Treaty "does not bring in military conscription", "does not affect taxation", and many other things that people in Ireland are not in favor of. This was all lies. True, the Treaty itself does not talk about those specific items, but because of self-amending, those specific items can now "be brought in" at any time in the future. And Ireland's voting power, in opposing measures, is very greatly reduced by the Treaty. ...

Europe is now under the firm control of a handful of unaccountable elitists in the EU Commission. Where they will take Europe is anybody's guess, and there will be no democratic voice present in setting that direction.

Today will live in infamy, as its consequences become visible.

MEP Reprimanded For Exposing EU Dictatorship

An astounding exchange took place in the European Union Parliament earlier this week when MEP Nigel Farage was reprimanded for daring to expose the fact that the EU is an authoritarian dictatorship ruled by unelected bureaucrats to the detriment of national sovereignty. Farage effectively broke a tyrannical 1999 law that states it is illegal to criticize the EU.

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